Former Facebook Exec: Facebook and Google are Surveillance States in Disguise

It’s no secret Facebook and Google’s sole purposes are to gather personal information on the world’s population. Here we have Chamath Palihapitiya, former Facebook executive confirming it.

This information finds its way into the intelligence community where profiles are being built on every citizen on earth, and these profiles are secretly shared country to country between agencies.

Olan Thomas details the sickness of social media and mass surveillance in this Cut2TheTruth piece.


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Big Brother’s Toolbox: The Hacking and Spying Technology of the CIA (w/ VIDEO)

Since March 2017, Wikileaks has been releasing the largest leak of confidential CIA documents in its history. Its name: Vault 7.

These releases follow Wikileaks publication of CIA documents revealing the infiltration the CIA took of the 2012 French presidential election. Vault 7 is the means that was used to do so, plus much more.

Mere days ago Wikileaks released the most recent addition to this ongoing series entitled Angelfire, which is a malware framework developed to infect Windows operating systems without the user being able to see that they’ve been hacked.

Angelfire’s comprised of five components, each with its own purpose, as the site Bleeping Computer summarizes:

↦ Solartime – Malware that modifies the boot sector to load Wolfcreek.
↦ Wolfcreek – Self-loading driver that can load other drivers and user-mode applications.
↦ Keystone – Component that’s responsible for starting other implants (technical term for malware).
↦ BadMFS – a covert file system that is created at the end of the active partition. AngelFire uses BadMFS to store all other components. All files are obfuscated and encrypted.
↦ Windows Transitory File System – a newer component that’s an alternative to BadMFS. Instead of storing files on a secret file system, the component uses transitory (temporary) files for the storage system.

Aside from Angelfire, there have been 21 other CIA programs exposed in Vault 7, as well.

CouchPotato, for example, is used to tap into remote video streams.

Dumbo hacks into microphones and webcams. 

HighRise is used to hack into SMS messaging software on Android devices.

DarkMatter are the tools used to hack into Macs and iPhones.

WeepingAngel is used to turn Smart TV’s into live microphones, making it possible for the agency to hear what’s going on inside the room any Smart TV is in.

Creeped out yet? You should be!

This, of course, is only to name a few. Click here to enter the Wikileaks site and browse every release in Valut 7.

By Olan Thomas of Cut2TheTruth.

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cia classified c2t


All Seeing Eyes on Denmark: 500,000 Public Cameras to Be Registered With Authorities

Screenshot (472)

Try pronouncing this: Nyhederne TV2. That’s the main corporate news source in Copenhagen, and according to them, Danish authorities haven’t wasted any time in bringing the New World Order’s agenda right inside their borders.

They’ve — particularly Deputy Police Inspector Jens Møller Jensen from the Copenhagen Police — requested the government enforce a register for an estimated 500,000 closed circuit cameras to be “set up” across the country, and for those already set up to be accessible to law enforcement.

This would make a public and semi-public surveillance network that stretches 1/3 the size of Scandinavia — 100,000 in Copenhagen alone — for police and intelligence officials to “detect” whenever they feel it’s necessary, or in other words, whenever they feel like it.

Among others in the Danish government, Denmark’s Director of the Security Industry Kasper Skov-Mikkelsen has been pushing for such an act since 2007, when the last surveillance register was abolished in the wake of the public’s distaste for its invasiveness.

Luckily for him, Copenhagen just had part-two of the Charlie Hebdo fiasco — or the cafe in Sydney debacle, or the War Memorial in Ottawa farce — take place right down the road from his office, so he’s confident the country will be ready for such an Orwellian measure now.

Timing, they say, is everything.

By Olan Thomas of

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Corporate Spying: Samsung TV’s Are Watching Us

samsung big brother is listening

Remember the flat screen TV’s hanging off the walls that helped Big Brother monitor citizens in their homes in George Orwell’s 1984? Well it’s looking more and more like Orwell took a time machine to a very real future and wrote a report on it, rather than merely writing predictive fiction.

Simply put, if you own a Samsung Smart TV, you should be watching what you say in your own home. Today news is circulating of one of the most disgusting corporate breaches of trust to date.

