Financial Murder Conspiracy 2015: They All Fall Down (LIST)

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By Olan Thomas of Cut2thetruth.

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Financial Murder Conspiracy: 48 Dead Bank Executives of 2014 (LIST)

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In the Game of Life, being the banker means you’re in charge of the money; a job you can do honestly or not. In real life, these days at least, being a banker means you have a good chance of dying in a horrible way — so does your family. In the real world banking is by far the most corrupt profession to be in, especially if you’re established.

For months we’ve been reporting on banker deaths in North America, Europe, and Asia. Top executives — most from JPMorgan — have been losing their lives at an extraordinary rate; most ruled suicides when they are undoubtedly murders.

One unfortunate man shot himself in the chest and head with a nail gun over 7 times; another shot himself in the back of the head — twice. Plenty of these “suicides” have been jumpers, many off the buildings they worked in. Car accidents, bike accidents, murder/suicides, drive-by-shootings; from one kill to entire families. The death count just keeps climbing.

When they’re reported so sparsely by different publications, and not promoted by any means, the common reader forgets about these stories as soon as seeing them, dismissing them as rare, if they even see them at all, but when compiled together the pattern that emerges is sinister beyond many people’s comprehension. Take a look at this list of headlines collected over the past year to see if you start to get the picture:


1. Shawn D. Miller:

The newest addition to the list, Shawn Miller was a Citibank executive, IFC executive, and was just found with his throat slashed in the bathtub of his New York apartment. Even though there was no murder weapon, they are still trying to make this one a suicide.

Screenshot (438)

2. Julian Knott:

Julian Knott, 47, was a JPMorgan executive director. He reportedly shot his wife and then himself with a shotgun.

Screenshot (389)

“Photos of the couple painted a picture of a content family life. Beneath the 2012 photo of Julian carrying his wife on the beach, a friend commented, “Always acting like newlyweds,” reported

Alita replied: “Being married for almost 18 yrs…I love him more now, he is not just my husband he is my best friend who understand who (sic) really a scatty Filipina I am.” —International Business Times.

3. Richard P. Gravino:

A 49-year-old Team Leader at JPMorgan. He died a sudden death and the causes are unknown.

Richard Gravino dead bankers

4. James McDonald:

Mr. McDonald — a Rockefeller and Co. CEO — was found in his vehicle dead with a bullet in his head behind a car dealership just outside of Boston. It was ruled a suicide. He was 56.

James mcdonald rockefeller ceo dead beankers

“Barclay McFadden III, a longtime friend, said McDonald “took his own life,” and added that neither he nor the family had further comment.” Huffington Post.

5. Thomas James Schenkman:

A 42-year old Managing Director of Global Infrastructure at JPMorgan. Schenkman’s sudden death is still under investigation.

James Schenkman dead bankers may

6. Naseem Mubeen:

naseem mubeem

“According to the report, Naseem Mubeen; Assistant Vice President of Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited (ZTBL) jumped out of the window of his office situated at the bank’s 10th floor.” —Pakistan Today.

7. Daniel Leaf:

Daniel Leaf, senior manager at the Bank of Scotland, died in Edinbergh after mysteriously dropping off the edge of a cliff. He was 55.

daniel leaf dead banker fell off cliff

8. Nigel Sharvin:

Nigel, an Ulster Bank executive, was killed while on vacation attending a stag party in Spain. He was only 37.

Nigel Sharvin dead banker belfast

9. Lydia (No Surname Provided):

Lydia no last name

“An employee of the People’s Bank Bred-jumped from the 14th floor of the headquarters of the bank, on Tuesday morning, quai de la Rapee in Paris. This 52 year old woman was affected in Créteil (Val-de-Marne) since November. The incident occurred shortly before 10 am, 200 meters from the Ministry of Finance” —Le Parisien.

10. Li Jianhua:

How’s this for a cause of death: overworked. Li Jianhua, 48, who was an executive for the Chinese Regulatory Commission, was said to have worked so hard he dropped dead at his desk working overtime. His company praised him afterword.

Li Jianhua

“The Chinese Banking Regulatory Commission Management Committee confirmed this month that one of its staff, Li Jianhua, died of being overworked on April 23 — and has suggested that his fatal devotion to his job is a model for other Chinese workers.” —Business Insider.

