Financial Murder Conspiracy 2015: They All Fall Down (LIST)

Unfortunately this page was disrupted and the report was erased. But the original video of Olan Thomas going over a number of these strange deaths, which was made to coincide and released with the original article, is above for your viewing.

By Olan Thomas of Cut2thetruth.

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False Flag Series, Vol. V: The Lusitania

lusitania false flag olan thomas cut2thetruth

In 1906 the world’s largest passenger ship to date was launched by the Cunard Line in England: The RMS Lusitania. Nine years later, as a result of being torpedoed by a German U-boat off the coast of southern Ireland, its sinking would become the reason America entered the First World War — which also makes it the reason 117,000 young Americans lost their lives. But when one shines light on the events of the day, and the events leading up to it, the evidence shows undoubtedly that the sinking was planned and assisted by none other than the English and Americans themselves. They intentionally sent a ship full of Americans to European waters to be sunk by the Germans. In other words, it was a false flag operation.

A beacon among ships worldwide, the Lusitania left New York Harbor May 1st, 1915, headed for Liverpool, England. England at that time — and France as well — was on the brink of annihilation at the hands of the German forces. Despite this, history shows that by this point in the war the English had cracked Germany’s codes and knew, without a doubt, where all of their watercraft were located and standing guard in the British Isles, including the one that would sink the Lusitania. This information would be a huge advantage to launch several effective attacks on the enemy, but instead it was used for a much more sinister purpose that day.

Whats more, two British ships had been sunk already in the same place the Lusitania was destined to be hit. It was a well known hot spot for death. In fact, over 50 American publications warned ticket holders not to board the ship before it sailed, most notably the Des Moines Register, who posted a half page ad for the German Embassy in Washington, DC, imploring passengers to stay at home rather than risk almost certain death:


TRAVELLERS intending to embark on the Atlantic voyage are reminded that a state of war exists between Germany and her allies and Great Britain and her allies; that the zone of war includes the waters adjacent to the British Isles; that, in accordance with formal notice given by the Imperial German Government, vessels flying the flag of Great Britain, or any of her allies, are liable to destruction in those waters and that travellers sailing in the war zone on the ships of Great Britain or her allies do so at their own risk.


Washington, D.C., April 22, 1915.”

These warnings were either not heard or simply ignored. Two hundred Americans boarded; 128 of them died. In total, just two short of 1200 people perished.

Unknown to those passengers, the Lusitania also held stockpiles of munitions — millions upon millions of rounds — and an equal amount of explosives packed end to end in the bottom deck. It was a gigantic a floating bomb. Because of this, it was officially considered a military ship for its journey that day — a fact the Germans were aware of — which meant it was fair game to be attacked without warning, which, as we know, it was. When the torpedo struck the starboard bow, it would have been a shock for the Germans to witness the fireworks display that resulted from their one torpedo. The munitions guaranteed the most deaths in the quickest and most theatrical way possible. As a result of the chaos, the Lusitania, the largest ship in the world at one time, only took 18 minutes to become completely submerged. It and the people aboard had no hope.

But, of course, these could have all been unfortunate coincidences, just bad planning, as the official narrators would have us believe. How can we be sure this was all done intentionally by England and America? How can we be sure this was a false flag?

The actions of England’s commander of the British Admiralty, Winston Churchill, England’s future prime minister, illuminate the seemingly ignorant confusion. History basically has him caught red handed.

Weeks before the Lusitania was sunk, Churchill wrote to England’s Trade Board President, Walter Runciman, stating his most important duty was “to attract neutral shipping to our shores, in the hope especially of embroiling the United States with Germany,” which, we know, is exactly what ended up happening with the Lusitania. As well, he personally ordered the Lusitania’s escort, the Juno, to return to harbor almost as soon as it left, leaving the Lusitania alone as a sitting duck in the water. Simply put: England wanted the Lusitania sunk because they wanted America’s troops to fight with them against their enemy.