According to multiple news sources, and Samsung’s own website, Smart TV’s, when connected to the internet, have the capability to listen to conversations near them — and Samsung employees are listening in and taking notes on you, personally.

Samsung claims this massive invasion of their customers privacy is for marketing purposes. In other words, they think that because they’re gathering information on what people want to buy, they can listen in on any person’s living room, at any time of the day or night, for as long as they choose, while their customers are none the wiser.

The surveillance technology comes attached to the TV’s voice recognition feature, which can be turned off, but this would render the entire TV almost useless.

“Samsung says the voice recognition function can be disabled in the settings menu of the device, but that will result in a loss of some features in the TV.” —News Talk 770.

While fine print in the Smart TV’s manual discloses the fact third parties can listen to you through your TV to gather information, this feature dances very close to illegal surveillance and many feel the disclosure of the listening device should be much more evident before purchasing.

By Olan Thomas of

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Breaking Down the Canadian Anti-Terrorism Act: Welcome to Orwell’s Oceania

harper c51 anti terrorism bill canada rights removed taken away fascisism canadian charter of rights and freedoms


Most speaking about the new Canadian anti-terrorism bill — C-51 — are rightfully disgusted with its implications. The massive amount of power — with the feasibility of terrible misuse — given to authorities is nothing short of an Orwellian social system outlined on paper.

The term “Draconian” has left the lips of a number of reporters to describe the bill. This is in reference to the Athenian law scribe Draco, who enforced the heaviest of punishments on the smallest of crimes. But this bill, in its own way, is much worse than any Draconian law as it’s aimed at surveilling, restricting, searching, seizing, detaining, disrupting, and removing the rights of Canadian citizens before a law has even been broken. While stealing a cabbage would get you put to death under Draco the Lawgiver’s system, at least you couldn’t be convicted for someone suspecting you may try to steal one in the future. This is what the Canadian Anti-Terrorism Act is all about: pre-crimes. Well, that and the promotion of intelligence gathering and sharing between governmental organizations on a regular basis.

All of this, of course, is in response to the sudden wave of “terrorist attacks” over the last few months — Belgium, Australia, France, and Ottawa — all situations which have been shown by more than enough evidence to be lies and in complete contradiction to the “official” accounts pushed by the mainstream western media and governments alike.

Starting from the beginning, we’ll go over all five parts to the new Act to work out exactly what it says, and therefore means to Canadians.

The Act

Part 1 is titled the Security of Canada Information Sharing Act. It’s a very small section of the bill in comparison to the rest, but its purpose is the most important as it grants authorities the most power over the people they have ever had in Canadian history. That purpose is to step up Canada’s government institutions in exchanging information they have gathered on individuals with each other, such as the “huge libraries of files…on millions of Canadians” that CSEC — Communications Security Establishment Canada — is collecting through Project: Levitation; or the millions of files CSIS — Canadian Security Intelligence Service — has been gathering on Canadians for over a decade now exposed by American whistleblowers.

“Part 1 enacts the Security of Canada Information Sharing Act, which authorizes Government of Canada institutions to disclose information to [other] Govemment of Canada institutions…in respect of activities that undermine the security of Canada. It also makes related amendments to other Acts.”

These measures can be taken as a direct response to — among other allegations and criticisms — a complaint filed by lawyer Paul Champ on behalf of the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association against CSIS for “gathering information about Canadian citizens and groups engaging in peaceful and lawful expressive activities, and sharing it with other government bodies and private sector actors.”

In the BCCLA’s opinion, CSIS has been profiling people and groups of people who pose no threat whatsoever, and this is a result of their stepped up — and illegal — surveillance of everyone in Canada. This bill cements their right to remain spying and sharing.

Quite clearly the vast surveillance operation Edward Snowden exposed so many years ago isn’t slowing down, but instead speeding up and expanding to all new heights. From now on there should be no wondering whether or not Big Brother is watching, this first Act says in writing he is, and so are his brothers, and they’re all playing show and tell with what they see.

