Ottawa False Flag: Pieces To The Puzzle

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Last night I took part in a roundtable of Canadian alternative media researchers on Many issues were discussed, but at the heart of it was the obvious: What happened in Ottawa?

There are many things about this event which, to me and many others, show it was a staged event. Does this mean nobody died? No. Anyone with half a brain who has looked into what happened in New York on September 11th, 2001, knows that thousands of people were killed to spark an American invasion in the Middle East that hasn’t stopped since. In fact, it’s only gotten worse. 911 was an inside job — you’ve seen the t-shirt. Killing one Canadian would be a lot easier to pull off. This isn’t to say anyone did die though.

There has been no clear footage of the soldier who was shot — Nathan Cirillo — at the War Memorial; nor has there been solid proof that a man was killed in Parliament. In fact, when the evidence we are provided is looked at objectively, which we will do now, it looks like this was, in fact, a methodically planned and executed drill. One acted out to fool Canadians into supporting a harsher police presence and authority, and the involvement of our troops in America’s terror campaign.

We have no solid proof to reasonably say we believe the media and government’s story, which, as crazy as it sounds, I think we should be demanding as Canadians since this event instantly turned into justification for a Canadian Anti-Terror Act which will enable the authorities to track and arrest people before they commit a crime — a complete reversal of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Canadian Constitution.

As this affects my personal birthrights, I think I deserve better proof; where there is truth, there is proof. Is this photo proof?

The first thing you learn in first aid training is to give the wounded air and space to breathe. Why are they dogpiling this guy? Sources also say the man looking at the camera and the police were making sure it was impossible for anyone other than that specific crowd — who were doctors, officers, and lawyers who just happened to be there coincidentally — to get anywhere close.

The first thing you learn in first aid training is to give the wounded air and space to breathe. Why are they dogpiling this guy? Sources also say the man looking at the camera with the blue coat and the police were making sure it was impossible for anyone other than that specific crowd — who were doctors, officers, and lawyers who just happened to be there coincidentally — to get anywhere close.

This scene looks wrong and therefore demands explanation. This is not how a man clinging to life should be treated, he is getting no oxygen. They are mobbing him as if to prevent any pictures being taken of him, and according to many sources, they were doing just that.

A critical skeptic — the smartest types of people — would also notice the lack of blood at the scene. When someone is shot at point blank range in the back — or the side/back to be exact — with a rifle, blood is gonna be pretty abundant. We can see none in the picture above; and in the picture below we see a very clean line of blood that doesn’t trace back to the victim, implying it was poured from directly above the stain.

The lack of blood could be explained if the wound was administered to and the bleeding stopped, but this would have to have been done as Cirillo was standing up — which I doubt considering he just got blasted with a high powered rifle — or else the blood would trace right back to where he is laying in the photo, which it doesn’t. This makes no sense unless that blood spot was poured from above itself. Need proof? Fill a cup with water and recreate that stain on pavement. Next, shoot yourself in the side and walk around for a while and pay close attention to how you’re creating a massive trail of blood.

nathan cirillo shooting ottawa war monument4

Keeping in mind these are reported to be professional medics helping Cirillo in the picture above, take close notice of the man on the end. Why is this man elevating Cirillo’s legs? That’s a huge no-no! Anyone with first aid training knows this:

9. DO NOT elevate legs to treat for shock if the gunshot wound is above the waist (unless the gunshot wound is in the arm). Gunshot wounds to the abdomen and chest will bleed more quickly once the legs are elevated, making it harder for the victim to breathe.” —, “How To Treat A Gunshot Wound”.

As the gunshot is above Cirillo’s waist, we can see that protocol for treating him demands his legs not be elevated. How does a group of people — almost all of whom are trained in how to treat a gunshot victim — get this vital step wrong?

“Another passerby was at Cirillo’s feet. Winters, who served as a medic during her 17 years in the Naval Reserve, asked the man to elevate Cirillo’s feet.” —National Post, Oct. 23rd, 2014.

Notice’s reasons for not elevating the legs: the gunshot victim will bleed more and it will make it hard to breathe. This just adds to the confusion on the lack of blood and the fact they are crowding the victim preventing airflow. This, to the critical thinker, makes the credibility very low that these people are who the media says they are; or that the media is telling the truth of what happened at all. A nurse of almost two decades, another nurse, police officers and trained military officers all don’t know how to treat a victim? Either this was a staged scene or the people attending the victim are responsible for his sudden death by doing everything wrong.

Next we’ll take a look at the shooting of Michael Zehaf-Bibeau in the Centre Block building of Capitol Hill. To many people this appeared to be a police drill — one of many that happened that day both at Parliament and the Rideau Mall, before the city of Ottawa was completely locked down and occupied with military-like police forces by evening.