Unfortunately for Churchill at this early point in the war, the American people had no interest in joining. Their economy was booming, cities were shooting up, and Germany, while not an ally, was still a friend to the US. They had no interest in fighting against them. Fourteen years earlier the Americans fought alongside the Germans and England in the Chinese Boxer Rebellion. In 1915, when the Germans saw an American ship in the waters they wouldn’t fire on it. They would let it pass untouched. This, of course, incensed Churchill, so he hatched a plan.

He ordered his Foreign Secretary to write a report on what the effects of a British passenger ship being sunk would be if that ship was known to hold a large number of Americans on board. The Foreign Secretary, Sir Edward Gray, then wrote to America’s Foreign Policy Advisor to Woodrow Wilson, Edward Mandell House, posing this question, as documented in the book The Lusitania by Colin Simpson, as well as many others:

Grey: What will America do if the Germans sink an ocean liner with American passengers on board?

House: I believe that a flame of indignation would sweep the United States and that by itself would be sufficient to carry us into the war.

The two foreign ministers couldn’t have been more right. After the ship was sent on its voyage, orders were sent to kill one of the engines as it entered the danger zone. According to British Naval Intelligence Commander at the time, Joseph Kenworthy:

“The Lusitania was sent at considerably reduced speed into an area where a U-boat was known to be waiting and with her escorts withdrawn.”

The Lusitania crept into position and nearly came to a halt in the water before the torpedo set off the munitions, turning a once heralded watercraft into an active town-sized bomb.

Heavy propaganda hit the US the next day aimed at convincing the common man that the Germans had targeted and attacked a ship full of Americans for no other reason than to kill them mercilessly. Germans suddenly became Huns and they were to be feared in the same way Islamics are today. Newspapers and radio broadcasts filled the naive minds of the American population with non-stop fear mongering and war trumpeting. The flame of indignation was lit. America was now ready to join the war.

It wasn’t just England that wanted American soldiers killing, risking, and losing their lives in Europe, though. It was a team effort, mainly put together on the American side through the work of Colenol Edward Mandell House, a man with deep ties to banksters who were chomping at the bit to have troops deployed, and as always, money was the motivator, as they would be the ones supplying it to the American government when it began taking out huge loans for the war effort, not to mention the titans of industry who would inherit those loans as the government bought up supplies. It didn’t matter that the average American didn’t want to go to war, big business did, and big business telling the average man what he wants is what makes him the average man.

Rothschild American frontman, J.P. Morgan, in particular needed America to join in the European battle. Before the Lusitania was sunk, his bank — and its high society investors — had been lending vast amounts of money to both England and France for their war effort, who would in turn would spend that money on weapons from his defense companies; and at that time both countries were getting thwarted by their enemy. If Germany defeated them, Morgan’s seemingly endless money stream would go dry.

As luck would have it, or so they would try to tell you, after the sinking of the Lusitania, not only did Morgan and his bankster associates keep their gravy train mobile in Europe, they also began to loan vast amounts to the American government, taking that money back through their defense companies, which fitted 4,000,000 American soldiers with weapons to march on Germany and its allies. The war made Morgan, and in turn the Rothschild’s who recently have been found to have pocketed over 80% of Morgan’s income, even filthier in riches than ever before.

Morgan wasn’t the only American beneficiary of US war spending, though. The elite families of America all had the coffers of the US Treasury at their disposal. Bankers and Standard Oil kingpins, the Rockefeller family, who pushed for America’s entry into the war relentlessly before the Lusitania attack, are said to have profited over $200,000,000 from WWI.

elite families profit wwi cut2thetruth

These elite families — who are still running the show from behind the scenes in modern times — were the driving force for the Lusitania false flag on America’s side. Woodrow Wilson, America’s president at the time, was merely a puppet for these men. He did what they said. They are well known to be the very families which put him in the White House:

“Among Wilson’s top financial angels were munitions manufacturer Cleveland Dodge (National City Bank/Rockefellers) and banker Jacob Schiff (Kuhn, Loeb Bank/Rothschilds).” —Dr. James Perloff, False Flag at Sea.

