Former Facebook Exec: Facebook and Google are Surveillance States in Disguise

It’s no secret Facebook and Google’s sole purposes are to gather personal information on the world’s population. Here we have Chamath Palihapitiya, former Facebook executive confirming it.

This information finds its way into the intelligence community where profiles are being built on every citizen on earth, and these profiles are secretly shared country to country between agencies.

Olan Thomas details the sickness of social media and mass surveillance in this Cut2TheTruth piece.


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Big Brother’s Toolbox: The Hacking and Spying Technology of the CIA (w/ VIDEO)

Since March 2017, Wikileaks has been releasing the largest leak of confidential CIA documents in its history. Its name: Vault 7.

These releases follow Wikileaks publication of CIA documents revealing the infiltration the CIA took of the 2012 French presidential election. Vault 7 is the means that was used to do so, plus much more.

Mere days ago Wikileaks released the most recent addition to this ongoing series entitled Angelfire, which is a malware framework developed to infect Windows operating systems without the user being able to see that they’ve been hacked.

Angelfire’s comprised of five components, each with its own purpose, as the site Bleeping Computer summarizes:

↦ Solartime – Malware that modifies the boot sector to load Wolfcreek.
↦ Wolfcreek – Self-loading driver that can load other drivers and user-mode applications.
↦ Keystone – Component that’s responsible for starting other implants (technical term for malware).
↦ BadMFS – a covert file system that is created at the end of the active partition. AngelFire uses BadMFS to store all other components. All files are obfuscated and encrypted.
↦ Windows Transitory File System – a newer component that’s an alternative to BadMFS. Instead of storing files on a secret file system, the component uses transitory (temporary) files for the storage system.

Aside from Angelfire, there have been 21 other CIA programs exposed in Vault 7, as well.

CouchPotato, for example, is used to tap into remote video streams.

Dumbo hacks into microphones and webcams. 

HighRise is used to hack into SMS messaging software on Android devices.

DarkMatter are the tools used to hack into Macs and iPhones.

WeepingAngel is used to turn Smart TV’s into live microphones, making it possible for the agency to hear what’s going on inside the room any Smart TV is in.

Creeped out yet? You should be!

This, of course, is only to name a few. Click here to enter the Wikileaks site and browse every release in Valut 7.

By Olan Thomas of Cut2TheTruth.

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cia classified c2t


Severe British Smokescreen: Cameron Introduces New Spying Laws

david cameron anti terror laws new world order terror level severe

Clearly forgetting many previous wars, including one where Germany dropped over 50,000 bombs on jolly old England, a few days ago British Prime Minister David Cameron told the UK — and the rest of the world — that ISIS is a “greater and deeper threat to [Britain’s] security than [ever] seen before.”

According to British Intelligence, an attack on British soil is now “highly likely,” and because of this the (arbitrary) terror level has been moved up to “severe.” This is despite the fact British Intelligence hasn’t obtained any information pertaining to a possible attack.

Not surprisingly, these fear-tactic comments and the upping of the UK’s terror level came with news that new anti-terror laws would be put into place immediately, along with “government plans to intensify its intelligence sharing with fellow EU member states.”

The new laws will give the British Government the authority to automatically revoke the passports of any UK, foreign, or dual nationals suspected of the possibility of committing a terrorist act, as defined by government itself, of course. This also means border patrol officers will be able to seize passports while a person is being investigated for the color of their skin — in the most pessimistic yet realistic way of looking at it.

“the new measures allow intelligence agencies to access airline passenger data and carry out additional security screening. There are also plans to allow airport border police to temporarily seize suspects’ passports while they investigate.”

Opposition to Cameron’s cabinet criticized the move to raise the terror threat level, aptly pointing out the measures being implemented are infringements on civil liberties. Those who  follow the global chess game know all too well the threat level was raised in order to accomplish just that.

More profiling, more loss of rights, and more illegal detainment. This coming a few weeks after Iranian military sources fingered Britain as being a main creator and supporter of ISIS, and a few days after a Pentagon document was leaked stating “the Western forces support” the rebel groups of the Middle East. Add those pieces to the NSA files leaked by Edward Snowden that show Western intelligence agencies are working together in an effort to spy on every person on the planet at all times, and suddenly the “severe” rating being announced at the same time new terror laws are introduced makes logical sense as nothing but a step towards accomplishing that Draconian goal. It’s a smokescreen if there ever was one.

By Olan Thomas of

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Still Think Your Government Is There to Protect You: Fake Cellphone Towers on Military Bases

Android is receiving extreme product placement all over the mainstream media as a story built for conspiracy theorists, such as myself, is flying around the internet confirming the police state agenda even further.

Proving once again the US government doesn’t trust its citizens and in fact will go to any length to illegally spy on them, last week 17 “cellphone towers” were discovered across the country with expectations there are many more to be found—only there’s a catch; they aren’t real cellphone towers. They don’t unlock access for users at all, which are what normal towers do, they actually unlock private access to phones and make all the information within them—live conversations, voicemails, text messages, memos, pictures, videos, emails, locations, etc.—completely accessible to whoever is tapping in through these “towers,” which is unknown at this point. All that is known is they are all on top of or close to American military bases.

“Using a CryptoPhone 500, a unique Android device that reads like a Samsung Galaxy S III, Les Goldsmith, the CEO of ESD America, was able to detect the fakes. ESD America is a law enforcement technology provider. –Madam Noire, 5/9/14.

