Corporate Spying: Samsung TV’s Are Watching Us

samsung big brother is listening

Remember the flat screen TV’s hanging off the walls that helped Big Brother monitor citizens in their homes in George Orwell’s 1984? Well it’s looking more and more like Orwell took a time machine to a very real future and wrote a report on it, rather than merely writing predictive fiction.

Simply put, if you own a Samsung Smart TV, you should be watching what you say in your own home. Today news is circulating of one of the most disgusting corporate breaches of trust to date.

According to multiple news sources, and Samsung’s own website, Smart TV’s, when connected to the internet, have the capability to listen to conversations near them — and Samsung employees are listening in and taking notes on you, personally.

Samsung claims this massive invasion of their customers privacy is for marketing purposes. In other words, they think that because they’re gathering information on what people want to buy, they can listen in on any person’s living room, at any time of the day or night, for as long as they choose, while their customers are none the wiser.

The surveillance technology comes attached to the TV’s voice recognition feature, which can be turned off, but this would render the entire TV almost useless.

“Samsung says the voice recognition function can be disabled in the settings menu of the device, but that will result in a loss of some features in the TV.” —News Talk 770.

While fine print in the Smart TV’s manual discloses the fact third parties can listen to you through your TV to gather information, this feature dances very close to illegal surveillance and many feel the disclosure of the listening device should be much more evident before purchasing.

By Olan Thomas of

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