Aside from signing in the Federal Reserve Act and implementing income tax in 1913, essentially handing America over to these international bankers from then on, Wilson was guided by his masters for his part in the Lusitania’s sinking — America’s excuse to join in the madness of Europe’s needless death toll.

As mentioned earlier, Wilson’s top advisor was Colonel Edward Mandell House — a man who would go on to found the Council on Foreign Relations, the organization that has since its inception hand picked every American president to date. House was a front man for Wall Street interests such as the Rockefellers and Rothschilds, who literally lived in the White House, and who many feel was Wilson’s personal handler for the shadow government. He was an instrumental player in the passing of the Federal Reserve Act.

It was House who was contacted by the British minister Sir Edward Gray and asked what America would do if a British ship holding American passengers were sunk by a German U-boat. But not only that, House recorded in his official biography, The Intimate Papers of Colonel House, that on May 2nd, 1915, he met with Grey and the king of England at Buckingham Palace where the sinking of a British ship carrying Americans was discussed again:

“We fell to talking, strangely enough, of the probability of Germany sinking a trans-Atlantic liner. . . . He [the king] said, ‘Suppose they should sink the Lusitania, with American passengers on board?’” —Edward House.

Later that night a royal dinner was held with Grey and House as the guests. Here the plan to take the Lusitania down was officially hatched. Also in attendance was Lord Mersey, the man who would produce the report for the sinking after the fact, and who would hide the fact that there was 600 tons of explosives packed in the bottom of the ship.

Interestingly, as Dr. James Perloff points out in False Flag At Sea, the day after the infamous dinner a cable was sent from another attendee, American Ambassador Walter Page, to President Wilson that read:

“The freely expressed universal opinion is that the United States must declare war or forfeit European respect… If the U.S. does come in, the moral and physical effect will be to bring peace quickly and to give the U.S. a great influence in ending the war and in so reorganizing the world as to prevent its recurrence.”

Spearheaded and endorsed by Wilson at the behest of his handlers once again, the League of Nations, the first attempt at a world government, was formed at the end of World War 1. Here we can see it was the plan of royalty and big business from before the Lusitania left New York.

The rest, they say, is history.

By Olan Thomas of

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Controversial Beginnings: Cut2TheTruth’s Top Stories of 2014

best of 2014 cut2thetruth cut to the truth olan thomas top stories

Dear readers,

This project started only in June of this year, and since then I can’t say how much I appreciate the readers that have helped spread Cut2TheTruth’s name and information. In six short months we’ve published over 100 articles and have gone from averaging 60 readers a day to many thousand a day; now we’re at the point where we are being read at every second of every day somewhere in the world, having reached every country on the planet minus less than 10 of the 196 the earth holds. I must give extra special thanks to those who choose to share the articles they like as they are the ones who are responsible for our early and exponentially growing success.

If we’ve proven anything here, it’s that the mainstream media is a tightly owned, corporately run, propaganda machine. There is no reason that they should be trusted. The most important stories they show the public are lies. We have proven this time and time again. 

Why would they lie? One must understand big business and its connections to government — which is made of businessmen serving corporate interests, not the people’s — to truly comprehend the reason. The news media in the USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, and most of Europe is owned by a small handful of elitists whose workers walk in and out of the revolving doors of those governments. These are the people who make up the Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, and a host of other think tanks. They are the corporate media and they only report stories that steer public opinion in certain ways for corporations, which our governments have become. It’s a web of teamwork to keep the consumers hungry to throw their money away on unhealthy, needless junk while the ruling class collects it; a giant scheme of backdoor handshakes to keep the top of the pile forever on top. In a word, it’s called “synergy.”

