Congressman Thomas Massie Blowing the Whistle On the US GOV Controlled Afghan Opium Monopoly

After recent public statements by Congressman Thomas Massie of Kentucky, Olan Thomas from Cut2theTruth reports on speculation surrounding the US Government’s involvement in turning Afghanistan into the all-but-sole supplier of opium on planet Earth since their invasion 16 years ago.


By Olan Thomas of Cut2theTruth

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Nuclear Bomb Dropped On Yemen: Who’s to Blame?

Humanity is reaching its past lows — hitting rock bottom all over again due to a few rotten apples — as video showing the use of a nuclear weapon dropped in Yemen shocks audiences worldwide.


Since March of this year — 2015 — Saudi Arabia has led an offensive against Yemen called Operation Decisive Storm to topple the opposition forces which drove out the country’s president Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, who fled to Saudi Arabia for asylum just before the offensive was launched. Hadi is the internationally recognized leader of Yemen, though a large number of the population of his own country doesn’t recognize him as such and instead keep their loyalty attached to Ali Abdullah Saleh, who was deposed from power in 2011 in the wake of the so-called “Arab Spring” uprisings.

According to reports, Hadi was placed into power by the GCC — Gulf Cooperation Council — and was not “democratically elected” as the mainstream narrative states. This is impossible as Hadi was the only person running in the election, making him a shoo in for victor. Since then America and the West — Hadi’s puppet masters in Middle Eastern affairs — have been providing intelligence and strategic information to the coalition invading the small Arab country of Yemen on Hadi’s behalf, a coalition which includes the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Sudan, Egypt, Morocco, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Qatar.


As reported by the BBC, Israel has aligned with Saudi Arabia as well as they both share a want for the destruction of Iran as soon as possible. It is believed they provided the WMD dropped on Yemen.

Though it is “officially” unconfirmed as to what the bomb was that was dropped in the video above, articles are flying around posing little doubt to the blast being nuclear — if only a mini warhead the consequences are still pretty devastating.

Jeff Smith — a nuclear physicist and former IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) inspector — has analyzed the video above, and as an expert in the field has confirmed — though only through visual analysis — that he believes it was in fact a nuclear weapon — a neutron bomb to be specific. 

“Lightning effect and duration of the fire ball being suspended in mid air and the very large mushroom cloud is the main give away , that is because it is being hit by neutrons from the nuclear fireball blast. It overloads the ccd’s electronic circuit producing white flashes. If the radiation is too high it will burn out the chip. They had big problems with this in Japan with the Fukushima robots cameras failing due to very high radiation counts.”

Smith points towards an Israeli F-16 fighter jet as the plane used to drop the bomb.

The Russian news source Pravda has released an article as well pointing the blame at Israel for the attack, citing two F-16s were shot down in the area and forensically identified as Israeli planes painted with Saudi insignia — this happening just as Canada, the US, and Britain voted against the UN’s decision to send inspectors into Israel to catalogue their nuclear arsenal, saving Israel from having to officially admit they are armed to the teeth with such weapons.

Adding to the disgusting reality of humans using atomic weaponry on other humans in our time — if that is in fact the case, and we can neither confirm or rule it out — is the fact that Hadi is the supposed “leader” of the country under attack — Yemen — which means he just oversaw a neutron bomb being dropped on his own people. If that isn’t proof that this Western installed president isn’t  the man for the job, then what is?

And the madness trudges on.

Screenshot (490)


By Olan Thomas of

Video from Olan Thomas.

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Ayatollah Khamenei: “America and Britain are the creators of the ISIL and Al-Qaeda”

isis america Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei al qaeda created by america

TEHRAN — Reports out of the Middle East today didn’t hold back in blasting the US, Britain, and Israel for their part in creating, aiding and abetting the terrorist organizations of the area the US and its allies are current swearing to be fighting.

Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Khamenei addressed the masses recently and urged Muslims not to get involved in the warring going on between them in their own lands, as this is exactly what the Americans, Israelis, and British hope for. According to Khamenei, the Western forces are doing everything possible to magnify the rift between the Arab Sunnis and Shiites, including creating fake Islamic movements such as al Qaeda and ISIS to fan the flame. He called for unification between the battling groups.