Part 2 is the amendments to the Secure Air Travel Act, a much meatier section which enables the government to prevent air travel for not only individuals who, in their opinion, may pose a terrorist threat, but entire airlines. It also, like most other parts of this new bill, specifies the authorities’ power to search, seize, and detain suspects who are yet to commit an actual offense.

“That Act authorizes the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness to establish a list of such persons and to direct air carriers to take any necessary actions to prevent the commission of such acts. In addition, that Act establishes powers and prohibitions governing the collection, use and disclosure of information in support of its administration and enforcement.”

Basically, the government can now tell every airline in the country what to do if  they think a terrorist may be close by. The Public Safety Minister will have a personal list of the names of people he deems dangerous — who will lose several rights and their passports — and will review the list every 90 days, at which point he’ll decide who to keep on and who to take off. It’s all completely his decision.

He can share the private information of the people on his list with anyone he feels like, including agencies in foreign countries, and is encouraged to do so. He doesn’t, however, have to notify any of the people or institutions he has shared the information with when a name is taken off the list, leaving them a suspect to every other agency who now has their information, and everyone they share it with. It’s easy for the thinking person to see how this creates a breeding ground for dangerous misinformation.

“The Minister may direct an air carrier to do anything…to prevent a listed person from engaging in any act set out in sub-section 8(1) and may make directions respecting…the denial of transportation to a person.”

While there will be no notification that you’re even on the Minister’s list until you’re denied travel, when you learn you’re on it there is an appeal process to then have your name removed within 60 days of your denial, but then you would have to prove you’re not a criminal to someone who has deemed you one before you even committed a crime. That could be difficult, to put it lightly. Besides, while the Minister is technically supposed to read every appeal, he doesn’t have to respond to any.

“If the Minister does not make a decision…within 90 days after the day on which the application is received…the Minister is deemed to have decided not to remove the applicant’s name from the list.”

If that doesn’t work you can appeal to a judge who can order the Minister to remove your name, which is good. Although the Minister can provide the judge with reasons he feels you’re still a possible terrorist to make sure you stay on the list, and that information will stay between them, meaning you can be denied your appeal without receiving a reason other than: “for purposes of national security” — the new tagline for bureaucratic corruption.

This section of the bill also gives the Minister the authority to “enter any place, including any aircraft, aerodrome or other aviation facility or any premises used by the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority” to make inspections or give audits in relation to the grounds of this bill “regardless of whether or not the inspection or audit relates to that place or to the person who occupies or controls it”; as well as giving him the power to “remove any document or other thing from the place where the inspection or audit is being carried out for examination or…for copying”; and if that’s not enough, he can also “use or cause to be used any computer system or data processing system at the place to examine any data…available” in the system. He has free run of the whole place and everything in it, and he doesn’t even have to give a reason to do any of this.

In a nutshell, in regards to air travel the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness has absolute power in Canada to do whatever he wants, whether that’s delay a flight, search a plane, make an arrest, detain a passenger, take away a passport, download airline files, ban travel, obtain personal information, or share all he has with anyone he wants.

Part 3, the thickest part of the Anti-Terrorism Act, changes the law of Canada by amending the existing criminal code and is being viewed by many as a direct attack on Canadians human rights; nothing else. This is where many laws are amended to fit the word “may” and “likely” in the mix. For instance, instead of being arrested for “carrying out terrorist activity,” as the law used to state, the word “may” has been added to change the law to allow an arrest if an officer or agent…:

…believes on reasonable grounds that a terrorist activity may be carried out; and [if]

…the arrest of a person is likely to prevent the carrying out of the terrorist activity.”

Part 3 also allows authorities to issue citizens with special recognizances — a promise that must be kept to avoid punishment. In regular English, if they detain you for committing no crime, but instead for suspecting you’re going to commit one, if and when a judge decides to release you, he — or she — can put you on a 12 month to 2 year probation to limit your rights and ability to do much of anything outside your own neighborhood, while removing a host of rights afforded to your fellow countrymen.

“The judge shall…include in the recognizance a condition that the person deposit…any passport or other travel document issued in their name…[and] a condition that the person remain within a specified geographic area.”