With the internet finding a place in every person’s pocket nowadays, the information war is at all new heights. We now have the power to search and find information on anything we want, which means we can find alternatives to the stories being sung by the corporate news. Because of this, many have seen the ugly truth behind the lies on the headlines — no doubts involved.

There’s a harsh effort in effect to censor these alternative forms of information, and it’s possible this outlet won’t always be available to us, but for now we still have a voice and a means to research anything we want in depth. This changes the dynamic from the rulers remaining rulers because the masses are ignorant, to the rulers remaining the rulers because the masses are complying. The numbers of our readers is proof more and more people are waking up to the reality they survive in — not thrive in — and it’s up to us to spread the information further, until none comply with their own slavery. While we don’t have the money, we do, on the other hand, have the numbers on our side, and that’s where the power really lies. We are the many; they are the few.

Happy New Year to all! Here’s to hoping 2015 is our year!

-Olan Thomas 


Our biggest article to date. For days after its publishing back in late October, this article examining Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s cabinet’s attempts to pass bills — anti-terrorism and internet regulations — which infringe on Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms was shared so many times it was trending on Facebook, which drew in over 6,800 readers an hour for many days straight. It must have been a touchy issue to many who came across it as they chose to comment underneath, in agreement or totally opposed, starting a veritable chat room at the bottom of the short piece.


As the mainstream media exploded with stories of ISIS and the beheading of James Foley, an apparent American journalist in the Middle East, we had already posted a video to Youtube showing the beheading as an obvious hoax, seeing it on social media before the corporate news could get their story straight, or, as usual, confirm their sources in any way. Youtube pulled the video and we had to post another, but this article shows the frames in picture view that we removed from the original before reposting it. This article is still being shared like crazy and seeing many views a day, and with your help we hope to keep it that way to expose the fraud that is the war in the Middle East — the one we in the west financially and physically support. 


Published during the height if the Israeli bombing campaign of Palestine in early August, when children were being killed in the thousands in their schools, hospitals, and homes, Cut2TheTruth documented Irish Senator David Norris as he delivered an impassioned speech of the cruelty and barbaric tactics of Israel’s government and military — something the rest of the world, including his own government, refused and still refuses to do in fear of being labelled “anti-semitic,” when nothing could be further from the truth.


We mainly have other bloggers to thank for the number of views this article maintains. This lengthy piece has been reblogged all over the world in several different languages — and continues to be. This is probably because of the screen shots of over 10 mainstream media sources who reported the James Foley execution ISIS tape was a fraud — headlines forgotten and dropped quickly for some reason. Either way, the photo evidence is kept in this article, along with videos and a piece on British Prime Minister David Cameron’s attempt at furthering the ISIS propaganda.


Sticking with the ISIS beheading theme, this was a feature of a video from Red Pill Revolution‘s channel back at the start of October. The video shows how the beheading tapes were faked and believed so easily.


The most popular episode of Cut2TheTruth’s the Truth Behind Religion Series, Olan Thomas’s in depth interview with the articulate High Priest of the Church of Satan, Magus Peter H. Gilmore, where the rumours are put to rest and the truth is told in reference to ritual killings, magic spells, and the real belief system of Satanists.


A much more recent article that caught fire as soon as it was published. In this piece we cover — by documenting headlines from around the world — the conspiracy of dead bankers in 2014, an ongoing drama we covered many times throughout the year. By the time we published this one, 48 big wigs — most from JPMorgan — had been murdered around the world, but their deaths were deemed suicides.


After the Parliament shootings in Canada in late October, Cut2TheTruth put out this piece exposing the harsh inconsistencies reported by the corporate news of Canada, completely providing the case against the mainstream narrative of the attacks, while clearly showing the CBC to be a crown controlled propaganda machine.


Just published this month, this article on the United States House passing a bill that gives the president the authority to wage war on Russia, without the permission of the rest of the government, was reblogged all over the world and continues to to be viewed many times a day.


During the Ebola panic in October, a Liberian newspaper released an article about people posing as health specialists offering Ebola vaccines while spiking local water wells with formaldehyde, causing residents to display Ebola-like symptoms while they grew incredibly ill, some even dying.