“If anyone fuels the fire in this regard — the so-called fight against the ISIL — he or she will definitely be helping sinister America and Britain which are the creators of the ISIL and Al-Qaeda.” — Ayatollah Khamenei.

Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan elaborated on these sentiments yesterday saying, “Unfortunately, certain Islamic countries have been fooled by the enemies and are acting in compliance with the plots hatched by the US and the Quds Occupying Regime.”

According to Dehqan, and in line with what many are now seeing as the truth, the US and its allies are using the terror networks they’ve created in the area — ISIS and al Qaeda — to fight “proxy wars,” meaning instead of US and NATO forces invading a country, such as Iran, Syria, or Iraq, they instead use terror networks to overthrow the reigning regime of that country to later put an end to their terror operation and install a government that will cater to the wants of the West, such as free control over natural resources, acting in accordance to the petrodollar, submission to Israel, or all of the above plus more.

By now it’s public knowledge — because of comments by Hillary Clinton and several other notable US politicians — that Osama Bin Laden was telling the truth when he said al Qaeda began as a base for the CIA to train the first members of the Muslim Brotherhood back in the late 1980s. Many reports now make it clear ISIS is yet another US controlled terror squad.

By Olan Thomas of

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NPT Failure: Canada, US, and Britain Cover for Israel’s Secret Nuclear Arsenal

israel us canada no giving up nukes

News today should come as no surprise as Stephen Harper’s Government of Canada voted against a decision in the UN to make the Middle East a “weapons-of-mass-destruction-free-zone” by next year.

The decision came at the United Nations review conference of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which is a document that was signed by 191 countries in 1970 aimed at “global disarmament.” Because of Canada’s, Britain’s, and the US’s opposing votes, the request for a nuclear disarmament conference on the Middle East by 2016 has been cancelled until 2020, despite the 180 or so countries which supported the plan.

In the end it was Israel who dictated whether or not the initiative would move forward — which is a paradox in itself as Israel isn’t a member of the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). They refuse to become a member since it would require them to open their nuclear facilities to inspection from the International Atomic Energy Agency, something Israel hasn’t let anyone do in history.

In December the UN General Assembly voted on a resolution to force Israel to join the NPT, which resulted in almost unanimous approval. Only 6 out of the 174 countries involved voted against it; Israel, Canada, and the United States counting for half of the opposition.

Israel still refuses to let the UN check out their nuclear facilities, and putting the kibosh on the 2016 plan for a nuclear-weapons-free-zone though Canada and the US has bought them that luxury for a little longer. Maybe they don’t want the UN to find Israel’s cache of nukes to see the “made in America” stamps across them.

Many countries spoke in criticism of Canada and America’s decision to let Israel have its way, seeing this as a move to prolong tensions in the Middle East and a surefire way to avoid peace agreements in the future. Director general for political and international security affairs at Iran’s Foreign Ministry, Hamid Baeidinejad, had this to say:

“Whereas after four weeks of round the clock negotiations… the US, the UK and Canada suddenly announced this afternoon that they cannot agree to the text proposed by the presidency of the conference on account of being unhappy with the segment of the text relating to the creation of a region free of nuclear weapons in the Middle East.”

Many maybe asking: “who in their right-mind would vote against making a nuclear-weapons-free-zone in a volatile area?” It’s a good question. The answer may trouble the asker.

Why indeed. Israel’s — and therefore Canada’s, the US’s, and Britain’s — response is that disarming themselves of their nuclear weapons would leave them vulnerable to attack, which their government’s rhetoric guarantees as the outcome. As it sits right now, though they haven’t admitted they have stockpiles of enough nuclear weapons to decimate the entire planet, Israel is the only country in the Middle East to possess such weapons.

The other frame of mind is that Israel is volatile, violent, and liable to nuke Iran, Iraq, or Syria at any time they get the urge. Not only that, but Israel has been caught red-handed supplying weapons to ISIS and al Nursa Front in attempt to topple Syria’s current regime. Putting weapons in the hands of terrorists should automatically draw suspicion from the rest of the world as to just what weapons you possess. Furthermore, one only needs to look at the animalistic way the Zionist regimes of Israel have treated the Palestinians for decades and it becomes clear that they are capable of any atrocity. To the apparent majority, which I am one of, stripping Israel of its nuclear weapons should be one of the most, if not the most important international initiative in effect. But, thanks to Stephen Harper’s leash being so tightly wrapped around Netanyahu’s wrist, nothing of the sort will even begin to be possible for at least another 5-years. God only knows what will happen in that time.

