SC Mass Casualty Drill 2 Months Before Church “Shooting”





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We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook: Full Film

As it faces a war upon itself to stay available on the internet, We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook explores — in great depth — the events that occurred in Newtown Connecticut on December 14th, 2012 that were reported by the mainstream media to be a mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School; an event many are calling a complete hoax created for a sinister political agenda. This film intends to rightfully prove the latter.

Giving the many independent researchers who came together to make this film possible nothing but added attention and credibility, the film has been removed from Youtube countless times already — it was just released this week — as well as Vimeo. But make no mistake, it has been receiving non-stop plays since it has been available.

To stay one step ahead with this pertinent collection of information, the webmasters at Independent Media Solidarity have been uploading the project on a number of different video streaming providers.

“Censorship of independent media and overly stringent copyright policies have turned YouTube into an unfair ecology. As such, the videos can be viewed right here on our site. Streaming of the video is provided by a number of alternative providers.” —

Refusing to give up on what is quite possibly the biggest hoax aimed at manipulating the public by means of traumatizing them in American history — next to 9/11 — We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook is a must watch for not only Americans, but every person living in any part of the world to truly understand why this event was staged, how it was pulled off, and the ramifications of its occurrence since.

By Olan Thomas of

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Washington State False Flag: Drill Reported As “Real Life”


Here’s one that was busted right out of the gate. For those wondering how these huge drills get reported as real events; or to those who say Sandy Hook, Boston, Santa Barbara, Aurora, and all the other false flags were actual “real world” events, based on the grounds that it would be too hard to pull off something that big, with that many people involved — pay close attention:

“Jordan Luton was finishing his lunch in the cafeteria at Washington state’s Marysville-Pilchuck High School on Friday when he heard it — a loud bang… What he saw was freshman Jaylen Fryberg go up to a table with students, “came up from behind … and fired about six bullets into the backs of them,” Luton told CNN. “They were his friends, so it wasn’t just random…” By the time it was over, two people — the gunman and a female student — were dead and four were wounded, according to authorities.” —CNN, Oct. 24th, 2014.

This is quite an interesting report from CNN as quite a few excellent researchers had already exposed this event to be a lie well before CNN got ahold of it. Need proof, naysayers? Take a look at this Google search result from October 23rd, 2014:

Washington maysville maryland wa school shooting gun control false flag busted

Conveniently, and as is always the case, law enforcement was holding a drill the very same day, at the very same place a “real” school shooting happened. What are the chances right? The truth is — as is really always the case — this drill was filmed and then broadcasted as a real world incident to the public.

“…it appears the Marysville Police were scheduled to run a SWAT training exercise yesterday or perhaps today too. We can’t know for sure because they scraped all references to it from the Internet.” —, October 24th, 2014.

That’s right. Today — the 24th — that green address under the Marysville School District title in the picture above, the one that reads leads to a page that now reports news on the school shooting, not the scheduled drill at Marysville School District it was reporting the day before. Now it reads:

“October 24, 2014, 2:05 pm
Earlier today, Marysville Pilchuck High School was placed in lock down following an emergency situation. Police and emergency services responded and are now directing from their command center along with assistance from Marysville School District staff.  We are actively working with law enforcement in identifying students and getting them home safely.”

And here’s the same page result in Google today with a different description now underneath. Notice the green web address is the same:

Screenshot (358)

To add further insult to injury — for the lamestream media morons putting this bungled hoax on — it’s being reported that CNN correspondent Brooke Baldwin reported on the fly:

“Marysville Police will be holding SWAT training today –” Baldwin then interrupts herself, and states, “Oh. This is from yesterday.” Later, the host announces, “initially, students thought this was a fire drill.” —, October 24th, 2014.

The question is: Why? The answer is: gun control.

Screenshot (356)

Just like in Connecticut, then in Colorado, then California, Washington state has been blessed with a school shooting just a short few weeks before a gun regulation vote is occurring, and also just like those states, these bills are now a lock to pass:

“Two competing measures on the Washington state ballot this fall ask voters to take a stance on expanded background checks for gun sales. One is seeking universal checks for all sales and transfers, including private transactions. The other would prevent any such expansion.

Supporters of the initiative to expand background checks have received large donations from wealthy figures, including Microsoft co-founders Bill Gates and Paul Allen, and have spent millions, far outpacing the anti-expansion effort.” —Seattle CBS, October 10th, 2014.

When Bill Gates and Paul Allen are funding it, you know its an honest initiative meant to protect people. Just ask the thousands of third world families currently seeking retribution from Bill Gates for killing their kin with deadly vaccinations. No, this is a classic false flag and Bill Gates’ old creepy  face in the picture seals the deal.

Believe it or not, just a few towns over — in Bellingham, WA — on the 23rd, yet another “school shooting” drill was going on:

bellingham school shooting drill disarming public

Personally I wonder if there will be a time soon where lone-wolf shootings are happening in every state, every day, at every school; at the same time that reported drills are happening in every state, every day, at every school, and if at that point people will still be retarded enough to buy it. Right now, sadly, I think I’ve lost faith in people wising up. People are idiots.

By Olan Thomas of

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