Sealing the deal on the Canadian Parliament shooting being an orchestrated hoax, Cut2TheTruth exposes the bullet holes in Centre Block reported by the CBC to be in the wall already on Google Maps in April 2013, a year and 6 months before the Parliament shooting took place. In fact, the marks aren’t even bullet holes!


Reinvestigating the case of Lawrence King, a man arrested during the 1980’s who ran a child abduction / pedaphile ring in America, and whose customers included top politicians in Washington, DC. According to the child victims, even the president was a regular customer.

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Bankers: Crashing the American Dollar On Purpose


It seems your average American is aware they’re getting screwed, but the lube is so well made, they have no idea how hard.

When one looks at the current culture of America, with its worship of celebrity, it’s lust for personal riches, nice cars, and brand names, it’s easy to see how deluded the money masters really have the public—and scary how hard they’re bending the truth. No one you know has the kind of money they should have and deserve, though they have been brainwashed to pretend they do to those around them, the credit system we all live on allows that, for now; and this revealing and simple to follow video visually illustrates the actual current state of how money is spread in America:

So as you can see, the average American has next to nothing compared to how much money the Federal Reserve has printed. The bottom 80% of the people have just under 7% of the money to share between them–everybody is struggling to survive except a few people–and it’s only getting worse. In fact, it’s a trap!

canadian wealth distribution

You see, in order for money to even exist, every single dollar in the world must be made in a bank, lent from that bank, and eventually paid back to that bank with interest on top. If you don’t see the trap at work through that system, I’ll point it out. None of this money is anybodies but the bank’s. It’s merely loaned from a bank with the understanding from the second it’s lent that it will be returned. Now, here’s the kicker: THE INTEREST. The interest is what the borrower pays back on top of the original loan amount.

So where does the borrower get the money to pay back the interest if the bank is the only place to get money from? Do you see the trap yet? The borrower has to borrow more money from the bank to cover the interest from the first loan, and that extra money the borrower borrows also has interest on it. Therefore the bank is always owed more and more. It’s the cleverest con anybody has ever pulled, simply because it’s been implemented on a worldwide scale for so long, but a con nevertheless, and it’s a con on you, no matter what country you live in, because the people who own the Federal Reserve Bank in the USA also own every other central bank in every other country in the world. In fact, American presidents and politicians of yesteryear refused to let a central bank in their country for almost 200 years.

ban_thomas jefferson_quote

Unfortunately a president named Woodrow Wilson was bought by the scandalous bankers in the second decade of early 1900’s, and he passed a bill that stated America would no longer print its own money based anything tangible; instead it would borrow its money from the newly built Federal Reserve Bank, which by its name you may be tricked into thinking is an arm of the government, like the Treasury Department, but it isn’t. As has been famously quoted again and again, “The Federal Reserve is no more federal than Federal Express.”

wilson federal reserve president bankers

The Fed, as the bank is referred to as, is a private bank which prints its money based on nothing worth of value, just the promise it will be paid back. Not surprisingly, at the same time the Fed was installed, another illegal establishment was created in the United States: The IRS.

The Internal Revenue Service was created to cover the interest that the government owed to the Federal Reserve Bank. The American government takes huge loans out from the Federal Reserve—as do other governments from their own banks—and then taxes its citizens to cover to the interest they’re charged. They don’t tell the American people this, but that’s why they insist their citizens pay tax on everything, including the money they earn for their blood, sweat, and tears, also known as income-tax, which rapes nearly half of every paycheck a person earns.

Of course, America–and every other country–could print their own money, but it seems anyone who has ever tried ended up dead–this seems to be a no-no to bankers. There are two notable presidents of the US who tried to print America’s money based on its resources, John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln—both of them were assassinated.