Yes we’ve seen the video footage that shows police running down a large hallway followed by the sounds of a hail of gunshots, but we don’t see the victim. We don’t hear the victim. Is this video proof of anything? Once again, we’re left to believe the narrative given to us by the media. And what a narrative!

kevin vickers shoots parliament hill shooter with spin shot bullshit

The media’s take on the events inside of Center Block state that the police took shot after shot at Bibeau as he hid in a tiny alcove — but they just couldn’t hit him. The whole time, they say, Bibeau was firing back, even though there were about 8 cameras filming in the same place that showed nothing of the sort, and no one else was hurt. Nevertheless, the news wants us to believe that a 58 year old man named Kevin Vickers, Canada’s Sergeant-at-Arms, armed with a pistol, jumped out of nowhere at the suspect, flew twisting through the air — right into the thunderstorm of bullets being fired, but evading all of them — and with his back facing the ground shot upwards at Bibeau from below him — still mid-air, mind you — instantly killing him. I’m not making this up:

“While the facts of those chaotic moments are difficult to fully confirm, it is said that Vickers, 58, then dove and flipped onto his back, shooting upwards at the gunman as he fell to deliver the fatal shots to the man believed to have killed Cpl. Nathan Cirillo earlier that morning.”  —National Post, Oct. 27th, 2014.

Picture taken by photographer directly after Vickers apparently killed Bibeau. He is going to a room where the MP's are hiding to tell them he killed the guy. Why would he do this when it was still thought there were other shooters around as the news and government reported during this time?

Picture taken by photographer directly after Vickers apparently killed Bibeau. He is going to a room where the MP’s are hiding to tell them he killed the shooter — according to CBC. Why would he do this when it was still thought there were other shooters around the building as the news and government reported during this time?

It’s pretty unbelievable stuff. How Vickers wasn’t ripped apart by the bullets coming from the police is a question that must be answered. This is like a scene out of Batman performed by a 58 year old man who possibly wears diapers, though at this point I have no proof for the diaper part. Take another look at the video above. For the record, Bibeau is supposed to be tucked in against the wall on the right inside the large passage at the end of the hall. But where was Vickers? The camera man somehow stood in the middle of the hallway without getting hit, but failed to capture anything.

Here’s a hilarious video made by our friend Jeff C. over at Free Radio Revolution on the Vicker’s hollywood production:

Moving along we come to an article published by called Anonymous Witness Working At Parliament Fears For His Life. The following picture was found on an online message board called on the morning of the shooting, but has since been removed:


It reads:

“I’m a legislative assistant, here is the view outside my office at 9:30a.m, (about 15 minutes before the ‘crazed’ gunman). Just a shit ton of cops hanging out by west block for no reason. I know two things they aren’t telling the press/public. Hopefully you dipshits will take this serious because my career is on the line. If you see/hear that a legislative assistant died, had an accident, committed suicide whatever I’d like to say for the record that I’ve never wanted to kill myself. I take my job serious, but I ask honest questions. Wednesday’s there are events hosted at parliament, and security is slack. There was no need for all these police at parliament this morning pre-shooting incident. Nobody (pm and opposition leaders excluded) of great significance was scheduled for today. Further, blowing up the west end’s transmitter should just make people angry, not dependent on the government. I feel like if we don’t stand up right now, we will be baited into losing everything because ISIS.”

facebook 15 mins before shooting cut2thetruth false flag canada


If this is in fact the case, we can see the police were already setting up for this event 22 minutes before it even began. Multiple sources from Ottawa confirm there is never that many cops — especially a mixture of RCMP and OPP — at that corner, ever. To prove the claim further, the person who posted this then posted their Parliament Pass:

To put the final nail in the this coffin, and to simultaneously prove the Canadian Government — or Harper Government as they demand to be called — is the opposite of transparent. Based on controversial reports released in December of last year, the Government of Canada has forced all employees working for them on Parliament Hill sign lifetime confidentiality agreements stating they can never talk about what they hear or see within the walls of the government. How’s that for a democracy with a government working transparently for the people who elect them? I wonder what they suddenly wanted everybody so quiet about?

The Toronto Star, December 2013.

The Toronto Star, December 2013.

The Globe and Mail, December 2013.

The Globe and Mail, December 2013.

“The confidentiality agreement applies indefinitely even after an employee leaves the job. Only when required by law, such as during court testimony, will they be allowed to breach confidentiality.” —The Globe and Mail, Dec. 11th, 2013.

Let’s not forget the cops — who thought they were off camera — laughing up a storm:

Now, let’s couple all of these strange inconsistencies together and ask: why? Why would they fake this? Well, take a look at the Anti-Terrorism Act proposals that were introduced in October. These give the authorities the power to bug calls, emails, social media, track GPS, freeze assets, take property, detain indefinitely, make arrests without crimes being committed, and a whole slew of other powers that strip Canadians of their rights according to the Charter — those are your birthrights Canadians. Also, take a look at the flack Harper is getting for bending over and letting America pull whatever military support out of his ass they want in the Middle East. This event worked to the advantage of the current government and the bills they’ve been pushing for since they took office. This is undeniable to anyone who follows Canadian politics.

This is what happened in America after their false flag and they failed to do a thing about it. Canada is not a terrorist infected country; don’t let them tell you it is. We believe our elected officials should be peaceful and transparent when we elect them. Don’t let it happen here. Wake up Canada!