A lot of known law enforcers use the exact technology already. According to the Tacoma News Tribune, police in Tacoma, WA, purchased and used—in secret—surveillance equipment that can “sweep up records of  every mobile telephone call, text, and data transfer up to a half-mile from the device”—they have been using the system, even though it outright unconstitutional and against the law, for the past 5 years. According to Goonberg:

“Known as a Stingray and manufactured by Harris (HRS), a Pentagon contractor based in Melbourne, Fla., the device is small enough to be carried in a car. It tricks mobile phones into thinking it’s a cell tower, drawing information…Federal grants, including one from the Department of Homeland Security, were used to buy the equipment, according to public records…obtained.”

Big Brother is full effect, as the Edward Snowden fiasco should have shown us, and continue to show us, and we would be fools to believe the NSA, DHS, FBI, CIA, Mi5, Mi6, CSIS, local and state police forces, and all of the other perverted, peeping-Toms stopped their mass surveillance activities after they were caught. Clearly the authorities of, so called, “free countries” don’t trust the citizens they are representing so much that they are willing to use any means necessary to impede their most basic rights and pry into the most private aspects of their lives.

BLUE = Local police have cell site simulators. *** State and local police have cell site simulators. *** BROWN: State police have cell site simulators. *** GRAY: Unknown.

BLUE = Local police have cell site simulators. *** RED: State and local police have cell site simulators. *** BROWN: State police have cell site simulators. *** GRAY: Unknown.


“It’s like kicking down the doors…and searching 50 homes because they don’t know where the bad guy is.” —Chris Soghoian, principal technologist at the ACLU.

According to, which is where the above screenshot is from, it’s not just the FBI and police listening in on your conversations, or tracking your every move, or downloading your nude selfies without you knowing; here is a list of US Federal Agencies known to be using this Orwellian technology—with links to the sources:

Federal Bureau of Investigation
Drug Enforcement Administration
U.S. Secret Service
Immigration and Customs Enforcement
U.S. Marshals Service
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives
U.S. Army
U.S. Navy
U.S. Marine Corps
U.S. National Guard
U.S. Special Operations Command
National Security Agency

Defending this corruption breeding technology, Tacoma Assistant Police Chief, Kathy McAlpine, told the press it’s only used to locate suspects wanted for crimes such as homicide, rape, robbery, kidnapping, and drug trafficking; though I think she should define the word “suspects.” She claims her officers don’t collect the contents of voice calls, texts or data transfers, and the device is only used after a court order is signed by a judge—as if that excuses the concept or guarantees this system hasn’t already been abused like crazy; let’s remember these are people given this power at their fingertips, not saints, and people are sure to abuse it. Once your phone is hacked, the only way to block it is to remove the battery, according to Bloomberg.

Though the military is definitely involved in the new 17 towers found in the US, the most twisted part of the story is that no one knows why they are there:

“‘Interceptor use in the U.S. is much higher than people had anticipated,’ said Les Goldsmith, the CEO of ESD America…’One of our customers took a road trip from Florida to North Carolina and he found eight different interceptors on that trip.  We even found one at South Point Casino in Las Vegas.’ He added, “What we find suspicious is that a lot of these interceptors are right on top of U.S. military bases. Whose interceptor is it?  Who are they, that’s listening to calls around military bases?  The point is: we don’t really know whose they are.” –

There’s a comforting thought huh? Welcome to Oceania.


by Olan Thomas of

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American Spies In Germany: Aint No Surprise

hillary clinton german spy merkel angela nsa edward snowden

Today reports resurfaced through the Globe and Fail, I mean Mail, that America has been busted, or suspected busted with good reason, for having spy cells inside of Germany’s government. This comes as no surprise to those following the news, even in the slightest, as Edward Snowden’s revelations a couple years back showed us America’s NSA had a large scale intelligence mission aimed against the German government.

Today the Germans had their revenge, in a manner of speaking, as they claim to have received a recording of Hillary “Ironbox” Clinton on a top secret phone call recorded back when she was United States Secretary of State. The German news sources won’t say who she was talking to, but have stated the conversation happened in the air on a government plane. Unfortunately we—the lowly commoners—won’t be able to hear it, so I can only conclude she must have been saying something worth hearing; most likely concerning our very security.

angela merkel phone spying america germany nsa surveillance illegal hillary clinto

Chancellor Merkel

American officials, who are known the world round to illegally monitor every person on the planet, have spoken out against the German’s for taking this action against them—nobody likes tasting their own medicine, right? In response the German authorities have sworn the call was intercepted by accident, and would never want to tap into the private convos of America’s top diplomat at the time, so to me it’s quite a coincidence that out of the hundreds of millions of people they could have “accidentally” monitored, the one they tapped into just happened to be one of the most politically influential people in the United States. Another point raised, of course, was that this phone call took place in the distant past and the Germans have held on to it, not erasing it, the entire time.

germany america spy vs spy merkel clinton sna intelligence surveillance

Who should really be mad at who though? Is this not expected? Just last year the Germans found out that America had been recording the private phone calls of Germany’s Chancellor, Angela Merkel, among other top officials of the country. This is just the type of behavior that illegal international surveillance breeds.

In July this sleeping giant of a situation woke back up as Germany fingered one of their own intelligence officers as an American spy. An agent identified only as Markus R., a 31-year old employee of Germany’s foreign intelligence agency (BND), was arrested by Germany’s Federal prosecutor and hauled off for interrogation. It’s believed Markus is the leak that supplied America with the information about the Clinton tape. Along with the recording came the news that Germany has heavy surveillance on a neighboring NATO country, but wouldn’t say who it is—though I can bet it’s Ukraine.

According to the Fail, Chancellor Merkel stated the Germans and Americans just “had fundamentally different conceptions of the role of the intelligence service[s].” By this she must mean that they are both peeping Toms, one is just richer than the other. Welcome to the world of no privacy folks. Remember to cover the camera on your laptop!

By Olan Thomas

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