“The provincial court judge shall consider whether…to prohibit the defendant from possessing any firearm, cross-bow, prohibited weapon, restricted weapon, prohibited device, ammunition, prohibited ammunition or explosive substance, or all of those things…[T]he judge shall specify…how the things…shall be surrendered, disposed of, detained, stored or dealt with and how the authorizations, licences and registration certificates that are held by the defendant shall be surrendered.”

It’s important to note that these would be great measures in response to someone actually committing a crime, but make no mistake, these are all unjust punishments which are to be enforced before a crime has been committed, strictly on the grounds of suspicion of future crimes formed through unannounced government spying, data collection, profiling, and information swapping.

As well, and much more importantly to people in my line of work:

“Part 3…further amends the Criminal Code to provide…a judge with the power to order the seizure of terrorist propaganda or, if the propaganda is in electronic form, to order the deletion of the propaganda from a computer system.”

This is monumental. This means — for the first time in Canadian history — the government can now legally infringe on citizens’ rights to freedom of speech and expression. In simpler terms, if someone is publishing something the government deems as “anti-Canadian” — to use their words — they can order it, by law, deleted from history.

Our website ( for example, could have every article we’ve written taken down and deleted through this act, since our articles always challenge the narratives the government is pushing on mostly everything, especially when it comes to Canada’s “terrorist” attacks. We say the Canadian government lied about the whole Ottawa episode at the War Memorial — with undeniable evidence — and all parties involved should be convicted of treason. Put simply, we feel the government in Ottawa should be physically run out of parliament and thrown in prison. They, of course, could consider this an anti-Canadian sentiment — though it is strictly an anti-current government of Canada sentiment — and legally silence us through this section of the bill. After all, Canada’s bill is designed after the UK’s anti-terrorism act, and their prime minister made it clear that those who question the London bombings or 9/11’s official narratives should be considered terrorists as much as people strapping bombs to their chest. He said in a speech very recently that people who say those events were inside jobs are promoting the thought processes that lead to hideous crimes committed by terrorists, and therefore need to be stopped in their tracks and silenced for good.

This brings us to another important amendment to the criminal code of Canada in this part:

“If the court is satisfied…that…material…available to the public…is terrorist propaganda or computer data that makes terrorist propaganda available, it may order the computer system’s custodian to delete the material.”

To illustrate the importance of this measure we’ll recall the ISIS beheading tapes mainstream news sources have been promoting relentlessly for the last several months while western forces take turns bombing oil fields in the Middle East — courtesy our tax dollars. These tapes have been analyzed and exposed as hoaxes by not only alternative media sources, but also almost every mainstream news source in the west, as well — and as recently as last week. Now, to properly show these beheading tapes are fake one must view them to witness the inconsistencies for themselves, but under this measure in the criminal code of Canada, making them available is now illegal. It’s considered a terrorist act. This is no surprise either, as it was the alternative media who first exposed these tapes as western propaganda films — hence the executioner’s British accent — before the corporate media began their damage control, trying their best to cover up the loose ends and agreeing they were hoaxes, though they tried to say the captives were killed off screen and still to this day push the narrative that ISIS made the tapes — for some reason faking killings they were going to make off screen anyways — and therefore the war in the Middle East is still justified. In the process of this though, our own video showing the first James Foley ISIS beheading tape as a fake was removed from internet within 36 hours of its posting, and many other online video channels have been deleted altogether for exposing the same tapes and similar ones. This is the war on what information you’re allowed to see is all about, and this measure solidifies that the Canadian government now decides what we can and can’t see, and therefore what we can and can’t judge correctly for ourselves.

Not to harp on it, though it is extremely important, think about it this way: if you were involved in making propaganda films to dupe your country into supporting, paying for, and fighting in an unjust war, and the films were quickly being exposed as pure bullshit, it would be a good idea for you to make sure nobody sees much of them anymore, because if everyone caught on that you were lying they would refuse to support, pay for, and fight in your war anymore. In fact, it would be better if nobody could ever see the films at all, except for maybe small parts on the nightly news where anchors can fill in the blanks with a more convincing written narrative. Well, there’s the reason for this law right there. In Orwellian terms: welcome to the ministry of truth.