11. Benedict Philippens:

This BNP Paribas Fortis Bank director was gunned down out front of his house in Belgium along with his nephew and wife.

Benedict Philippens

12. Tanji Dewberry:

This terrible episode ended with Tanji Dewberry, the president of WL Ross — a Wall Street investment firm — and her 8-year-old son burned to death in their home.

Tanji Dewberry banker dead

13. Amir Kess:

Co-founder of an Israeli investment fund — Markstone Capital Group — Amir Kess was killed on his bicycle in Hod Sharon, Israel, after a record setting year in profits. He was 52.

Amir Kess dwad

“Markstone is among the country’s oldest private equity firms. Founded in 2004 by Kess, along with his close friend Ron Lubash and the American Jewish businessman Elliott Broidy, it has since raised more than $786 million.” Haaretz

14. Juergen Frick:

This German banker bared the name of the bank he sat as CEO over, Frick and Co.. He was shot in the head in the underground parking lot of his institution’s head office.

Juergen Frick

15. Jan Peter Schittmann:

Before apparently killing himself, this former chief executive officer for ABN Amero Netherlands is reported to also have killed his wife and daughter. One daughter still lives on. He was 57.

jan peter shittman

16. Andrew jarzyk:

The manager of a New Jersey bank. He was found floating in the Hudson River by a jogger. This one was only 27-years-young.

Andrew Jarzyk

17. Mohamed Hamwi:

48-year-old Mohamed Tamwi — a system analyst at Trepp, a financial data and analytics firm — was shot in the face and chest on the way home from work in Jamaica, Queens.

Mohamed Hamwi DEAD

18. Joseph A. Giampapa:

Another JPMorgan employee, and another incident of a banker getting killed this year while riding his bike.

jJospeh A.

19. Kenneth Bellandro:

This is yet to be confirmed outright, but Kenneth Bellandro appears on many lists pertaining to banker deaths in 2014, including mentions in mainstream articles. We’re yet to find any obituary.

kenneth Bellandro

20. John Ruiz:

53-year-old executive director at Morgan Stanley in Florida, John Ruiz has no cause of death revealed other than the words, “he died suddenly.”

John Ruiz

21. Jason Alan Salais:

Another JPMorgan employee, this one out of Texas, was found dead outside of a Walgreens in his home state.

Screenshot (409)

22. Autumn Radke:

Another reported suicide. This one of a 28-year-old woman with a great future in front of her. She reportedly jumped off her apartment roof in Wisconsin.

Autumn Radtke

23. James Stuart Jr.:

Former National bank of Commerce CEO, James Stuart Jr., was found dead in Scottsdale, Arizona, back in February.

James Stuart Jr.

24. Edmund (Eddie) Reilly:

A stock trader at Midtown’s Vertical Group, 47-year-old Eddie Reilly died after being struck by a Long Island commuter train. It was pronounced a suicide.

Edmund (Eddie) Reilly.

25. Li Junjie:

Yet another JPMorgan victim, Ji Junjie was reported to have jumped — the second person to do so in 2 weeks — from the roof of the regional headquarters of JPMorgan in Hong Kong.

Li Junjie

26. Ryan Crane:

Guess where Ryan Crane worked? Yes, another JPMorgan executive died at home of unknown causes. Ryan Crane was only 37.

Ryan Crane

27. Richard Talley:

A 57-year-old banker — founder of Title Services in Colorado — was found dead with repeated nail gun wounds to his chest and head. Somehow this was instantly ruled a suicide.

Richard Talley

28. Gabriel Magee:

Another JPMorgan executive jumps off the roof of his workplace. 39-year-old Gabriel Magee’s death was, of course, deemed a suicide by the London Police.

Gabriel Magee

29. William Broeksmit:

A risk executive for Deutsche Bank AG in London was found hanging from the ceiling of his home way back in January, basically kicking off this epidemic for 2014, and continuing the trend from the end of 2013. He was 58.

William Broeksmit

30. Mike Duecker:

Russell Investments’ chief economist was found dead on the side of the highway in Tacoma, WA, in what looks like a tragic fall down a 50 foot embankment after hopping a fence.