Lincoln printed the rare Greenback and Kennedy launched an executive order a mere few months before he was assassinated that cut off the Fed from printing the United States debt-based currency. Instead, Kennedy ordered America’s money be printed by the US Treasury based on silver reserves–a real thing. With the few months he had alive he managed to get billions worth of 5 and 10 bills into circulation, but because he was killed, Lyndon Johnson was made president, and he put an end to the operation before the 20’s and larger bills could be released; and the Federal Reserve was made the exclusive provider of America’s money once again; and has been since.

executive order 11110notfederalreservenote1

Knowing these simple facts is very important, because it allows you to look at the system from the outside for a second. A person can easily see that the people who control money control every person on earth. Everyone is so busy trying to chase their debt down, while at the same time buy everything they’re shown on TV and the internet, they end up missing the big picture; they can’t get ahead, well, they can’t unless someone else loses a great deal. It’s a system created by the elites to keep the lower class masses working for their whole lives, constantly competing with one another, never questioning anything that important, never knowing they’re holding rented money, and happily paying their taxes. The sickest part is, the very creation of a debt based economy wasn’t created by stupid people. The fact it is designed to get so high that it collapses is the whole point of it; and to those who follow even the slightest bit of economics will tell you that every bubble bursts. The debt bubble America has built is the biggest bubble ever created, which means when it bursts, it will have the largest repercussions ever executed–and it’s becoming painstakingly obvious that this is their goal: To crash the American economy.

obama bankers

To those who think there is a difference between who they vote for in their elections, I’m sorry, your vote makes no difference; at least in Federal elections. George W. Bush spent more than any president before him and racked up the debt to astounding figures; and Barack Obama ran his campaign in 2008 under the banner of change, promising he was going to clean up the huge mess Bush was leaving behind—and the American public bought it. But now we have hindsight and can see Obama bailed out the banks for hundreds of billions of dollars—of the taxpayers money—and has spent more money than every president before him, basically put together. This is not a stupid man with stupid people under him as they portrayed the Bush administration in the news; they know what they’re doing by pushing the federal debt through the roof, they’re bankrupting America. All the evidence out there points to Obama, Bush, Clinton, you name him, all working together for the bankers and the interests of a few of the sickest and most self-entitled people to ever live.

The bankers know the end is coming soon, a move is the making, and people in high places in the financial world are being silenced—permanently. For some reason top-bankers have been committing “suicide” this year by the dozen! Why the quotations on suicide? Because these elitists aren’t really committing suicide and any thinking person can see that.

banker-deaths2014-mysteriousOne of these bankers, for instance, shot himself in the head—the back of the head—twice. Pretty amazing, yes, and another shot himself repeatedly in the chest with a nail gun, and then in the head a few times. These are clear murders and terrible cover-ups to anyone looking at them. Obviously the hope is not many people pay attention, which is of course is the case when you control the mainstream media. Instead of reporting on the most obvious conspiracy in recorded history, CNN was busy reporting on Miley Cyrus dry-humping the air with a giant finger on.


The fact of that matter is, the people who own the banks also own the media and they choose not to report on important issues. The mainstream media—this includes CNN, Fox News, NBC, MSNBC, CBC, BBC, Associated Press, CBS, and all the others—is completely under control of the bankers and corporations that support them, the ones Thomas Jefferson warned against. They all have vested interests in controlling the public’s minds for their own financial gain. It isn’t hard to see when you sit down and try to guess how many ads you saw that day—thousands. The ironic part is, everyone taking  part behind the scenes to turn the average person into a money obsessed, five day a week, nine to five working, seven day a week, stupid, selfish consumer will eventually lose when the bubble bursts too. Only the people at the very top will benefit; the ones who own the banks. They will win because this was their plan from the beginning. It’s a long executed plan to take down the biggest opposition they’ve ever faced: The American Constitution.