“If the court [finds]…that the publication is terrorist propaganda, it may make an order declaring that the matter be forfeited to Her Majesty for disposal.”

This means they can take down your internet post, delete files from your computer, destroy your journals, smash your memory sticks, whatever it takes to remove your content from existence. This is equivalent to book burning; an act only committed throughout history by brutal fascists.

To help combat dissenters to the company line — such as ourselves — CSIS will also have an online task force designated to putting slanderous comments and messages under internet posts and videos.

“The bill would also give CSIS the ability to disrupt…radical websites and Twitter accounts, as well as ‘counter-message.’ The power applies inside and outside of Canada.” —CBC.

Very mature, huh? Finally, it adds:

“Part 3…amends the Criminal Code to provide for the increased protection of witnesses, in particular of persons who play a role in respect of proceedings involving security information or criminal intelligence information, and makes consequential amendments to other Acts.”

Translation: We arrest and detain you because we “got a tip” you were involved in possible terrorism, but we don’t have to tell you who told us, or what they told us, ever. In these circumstances you no longer have the right to face your accuser — a vital component to true justice.

“Any proceedings against an accused shall be held in open court, but the presiding judge… may…order the exclusion of all or any members of the public from the court room…or order that the witness testify behind a screen or other device that would allow the witness not to be seen.”

Here we can see the loophole that has been created between these three parts of the Act: Gather intelligence through surveillance (part 1), and if you don’t think you have enough on someone to detain them yet, arrest them on a fake tip from which you never have to identify your source (part 3) or what they said. Will this take place? Let’s hope not. But could it? Yes! And the possibility of that scenario unfolding alone proves the simplicity in abusing this incredible authority afforded to our government through this horrible Act. Logically, laws should be designed to avoid any plot where authorities can be bent to infringe on a citizen’s human rights unjustly, from the day they’re written until the end of time. These measures, on the other hand, have “abuse of power” written all over them with the potential for every elected and unelected official in power from here to eternity to do so.

Part 4:

“…amends the Canadian Security Intelligence Service Act to permit the Canadian Security Intelligence Service [CSIS] to take, within and outside Canada, measures to reduce threats to the security of Canada.”

This short section of the bill crystallizes the notion that CSIS has a free reign to do whatever they want. As long as suspected terrorism is their excuse, they can easily obtain a warrant to unknowingly spy, record, tap, arrest, detain, and perform their own version of enhanced interrogation on anyone they feel. Not only that, but you don’t even have to be in the country to be their target. In plain English, the bill specifies that if a warrant is obtained, CSIS no longer has to adhere to Canada’s Charter of Rights of Freedoms:

“The Service [CSIS] shall not take measures…if those measures will contravene a right or freedom guaranteed by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms or…contrary to other Canadian law, unless the Service [CSIS] is authorized to take them by a warrant issued [through a judge].”

We can see the law’s originally worded to assure the citizen that CSIS won’t infringe on his or her rights, but the sentiment is quickly negated by that last part of the sentence: “unless the Service is authorized to take them by a warrant.” In that case you can forget you ever had any rights in the first place, because you won’t anymore. This warrant is good after issue for 120 days, but can be renewed an infinite amount of times through evidence that can remain a secret.

Part 4 also gives the Federal Court the authority to issue an assistance order to make sure their targets are found and convicted. This means a judge can decree any person’s assistance in CSIS’s investigations, surveillance, etc. and they are required by law to help whether they want to or not — the opposite of the right to remain silent in a very large sense, though you don’t require arrest to lose the liberty through Miranda rights. Essentially, under the right circumstance, a citizen can be detained just for knowing someone suspected of being “anti-Canadian.” Imagine that!

Finally, and briefly, Part 5 is amendments to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act:

“Part 5 amends…the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act to, among other things…authorize the judge, on the request of the Minister, to exempt the Minister from providing the special advocate with certain relevant information that has not been filed with the Federal Court…and authorize[s] the judge to ask the special advocate to make submissions with respect to the exemption.”