Mike Dueker

31. Karl Slym:

After going to Bangkok for a business meeting, financial advisor to Tata Motors jumped out of his hotel window to kill himself.

Karl Slym

32. Tim Dickenson:

Swiss Re AG executive director, Tim Dickenson, died in January, but no other details of the death can be found.

Tim Dickenson

33. Robert Wilson:

87-year-old hedge fund founder leaps from his Manhattan apartment to his death.

robert wilson banker dead

34. Joseph M. Ambrosio:

A 34-year-old financial analyst who worked for — you guessed it — JPMorgan Chase reportedly died of Acute Respiratory Syndrome at his home in Perth Amboy, New Jersey.

Joseph M. Ambrosio

35. Benjamin Idim:

This was actually a few weeks before the turn of the year, but this executive for Diamond Bank in Abuja died in a mysterious car crash where it was found he had $2 million in cash in his trunk.

benjamin idim

36. Susan Hewitt:

This 49-year-old Deutsche Bank executive was found drowned in a stream in North Wales.

Suzanne Hewitt

“The 49-year-old, of Nant Ffrancon, Bethesda, is thought to have gone to move a pipe swept aside by the swollen stream to ensure its mouth was open to supply water to nearby houses.” —Daily post UK.

37. Pat Sheehan:

From Wells Fargo, 54-year-old managing director, Pat Sheehan, was run down in his Lincoln as his driver couldn’t avoid an SUV which struck them.

Pat Sheehan

38. Michael Anthony Turner:

Michael Anthony Turner

“Career banker Michael Anthony Turner, 48, manager of Preston’s Santander, had been vomiting, and complained of feeling bloated after a meal in a restaurant in Bangkok at the beginning of a three centre break in Thailand with his wife, his teenage son and her parents, an inquest was told.” —

39. Venera Minakhmetova:

Another cyclist hit by a car and killed. Ms. Minakhmetova was a former financial analyst for Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

Venera Minakhmetova

40. Michael Burdin:

Another Bank of America executive died after his partners were edging him out of the company. It was ruled a suicide.

Michael Burdin

“Michael Burdin, 50, jumped in front of a train after being subjected to “tremendous pressure” to resign his post as foreign exchange manager at the Bank of America in London, Westminster coroner’s court was told.” —IBTimes.

41. Ezdehar Husainat:

Another woman — 35-years-old — who served JPMorgan was horribly killed right in front of her kids.

Ezdehar Husainat

“A married mother of four from Texas has been crushed to death in a freak automobile accident in front of her children.” Daily Mail.

42. Guy Ratovondrahona:

While on his way to work, governor of the Central Bank of Madagascar, Guy Ratovondrahona, died when he had a sudden stroke in his car.

Guy Ratovondrahona

43. Pierre Wauthier:

This has been the only “suicide” where a widow has spoken out. She’s accusing the Zurich police and AMG of conspiring to kill her husband — a CFO from from AMG — saying the ruling of suicide was done too quick for her satisfaction and disagrees with the judgement.

Josef Ackermann This has been the only

44.Hussain Najadi:

Hussain Najadi

“KUALA LUMPUR, June 9 — A temple caretaker told the High Court here today that she saw the accused in the murder of AmBank Group founder Hussain Ahmad Najadi shoot Hussain repeatedly until he collapsed. Lim Sok Yee, 37, told the court, before that, she also saw the accused, Koong Swee Kwan, 45, shoot Hussain’s wife, Cheong Mei Kuen, 49.” —The Malay Mail Online.

45. Carsten Schloter:

A very mysterious death of a 49-year-old Swisscom chief executive.

Carsten Schloter

“On Tuesday the popular 49-year-old was found dead at his home near Freiburg. Police refused to reveal full details but suggested he had killed himself” —The Independent.

46. Sascha Schornstein:

After the shady circumstances of the executive from RBS’s death, his wife had to come out to convince the public he didn’t fake his death by crashing his private plane into the English Channel.

Sascha Schornstein

47. David William Waygood:

A 62-year-old banker from Birmingham, UK. Yet another banker hit by a train.

