The Low Down: CIA Torture Report

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In 2007 it came to the attention of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence that the CIA had been destroying many of their suspected terrorist interrogation tapes. These actions spurred the Committee to launch an investigation into why this was happening. What was the CIA trying to hide?

Those of us who have read the MK Utlra documents know all too well what the CIA is capable of doing when they’re left alone and unsupervised with human beings — some of the most evil, nearly unspeakable things imaginable; if not worse, then equal to what the Nazi’s were doing in their concentration camps to their subjects.

By 2009, with the CIA trying their best to keep their methods of “interrogation” a secret, an official study began. Five years later, in April of 2014, the Committee decided to share the horrible information they had found with the president to declassify.

“The full Committee Study, which totals more than 6,700 pages, remains classified but is now an official Senate report. The full report has been provided to the White House, the CIA, the Department of Justice, the Department of Defense, the Department of State, and the Office ofthe Director of National Intelligence in the hopes that it will prevent future coercive interrogation practices and inform the management of other covert action programs”

Aside from hanging victims from the ceiling, being electrocuted, sleep deprived, starved, having environmental manipulations, getting waterboarded, made to drink their own piss, eat their own shit, getting fed meals through the anus, and tested on for data on how much pain a human can endure, plus much more, and some may argue, much worse, the report found that the American government received no good information from their torture victims. They prevented no terror attacks. Of course, they don’t call it torture. These techniques were, and are, referred to as “enhanced interrogation.”

Simply put, suspected terrorists were grabbed, detained, and tortured the shit out of with no mercy.

In once case a mentally challenged man was detained — the CIA knew he was retarded and could know nothing valuable — and taped crying for his life. The tape was then sent to his family to try and leverage information out of them. It didn’t work.

“The CIA torture report covers over 100 detainees but…the actual number of detainees who experienced enhanced interrogation techniques…That number would run into the thousands…Every interrogator was allowed to use them.”Tony Camerino, senior military interrogator for joint special operations task force in Iraq in 2006, from IBTimes Dec. 24, 2014.

As the report was being made, it’s been reported members of the CIA were illegally hacking into Senate members computers to monitor what was being written. This action, and the actions of the interrogators — who were hired despite the fact they had documented violent behavioral problems — have both gone completely unpunished.

“Not only did the CIA put people without adequate experience or training in senior detention and interrogation roles, many of them had documented “histories of violence and records of abusive treatment of others.” In nearly all of these cases, the report reads, the CIA knew about the officers’ violent and abusive behaviour before assigning them to detention and interrogation positions.”CBC.

This program, which was introduced by the Bush administration, go figure, has been headline news since its release, and though the whole report wasn’t released to the public, and much of what has been released is redacted, what is available says enough: America is run at its highest levels by psychopathic Nazi’s, there’s no way around it. Kidnapping suspects, giving them no trial, holding them indefinitely, torturing them, and in at least one case, killing them, is parallel only to what Hitler’s army did, and if it were any other country doing the exact things to Americans, we can be sure they would be labeled as the same.

It’s information that comes as no surprise to anyone who has studied the last 100 years, or so, of American history, but its a shock to those who trust their government undyingly. It really makes a person aware of who the terrorists really are.

Click Here for PDF Download of officially released report.

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