To interpret, this measure amends the Act to allow the Minister to withhold important information in court proceedings against an immigrant or refugee from their special advocate — their lawyer — even though that information is crucial to the judges decision. It also allows the judge to demand information from the special advocate pertaining to the information withheld.

Editors Thoughts

All in all the reports are right to say this entire Act is way too much power for the state to have, and can only be compared to totalitarian states of the past. These are the exact measures and laws being enacted that “conspiracy theorists” have been screaming about and warning against since this whole “terrorist” boogeyman charade began, and this is just Canada’s version. These laws are being implemented across the globe in all western countries. This is the New World Order at work in your city and your town. Under the guise of “national security” and protection from the “terrorist threat” the people’s powers to free information, alternative theories, privacy, fair trials, and protection from abuse of power have been shamefully put to sleep, and will remain asleep until these laws are reversed and outlawed as tyrannical. The Harper government is no better than the neocons of the USA in their fear mongering for absolute power, and every citizen should be disgusted with a ruling government strictly concerned with “lowering the thresholds for making arrests.”

This bill has been in the works for years yet they portray it as a response to the Ottawa and France attacks, which only adds substance to the thinking person’s claim that they were inside jobs carried out for the sole purpose of the passing of these anti-democratic laws along with the unquestioning support of a questionable foreign war with no end in sight.

One look at the profits global security companies and contractors are making off of governments in the west right now shows these decisions are at least partially profit driven, if not wholly. Taking away your privacy is money in someone else’s pocket — a lot of it — so is war and so is oil. These are what is really behind these decisions. These are the reasons western forces are doing their best to install their own governments in these Arab countries we’re destroying, and the reason they are creating radical groups to fear-propagandize at home, such as al Qaeda — which means “the base” and is in reference to the base where the CIA trained the first radical Islamists in Afghanistan, including Osama Bin Laden — or ISIS — an offshoot of al Qaeda, and therefore the CIA, and also a group being armed by Israel and America. There’s a reason people who actually research this stuff call them “boogeymen.” They’re only there to scare you into surrendering your rights and handing the government the power to rule you. It’s that simple. Problem, reaction, solution. In terms of ruling classes, it’s the oldest trick in the book.

By no means is this Act the end of the issue, either. This is just another step in the state taking control over the people, just like C-13 was and just like the next liberty stripping move will be. Sadly, as long as the Canadian people sit back in their coma and let the boys in Ottawa do what they want, by the time this tyranny is evident to them, it could be too late.


By Olan Thomas of

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Propaganda, Misinformation, and Tyranny: Je doute Charlie

charlie hebdo benjamin franklin cut2thetruth editorial

Despite the fact he was a slave owning fat pig of a human being, Ben Franklin nailed it on the head when he told us that those who trade their liberties for securities get and deserve neither. Unfortunately, the days of those types of sentiments being hurled around are long behind us. Now our leaders speak a different game. Now they tell us the complete opposite of Franklin’s vision of a free society, blatantly conditioning us to welcome a police state where the government has absolute authority and the power to watch our every move, as if it’s in our best interests — Orwell’s nightmare turned to accurate prophecy.

Let’s take Boris Johnson, the elected mayor of London for an example. Just yesterday he told news sources that security services should be able to monitor the phone calls and emails of anyone they feel, because he’s “not particularly bothered with this civil liberties stuff.”

Think about that one. The mayor in charge of the most well known city in the democratic world says — without batting an eye — that he doesn’t care much for the people’s rights that elected him. Not only that, but he insists trading one’s liberties for the thought of security is the base of British values, and to those who disagree he advises they “go away.”

This is pure propaganda, an insult to freedom, and it’s a shame England tolerates such a tyrannical mindset to make the big decisions in their historical city. Simply put, Johnson told the world: Surrender your liberties and like it, or fuck off.

