US Puppet in Ukraine: Photographic Evidence of President Poroshenko Bombing Schools

poroshenko us puppet bombing schools photographic evidence

As the war burns on in Ukraine, the Western media refuses to cover the atrocious crimes being committed by American funded and directed President Petro Poroshenko, instead opting to show unwavering support for his regime while simultaneously blaming Russia for every part of the conflict.

Fellow WordPresser Olga Luzanova released an article last week on the publication — “a large team of dedicated volunteers currently keeping our readers updated about the situation in Novorossiya and Ukraine” — that illustrates the truth of how hideous a person Poroshenko really is and the actions being executed by the army under his control.

The article is titled Poroshenko keeps his word: Donbass children don’t go to school, and after quoting Poroshenko from a speech he made in Odessa back in October saying, “our children will go to schools and kindergartens, while theirs will be holed up in basements,” Luzanova then shows her viewers a mass of photographs she took at a school completely demolished from Ukrainian army rocketfire.

While he may be a man of his word, his words are vile and corrupt. Even worse, actions speak louder than words, and his actions back up his words.



Petro Poroshenko holds quite a hefty globalist-elite rap sheet of a resume. He was Ukraine’s Minister of Foreign Affairs for a year before becoming the Minister of Trade and Economic Development in 2012. This whole time, and even before — 2007-2012 — he sat as the head of Ukraine’s central bank.

And if that doesn’t paint a clear enough picture for you, Poroshenko, the President of Ukraine, also owns 5 Kanal TV, the largest news broadcaster in the country.

Nicknamed “the Chocolate King” by his fellow elites for also owning a number of high-end confectionery businesses — including the Roshen Confectionery Corporation — he was a heavy funder of the protest groups that led to the revolution which toppled Ukraine’s former government last year. His ability to shape the news solidified him an easy walk into the presidency as the leader of a coalition government.

But that’s not all. The coalition government Poroshenko represents can be easily traced back to a party that existed in WWII known as the Social-Nationalist Party — a conscious allusion to the National-Socialist Party of Germany at that time, or Nazi’s as the world refers to them as today — making Poroshenko and his supporters Neo-Nazi’s.

Playing both sides of the fence, in 2013 headlines circled the world-round with news of snipers killing 20 protesters in Kiev. Instantly Poroshenko’s media released a narrative that put the blame on then President Victor Yanukovich and his cronies being responsible for the senseless murders, but this would prove to be quite the opposite of what really transpired.

Contrary to this claim — which most of the public ate up like a fresh dessert — the next month a recorded phone call between Estonia’s Foreign Minister Urmas Paet and Foreign Policy Chief of the European Union Cathy Ashton leaked to the public revealing the snipers were actually goons from Poroshenko’s coalition government, and that Western agents were well aware of this and covered it up

The icing on the Poroshenko chocolate cake comes from Wikileaks, who released a classified US cable from way back in April of 2006 where American officials called him “our Ukraine insider Poroshenko,” proving that over half-a-decade before this man sleazed his way into the presidency he was known by the US government as US property inside Kiev.

Since his “election” the Ukrainian military — through the direction of America — has been not only antagonizing Russia — and therefore the world — with the prospect of war, but shooting and bombing its own citizens on a daily basis.

In short, Petro Poroshenko is a central banker, a Neo-Nazi, an American intelligence puppet, a war criminal, a media manipulating propagandist, and a fat, chocolate addicted globalist. As well as being a danger to children in his own country, he’s a serious danger to the entire planet. Don’t trust him.

by Olan Thomas of

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