David William Waygood

“Banker and company director David William Waygood, 62, of Sherborne Grove, died on the morning of April 27 after being hit by a train at a railway crossing in Otford.” —Seven Oaks Chronicle.

48. David Rossi:

Director of communications for Monte dei Paschi di Siena (MPS) bank in Italy, David Rossi was found dead below an open window at his bank’s HQ.

David Rossi

“David Rossi’s body was found beneath an open window at the bank’s 14th Century headquarters in Siena. Mr Rossi was among several MPS employees whose homes and offices were searched by police last month – though no charges were brought against him.” BBC.

*Joseph Ackerman, as reported by other online sources, is not dead, he has been implicated in Pierre Wauthier’s (#43) suicide note.

Is it a sign of the coming financial “meltdown”? Are company life insurance policies being collected prematurely? Are these men and women faking their deaths? Any guess is as good as the next. One thing is for sure, foul play is beaming through every covered up edge of every one of these cases. It’s risky dealing with any financial institution, but based on what’s happening all over the world right now, it’s life threatening to work for one.


By Olan Thomas of

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Financial Assassins: Another Banker Bites The Dust

shawn d miller murdered dead in his bathtub new york greenwich village banker death throat slashed throat cut cut2thetruth olan thomas conspiracy in the financila world

Months back, and nearly every week it seemed, bankers were dropping dead under extremely suspicious circumstances. These were no tellers, either. These were managing directors and executive directors; men that earned top dollars and made the big decisions in financial institutions from Asia, Europe, and North America. Each death — from repeated staple gun shots to the temple and chest to two bullets in the back of the head — was instantly ruled a suicide the same day the body was discovered. These clearly weren’t suicides. This was, and is, an obvious conspiracy of large proportions. It was like 2014 would see a few from Goldman Sachs or JP Morgan each month up until about August. There were literally dozens. But then it stopped; or so we thought.

Today the New York Post has released word that the trend hasn’t gone out of style yet, it just took a break. Number 48 was killed this week:

“A Citigroup banker was found dead with his throat slashed in the bathtub of his swanky downtown apartment, authorities said Wednesday.”

Wouldn’t you know it? This guy was a managing director too — managing director of environmental and social risk management, to be exact — with deep ties to the World Bank through his specialization in emerging markets for its arm involved in loaning to the private sector, The International Finance Corporation. His name was Shawn D. Miller. Once again he was a young man — 42 — and described as “well liked.”

Screenshot (377)

According to his profile on LinkdIn, Mr. Miller was no slouch, picking up multiple awards throughout his career as an executive banker:

“Mr. Miller has been at the center of the movement to lead the banking industry to responsible and sustainable practices in project finance, and corporate and investment banking activities.”

As there was no knife at the scene the police were unable to rule this one a suicide, which, judging by the dozens of banker deaths this year ruled self inflicted, may very well have been the plan. All that can be done now is speculate, but Shawn D. Miller was the man who oversaw and reviewed “investment projects in the extractive industries (mining, oil and gas)…” for the IFC “in numerous countries ranging from Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey to Uganda, Tanzania, Togo and Bangladesh,” making it entirely possible he came across some activities that could get some people into trouble. Everyone one of those industries Miller was a superstar in — oil, gas, mining, infrastructure, power, cement, renewable energy — are cutthroat industries run by criminal killers, not to mention banking, and competition could have come to dismantle the hero of Citibank’s capital markets. Whatever happened, he didn’t slip into the bathtub while juggling knives because the murder weapon wasn’t there, so somebody needed him gone and saw to it.

Shawn D Miller slashed throat new york dead bankers

A slit throat is obvious foul play, but there is another strange twist to this tale. Miller was found in his million dollar Manhattan apartment — 120 Greenwich Street — by the building’s doorman, not long after he was dead. Why would his doorman go into his apartment? The press has no answer for this:

“It was unclear why the doorman checked his apartment.”

As these stories die as quick as they’re sparsely reported it’s unlikely any further developments will come of this case, but we’ll keep our ears to the grindstone and bring you any further information we can on the Miller case and the others as we receive it.


By Olan Thomas of

Sources linked in article.

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