What’s worse is England’s prime minister, David Cameron, speaking a few months back about how in his opinion, people who think 9/11 — or the England attacks — was an inside job should be considered terrorists. There are millions of average people who feel 9/11 was an inside job inside England alone — all of them possible terrorists in the prime minister’s eyes. Now you see how loose the term “terrorist” can strech. They can call anyone a “suspected terrorist” in order to strip them of all their human rights.

You also get an idea of how these people feel about the people’s supposed liberties, such as the right to form your own opinion, research alternative narratives, and good old free speech. Cameron believes targeting, surveying, and convicting people simply for their thoughts — so long as they disagree with the state’s official standpoint — is a necessary and good thing. In Orwellian terms: thoughtcrime.

In the same rant, which was in response to the attacks in Paris on the offices of Charlie Hebdo — which have all the hallmarks of a false flag — Mayor Johnson ironically mentioned that the newspaper attack was an attack on free speech. What? Who is he to talk about free speech? What kind of person says they are angered by an attack on free speech a few seconds after saying he “doesn’t much care for…civil liberties?” Do you see the hypocrisy? This guy doesn’t care about free speech or any other privilege afforded to the serfs, he cares about sticking to the narrative the rest of the globalists are sticking to. That’s where his Hitler-like statements came from yesterday.

Meanwhile, David Cameron was in France with the rest of the cabal of world leaders acting for the cameras in a publicity stunt parade — as 10,000 armed forces were deployed throughout the country. All 50 international leaders who attended agree with the same sentiments of David Cameron and Boris Johnson of England. They agree that since 3 people in France, 1 person in Canada, and 1 more in Australia — 4 in total in the entire world — were reported on for going nuts and killing people, that’s enough reason to line the streets with heavily armed forces, track their citizens, profile with prejudice, search without warrant, arrest without crime, imprison without trial, torture without consequence, and kill without remorse. Check into it, these are exactly what the bills being passed through the parliamentary systems in all of the countries participating in the march in France have been implementing for the past few years, and whether they planned the Charlie Hebdo attacks or not, which no doubt a handful of them did, they couldn’t be happier they happened. The solution is justified.

It’s time for passionate speeches from our brave leaders with violence at the core. These people will pay, they’ll tell us. It’s us against them, and we’re gonna kill ’em all! Let’s all get together and march for this cause, unified in the effort to eradicate this plague that has killed on three separate occasions now. They’ll scream it into every microphone they can find. Nevermind the fact cancer kills thousands a month, or the fact children are stolen and sold into sexual slavery in nearly every country on earth, every single day. Don’t worry about making impassioned speeches about starvation killing off entire peoples, or working together to eradicate heart disease. Why rally about these issues? Why eradicate these problems? Don’t worry about them. Don’t fund them. Don’t think about them. We’ve got terrorists to worry about. We’ve got citizens to profile and brown people to kill.

Though Stephen Harper, Canada’s prime minister, wasn’t at the march with the rest of the global cabal, his contradictory rhetoric was heard. “They have declared war on anybody who does not think and act exactly as they wish they would think and act.”

Is Harper offended by this? If so, that’s a very different message than what his actions have spoken. He’s responsible for passing laws recently that state as long as the Canadian authorities feel a person could be a future terrorist — a very loose term, as we know — then the government can take away that person’s rights and lock them without a trial — kind of like how it was done in Nazi germany if someone was suspected of Jewery. All that’s changed is the enemy’s name.

Whether you believe the Charlie Hebdo shooting was an inside job or not,  look what’s happening as the solution to these episodes; or rather, what these episodes are being used to implement. Canada has passed laws making it legal for the government to secretly monitor anyone and everyone they want, as has Australia, as has the US, the UK, and so on, and what we see happening in France may be the most extreme of all, at least on an initial basis. 10,000 troops deployed on the streets? Imagine seeing armed forces outside your window in your home country. Would you feel safer? Would you feel safe at all? Would troops all over the place have prevented any of the attacks that have taken place? No, they wouldn’t have, and it’s ridiculous to think so.

Let’s pretend for a second the threat is as bad as they say, which it isn’t, and at some point down the road all the radical Islamists are gone. Will these unjust laws go away? No. They have been passed and now they’ll be around forever for anyone with the power to abuse them to do just that. But, of course, the terrorist problem will never stop being because anyone daring to step out of line in any way will be labeled as one.