By Olan Thomas of

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Arrested ISIS Recruiter Worked for Canadian Intelligence

isis canadian csis recruiter paid by canadian government three british girls brought from turkey to syria

Canada’s Jordanian embassy — run by Bruno Saccomani, former RCMP officer and head of Stephen Harper’s security detail, handpicked by Harper two-years back to run the embassy in Amman, Jordan and look after affairs in Iraq — is under scrutiny as an employee from his office in Amman has been arrested in Turkey for recruiting and taking care of travel for three young British girls to join ISIS in Syria.

Multiple Turkish reports also say the suspect admitted to secretly working for Canadian Intelligence in exchange for Canadian citizenship.

The suspect is a Syrian intelligence operative named Mohammed Mehmet Rashid — also known as Doctor Mehmet Rashid — according to Yeni Safak, a Turkish newspaper reporter who reported Rashid to have met the British girls in Turkey to transport them to Syria, and also 17 others at different times.

Canada’s Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney refused to go on record Friday when asked about the reports. The Canadian Security Intelligence Service [CSIS], RCMP and Prime Minister’s Office also refused to make statements. though a government source has said Rashid isn’t a Canadian citizen or an employee of CSIS.

Despite this claim, Turkish authorities confiscated the suspect’s cell phone and computer, both of which were provided by Canadian intelligence.

Paul Dewar, NDP foreign affairs critic, said the government’s refusal to deny the reports is proof there is honesty to them, also stating “if the reports are true, that would be devastating for Canada’s credibility.”

“We have been engaged with someone who is not blocking people from travelling to Syria to join up with ISIL, they’re actually facilitating it.” —Paul Dewar, The National Post.

By Olan Thomas of

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Sending Your Kids To Die and Kill: Harper to Deploy Soldiers to Iraq, Syria, and Libya

stephen harper sending more troops to war against ISIS

The propaganda arm of the war hungry Harper Government, known to the common man as the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation — a crown owned network, I’ll remind the reader — has given word to the citizens of Canada that their government is planning on sending much more soldiers to the Middle East to fight ISIS, and it’s sounding like ground troops.

“Canada has made a contribution [and] that’s always been with a serious capacity on the ground,”CBC.

Not only will additional soldiers be deployed Iraq, but according to Defence Minister Jason Kenney in a recent CBC radio interview with known liar Evan Solomon, they’ll also be sending hoards more to terrorize two other already destroyed countries: Syria and Libya.

“We will look at our options to see where we can have the most impact, where we’re most needed.” —Jason Kenney.

As it sits right now, Canada has been bombing Iraq at the beck and call of the American government — and at the taxpayers expense — for four months. In October the country signed on with the US to join their campaign until April of this year. Kenney hinted to Solomon that they will be extending that contract.

This news comes in response to the most recent ISIS propaganda video, which is reported to have shown 21 Coptic Christians from Egypt get beheaded on a beach in Libya, though, of course, just like every other ISIS video release, there is no footage of anyone actually being killed, the video and audio are professionally edited, and the men doing the killing all have their faces covered as to hide their identity and nationality. Moreover, the ISIS combatant doing the talking in the video has an American accent. Still, that won’t deter the war effort from the Harper Government in the least. To them it’s real and people have to die for it, whether they’re Canadian, American, European, or Arabic.

As we know, the attacks in Ottawa which prompted Canada to pass amendments to the Canadian Anti-Terrorism act — which completely remove the rights “guaranteed” to Canadians in the Charter of Rights and Freedom — and to also send its planes to the Middle East to start dropping bombs on its cities, almost non-stop, was a staged event, and this has been proven outright.

One of the most damning pieces of evidence was a photo shown by CBC’s Evan Solomon. The photo was supposed to be — and reported to be — the “bullet holes” left in the walls of Parliament after — reported — gunman Michael Zehaf-Bibeau was shot to death.