The people who brought America its Constitution may have been a bunch of sick bastards in their own rights, but the Constitution of the United States of America is probably the greatest document ever provided to a whole country of people. It is a guaranty of freedom for every citizen within US borders to travel free without having to worry about being bothered and intimidated by officials of any sort; to protect themselves from their own government; to be able to say whatever they want without fear of persecution; and best of all, it guaranties the right of the people to choose and even remove their government when they think its doing harm to the people.

Now, if you were the owner of the central bank in a country that promised their citizens all those personal rights, knowing damn-well if the people knew how your bank worked they would remove you and put you in jail at the very least—publicly execute you at the very worst—it would be in your best interest to destroy the peoples rights by destroying the document guarantying them, wouldn’t it? Well, this is what America has become—and the killing of the dollar is a huge part of that.


If the dollar were to fail, the country would be in an uproar, would it not? America would have to say goodbye to imports, which make up basically everything sold in their stores. Consumerism, the true religion of America, would come to a complete stop. Jobs would disappear by the millions. The people would lose complete faith in their government and all hell would break loose. For anyone who hasn’t read about what happened in the depression started by the crash of 1929, I would recommend the book by Pierre Bronson titled The Depression: 1929-1939, which covers the American and Canadian sides of the horrific and needless subject—and this crash would be exponentially worse.


But it wouldn’t just be America that would feel the burn. Many countries depend on the American economy to support their own. America imports so many resources that they support entire countries exports. If America suddenly had to stop buying off of these countries, it would also send them into a depression of the same magnitude. The entire world economy would face collapse. This would lead ultimately to the money masters’ final solution: To create a single currency to be used the world over; completely controlled by them.

Canada, America, the UK, you name it, are all controlled by bankers, and the more one looks into it the clearer it is to see. The decisions made by the governments of all the western countries are the most obvious public robberies in history; they just have a great propaganda machine working for them 24/7 to keep the common debt-slave too obsessed with their favorite TV shows, sports teams, movies, music artists, social media sites, and iPhones to even begin to understand enough about the real world to care about something that matters. Hopefully the people do wake up to what is happening soon, because the people are the only ones who can change anything in the end—well, for now, while they still might have the chance. 

fird bankjers

As it sits right now, the American dollar is at the root of a lot of seemingly unrelated problems in the world. You see, after the second world war, the Federal Reserve bankers pushed forward an agreement through their puppets in the American government. The agreement was the birth of the petrodollar.


What exactly is the petrodollar? Simply explained, any country buying oil—the most important energy resource on earth—from any other major oil providing country has to buy it with American dollars. For a hypothetical example, lets say Austria needs to buy oil from Saudi Arabia; first they have to acquire American dollars to do it—and we now know how American dollars are made: through debt. This scheme makes sure every oil buying country in the world has to constantly have American money on hand, so they all took and continue to take huge loans from the Fed in return for actual resources, such as silver and gold, in order to stockpile American dollars.

Saddam Hussein was one of the most popular and reported on people to say he would no longer support the petrodollar. Instead he agreed to sell Iraq’s oil for other currencies. Coincidentally, after 9/11 happened, America basically went straight to Iraq to kill Saddam Hussein and replace his government with one who would play ball.


But what would happen if other super powers, like China and Russia, started going against the American dollar? Well, this seems to be whats happening right now, though by watching the mainstream media you would have little to no idea about it.

If you have been paying any attention though, you’ll have seen how Russia has forces outside of the Ukraine right now ready to go to war. This is because like in Iraq, America is installing their own politicians in Crimea, the capital of Ukraine, payed for by bankers, to support the petrodollar, while it seems more than clear that Russia and China are seeking to make the days of the American dollar obsolete by striking up deals all over the world for the Ruble and Yen with oil rich countries. It seems it could all be over soon.

On this note I’ll leave you with a video from someone very up to date with this exact issue, and I encourage all who read this to look into these matters for themselves, because they are extremely important; especially when compared with what happened in Hollywood today; or the world of sports last night—this is our world, we should all be involved.

June 25th 2014.

Article by Olan Thomas of Cut2thetruth.