Unfortunately for those of us who value our freedoms and the right to formulate our own opinions, the majority is easy to steer and we get left as a voiceless minority. Ben Franklin was right, and we’re paying for it.

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Canadians Privacy Lost: The Harper Gov’t Puts Unconstitutional Spying to a Vote

stephen harper peter mackay bill c-13 passing through house and senate surveillance canada

A couple months ago we went over a story about a Canadian politician name Vic Toews — public safety minister — trying to push a bill through, under the guise of catching child porn solicitation, that would enable the Canadian government and law enforcement services to spy on and track citizens online without a warrant.

Things took a bad turn for Toews when some computer hackers — who clearly thought he was an orwellian tyrant — hacked into his phone and proved he was also a hypocrite, and worse. As it turns out, Toews was having an affair with a woman half his age. This was exposed directly after he screamed, “You’re either with us, or you’re with the child pornographers!” in the middle of the House of Commons at his opposition. Needless to say the bill disappeared after he was shown to be an adulterous cradle robber whose interests were in painting those against government spying as child molesters.


That bill was called C-30, and in its death came its replacement — Bill C-13 — which is a rewrite of Toews’ bill by safety minister Peter Mackay, as well giving law enforcement and government agencies the ability to unconstitutionally monitor Canadian citizens without their knowledge or consent — emails, phone calls, facebook, twitter, pictures, videos, etc. — simply because they suspect a person may commit a crime in the future — only this time “cyberbullying” is the selling feature. This conveniently in the wake of a few internet bullying deaths of teenagers in Canada.

“MPs had their last round of debate on the bill Friday, as Prime Minister Stephen Harper held a cyberbullying roundtable in Winnipeg to mark the two-year anniversary of Amanda Todd’s death. Todd killed herself at age 15 after enduring ‘merciless cyberbullying,’ Harper said in a news release.

A spokeswoman for government House Leader Peter Van Loan said the last House vote on the cyberbullying bill, known as C-13, will be Monday, Oct. 20. If it passes, it will go to the Senate for debate by senators and consideration at committee.” —, (Oct. 10, 2014).

Aside from many others, and most importantly — in my opinion — Canada’s safety minister, Daniel Therrien, has been vocally against the implementation of C-13 since its introduction knowing the corruption that would be bred from giving people the power to bypass internet providers — and search warrants — to directly track any metadata they feel they want, on any person, and at any time they feel it’s necessary. According to him, this is way too much power for authorities to have and a violation of Canadians privacy, not to mention a direct violation of their rights according to the Canadian Constitution and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Daniel Therrien

Therrien also points out C-13 deals with a lot more issues than cyberbullying and highly recommends the bill be split into two parts, leaving the hardcore data-collection issues apart from the cyberbullying; and it isn’t just him suggesting this. Carol Todd, Amanda Todd’s mother, has also been vocal about splitting the bill into two parts and separating the cyberbullying issues from the surveillance-related provisions that are snuck in behind. She has publicly asked the government to fulfill her request:

“I don’t want to see our children to be victimized again by losing privacy rights. I am troubled by some of these provisions condoning the sharing of Canadians’ privacy information without proper legal process… A warrant should be required before any Canadians’ personal information is turned over to anyone, including government authorities.” —Carol Todd.

Even though she’s been opposed to the bill for months now that still hasn’t slowed Stephen Harper from campaigning around the country using Amanda Todd’s tragic death as his ammunition to sell this freedom surrendering bill into law to the Canadian people.

Not being mentioned in the news, of course, is the fact Stephen Harper has signed on with a host of other government leaders to The Council of Europe’s, Convention on Cybercrime, which obligates them to pass strict internet laws on their citizens; they’re simply keeping their word. But again, this vital piece of information — which is the single answer to why these unconstitutional bills are being pushed through — this is kept from the public.

The vote happens on the 20th in the House of Commons. if it passes it will be put to a vote in the Senate. We’ll keep you updated on the decision as we get it.


By Olan Thomas of

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