These “bullet holes” were shown in the exact same places in 2013 on Google Maps, and therefore could not have been from the shooting Solomon and the CBC tried to fool the public into believing they were from. There were no bullet holes in Parliament at all, which means there was no shooting in Parliament at all. They lied. It’s nothing short of an eye-roll and a headshake that the news of Canada sending more troops to the Middle East — to combat another staged terror threat — came on Evan Solomon’s radio show.

proof cbc was lying about ottawa shootings

Though the decision isn’t final yet, we can be sure Stephen Harper will soon be making it official. Canada will extend their contract in Iraq and ground troops will be sent to Libya and Syria. This has been the plan all along, and nothing will change that, especially when Canadians don’t question the actions and narratives of their government and press — the real terrorists.

Let’s think about it. When ISIS makes a video calling for lone-wolf attacks in Canada, where does everybody hear it from? Does ISIS take out ads in magazines, or spend millions on TV commercials? Do they pay the post office to hand out flyers door to door? No, ISIS gets millions in free advertising and their message is drilled into the heads of Canadian citizens by the CBC — an extension of the Canadian Federal Government. They are the carriers and promoters of every piece of propaganda released, all day and all night, day in and day out. You can’t buy that type of publicity. Understanding this fact we can see that it’s not even that important if western intelligence agencies are the ones making the ISIS videos — which they almost certainly are — because whoever’s making them, it’s the press that is making them available, and even if they refuse to show them in full, they still write article after article, and do broadcast after broadcast, post tweet after tweet, repeating every detail, every request, every threat, everything, every time ISIS has a message for the world. So in the end, who is really responsible for people hearing the message and then acting on it? Who is really terrorizing you here at home: the terrorists in the Middle East, halfway across the globe, or the people transmitting their message into your living room non-stop?

In the end, this is what Harper and his cronies are paid for, though. This is why they’re in office: to perpetuate the lie of “terrorism” and keep the war going. The war isn’t meant to be won, just fought. As long as it’s being fought, the military industrial complex keeps earning, the banks keep earning, the people keep spending, and the resources of the Arab world stay in control of western powers, and that right there is why ISIS exists in the first place.

By Olan Thomas of

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Paris Terror: Exposed


The official Narrative:

It’s as if Muslim terrorists are on a world tour right now — that’s how the media tells it, at least. First they put on a show in Canada, then they headed over to Australia, and after a quick hit-n-run and a police knife attack in Dijon, now they’ve done an encore in France. And what and encore!

That’s right. After the mainstream news unsuccessfully tried to push a story at the end of December of a man screaming “Allah akbar” before smashing into people and a business’s front window in his car in eastern France, terrorism returned with a bang; or several.

Yesterday at noon in Paris, three reported Islamists stormed the French newspaper Charlie Hebdo — known worldwide for controversially publishing a cartoon of the prophet Mohammed in 2011 — with machine guns, killing 12 people within a few minutes.

Half an hour earlier, reports say the shooters — dressed in all black, faces covered, and sporting bullet-proof vests — were two buildings down the street, accidentally hitting the wrong address first. There, they grabbed a postal worker as he entered the building, shot a bullet through the glass door of an office, and demanded to know where Charlie Hebdo was located. Boy were their faces probably red.

Running back outside they headed for the right building, got inside, and shot an officer working security. Here they grabbed cartoonist Corinne Rey and demanded in “perfect french” that she bring them to Charlie Hebdo’s offices. At this point, the shooters apparently told Corinne they were members of al-Qaeda.

Even though she had 3 machine guns pointed at her, Corinne intentionally brought the killers up the elevator to the third floor, not the second, where the newspaper’s offices are actually located, in order to save her coworkers — although, if this is true, she automatically put another company in the deadliest of danger.

Luckily for the company upstairs no one was hurt, and they directed the shooters down one floor to the actual office they were looking for, making Corinne type in her access code to open the main doors.

Unluckily for the employees of Charlie Hebdo — which was firebombed in 2011 by reported Islamist extremists — once inside the offices the gunmen opened fire, but not, of course, before screaming “Allah akbar!”

Many employees were shown in videos to have escaped through the rooftop — some wearing bulletproof vests, somehow.

Employee wearing a bulletproof vest in right bottom corner.

