American Hero: Former Head of CIA David Petraeus to Face Multiple Years In Prison

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In a situation forcing the Obama administration to put their money where their mouths are, American hero and former head of the CIA David Petraeus has been caught leaking classified government information to an outsider — one of the worst offences in America’s endless list of ways to get thrown in jail.

US attorney general Eric Holder is left ultimately with the decision to prosecute or not as state prosecutors call for an arrest.

Though the Obama administration has locked up more people for leaking state secrets than every presidential administration before its time combined, Holder appeared on television recently in front of an audience of Republicans and Democrats urging him to look the other way. He stated simply, “the determination is yet to be made.”

This is the same administration, remember, that would happily see Edward Snowden thrown in jail for life, and would make sure of it if he weren’t forced to hide in Russia from his own government. Among other startling revelations, Snowden leaked thousands of classified NSA files that showed in detail a global effort by intelligence agencies working together to secretly monitor every citizen in the western world, documenting their every move — that includes you.

In a similar case, US soldier Bradley Manning leaked secret information and was thrown in military prison for life, never to be seen again. All we know of Bradley Manning now is that the US government paid for a sex change while he was locked up and he now goes by Chelsea Manning. Could there soon be a Doris Petraeus? One can only pray.

A whole slew of politicians who support tracking down Snowden and treating him like Stalin treated his own citizens have come out in support of letting Petraeus off scott free, John McCain included, who says the prosecutors should be punished for making the allegations public, and also Dianne Feinstein, the woman who spearheaded the report on the CIA’s use of torture, who stated, “It’s done, it’s over. He’s retired. He’s lost his job. How much does the government want?”

“Mr Petraeus’ storied career came to an abrupt end in November 2012 when he suddenly resigned as head of the CIA and admitted having an affair with his biographer, Paula Broadwell.”

Proving she’s nothing but trouble once again, Petraeus allegedly leaked the secret information to Paula Broadwell, his mistress, who outed their illegal relationship by sending threatening letters to another one of Petraeus’ mistresses. Because of the threats an investigation was launched into her actions and her private emails were read by authorities. This is where they found messages from Petraeus containing the top secret information.

A cheater, a liar, and a traitor: welcome to the world of American heroes. It will be interesting to see what punishment this man receives — a man considered a war hero for his disgusting actions in Iraq and Afghanistan — if he receives any at all. If Obama wishes to let him remain a free man, he should also have to set all of the men and women free who are currently serving time for the same crime, and there’s a lot of them. On the other hand, if Obama wishes to stick to his guns and put his money where his mouth is, his good friend General Petraeus should be locked up and the key should be destroyed. It would be a great topic for Paula Broadwell to write a book about.

By Olan Thomas of

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