Employee wearing a bulletproof vest in right bottom corner.

Reports also tell of an employee named Sigolene Vinson who was told at gunpoint by one of the gunmen, “you we won’t kill because we don’t kill women, but you must read the Quran.” There is no word what books she has read since, fairytales included.

After killing a couple handfuls of people inside the offices, the gunmen are reported to have left the building to jump into their car for a getaway, stopping briefly to shout “Allah Akbar” at police blocking their way and firing several rounds into their squad car.

After this they made it several blocks before stopping again to get out and shoot another officer on a sidewalk.

Almost instantaneously two suspects were splashed on news networks around the world — Cherif and Said Kouachi, ages 32 and 34. They’re both still reported on the run at this point. Reports say they had both priorly been entered into the U.S. government’s Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment system (TIDE)  — a classified master database holding more than 1 million names of suspected terrorists. They are also said to be members of the much smaller no-fly list into or out of America.

Also seemingly instantly were cities of people being broadcasted across the planet holding professionally designed signs which read “Je suis Charlie” — “I am Charlie” — for the cameras. “Je suis Charlie” has also become the hashtag for the event on social media, not organically, but by the media’s direction.

Later in the evening, after seeing his name mentioned in connection with the shootings, 18-year-old Hamyd Mourad turned himself in to Paris police.

With the other two suspects at large, the streets of cities across France felt the presence of heavily armed police.

The next morning — Thursday — it was reported that a female officer was gunned down and killed by a suspect in the same garb the Charlie Hebdo shooters wore. At the same same slaying a municipal worker was shot, but is still alive in hospital. An arrest was made, though it’s not known if it was the shooter, and though the authorities and press are calling the shooting a terrorist attack, they’re deeming it, so far, unconnected with the original shooting.

Holes In the Narrative:

Well, to anybody who has been following the recent trend of “terrorist attacks” in United States allied countries by radical Muslims, even if you prescribe to the mainstream media’s story without question, are you starting to see a pattern yet? There’s already enough evidence out there to call this situation an inside job; a false flag; a covert operation; a hoax; a lie. Whatever you prefer.

Let’s start with these pictures:

paris false flag different rear view mirrors

Maybe the reports will turn out to be wrong and there will end up being more shooters than they’re saying, but these two pictures, both being claimed to be of the only car driven by the shooters, shows two different cars, and the proof is that the rearview mirrors are different colors — black and silver, or white — in each photo. This could be explained — or excused — in any number of ways, though.

This video, on the other hand, is pretty convincing when exposing this situation as a lie. It will be clear to see that the officer being shot on the sidewalk isn’t actually being shot, unless he isn’t human. I say this because there is no recoil from an AK-47 shot to the head and there is no blood whatsoever. No matter what happened inside Charlie Hebdo, what happened outside was impossible:

*UPDATE: IF VIDEO IS DOWN… Youtube has continuously removed every video they can locate showing the proof this shooting of the officer on the sidewalk was fake. For those unfamiliar with firearms, a point blank AK-47 blast to the head would blow a head nearly, if not completely off. Here is a picture of the shot proving it was a blank from Veterans Today:


With the shooting outside now proven a fake, every other event in the scenario loses all credibility — to the thinking person, at least.

The fact that the hashtag “Je Suis Charlie” was drafted up, printed, and handed out to people all over the world within a few hours of the event is pretty suspect. This seems, as it always does with these crisis event hashtags — #Ottawastrong, #Sydneystrong, #WeareallSandyHook, etc. — this seems way too planned. The catchphrase is the conditioning icing on top of the trauma based cake. That’s how they drill this stuff into the public’s heads to believe it happened as they said it happened. Once again, CUT2THETRUTH is calling this a false flag aimed at the campaign against Islam and support for occupying the Middle East. Does that mean nobody died? Of course not. Look at 9/11 and it’s easy to see many people will continue to die to keep this campaign alive. It’s all deception, but the truth is plain to see for anyone who truly seeks it. For example: it’s impossible to shoot someone in the face without brains and blood flying all over the place, and if you believe it can happen, try it on yourself.

We’ll keep you posted on what info we find out as we get it. If you have info, please post it in our information center.

By Olan Thomas of

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