Click here for Google Maps Proof the “bullet holes” in Parliament’s walls were there in April 2013.

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Listen to the discussion of a variation of Canadian truth researchers:

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Canadians Privacy Lost: The Harper Gov’t Puts Unconstitutional Spying to a Vote

stephen harper peter mackay bill c-13 passing through house and senate surveillance canada

A couple months ago we went over a story about a Canadian politician name Vic Toews — public safety minister — trying to push a bill through, under the guise of catching child porn solicitation, that would enable the Canadian government and law enforcement services to spy on and track citizens online without a warrant.

Things took a bad turn for Toews when some computer hackers — who clearly thought he was an orwellian tyrant — hacked into his phone and proved he was also a hypocrite, and worse. As it turns out, Toews was having an affair with a woman half his age. This was exposed directly after he screamed, “You’re either with us, or you’re with the child pornographers!” in the middle of the House of Commons at his opposition. Needless to say the bill disappeared after he was shown to be an adulterous cradle robber whose interests were in painting those against government spying as child molesters.


That bill was called C-30, and in its death came its replacement — Bill C-13 — which is a rewrite of Toews’ bill by safety minister Peter Mackay, as well giving law enforcement and government agencies the ability to unconstitutionally monitor Canadian citizens without their knowledge or consent — emails, phone calls, facebook, twitter, pictures, videos, etc. — simply because they suspect a person may commit a crime in the future — only this time “cyberbullying” is the selling feature. This conveniently in the wake of a few internet bullying deaths of teenagers in Canada.

“MPs had their last round of debate on the bill Friday, as Prime Minister Stephen Harper held a cyberbullying roundtable in Winnipeg to mark the two-year anniversary of Amanda Todd’s death. Todd killed herself at age 15 after enduring ‘merciless cyberbullying,’ Harper said in a news release.

A spokeswoman for government House Leader Peter Van Loan said the last House vote on the cyberbullying bill, known as C-13, will be Monday, Oct. 20. If it passes, it will go to the Senate for debate by senators and consideration at committee.” —, (Oct. 10, 2014).

Aside from many others, and most importantly — in my opinion — Canada’s safety minister, Daniel Therrien, has been vocally against the implementation of C-13 since its introduction knowing the corruption that would be bred from giving people the power to bypass internet providers — and search warrants — to directly track any metadata they feel they want, on any person, and at any time they feel it’s necessary. According to him, this is way too much power for authorities to have and a violation of Canadians privacy, not to mention a direct violation of their rights according to the Canadian Constitution and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Daniel Therrien

Therrien also points out C-13 deals with a lot more issues than cyberbullying and highly recommends the bill be split into two parts, leaving the hardcore data-collection issues apart from the cyberbullying; and it isn’t just him suggesting this. Carol Todd, Amanda Todd’s mother, has also been vocal about splitting the bill into two parts and separating the cyberbullying issues from the surveillance-related provisions that are snuck in behind. She has publicly asked the government to fulfill her request:

“I don’t want to see our children to be victimized again by losing privacy rights. I am troubled by some of these provisions condoning the sharing of Canadians’ privacy information without proper legal process… A warrant should be required before any Canadians’ personal information is turned over to anyone, including government authorities.” —Carol Todd.

Even though she’s been opposed to the bill for months now that still hasn’t slowed Stephen Harper from campaigning around the country using Amanda Todd’s tragic death as his ammunition to sell this freedom surrendering bill into law to the Canadian people.

Not being mentioned in the news, of course, is the fact Stephen Harper has signed on with a host of other government leaders to The Council of Europe’s, Convention on Cybercrime, which obligates them to pass strict internet laws on their citizens; they’re simply keeping their word. But again, this vital piece of information — which is the single answer to why these unconstitutional bills are being pushed through — this is kept from the public.

The vote happens on the 20th in the House of Commons. if it passes it will be put to a vote in the Senate. We’ll keep you updated on the decision as we get it.


By Olan Thomas of

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Malaysian Flight MH17: Oxygen Masks From Northwoods

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After Malaysian flight MH17 — a Boeing 777 passenger jet — was shot down by an air defense Buk M1 missile over Donetsk, Ukraine in July, there have been no real answers provided, at least from the west’s side, as to who shot down the plane and why.

“All 298 passengers, including 80 children, and 15 crew members died when the jet flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur crashed on 17 July in the rebel-held territory of Donetsk Oblast.” The Independent (UK), (9/10/2014)

Instead there has been very vague stories with no backing from our media which always pins the blame on Russia, even though Russia has denied any part in the attack and has shown satellite images of several Ukrainian military Buk missile systems surrounding the crash site, which is more than unordinary considering the pro-Russian separatists have no airplanes to defend against.

At that same conference in July, Russian Intelligence also provided radar and satellite data which clearly showed Ukrainian military aircraft — SU fighter jets — guiding the commercial Malaysian flight way off its regular path and into Donetsk airspace in the heat of battle. As Russia asks, why did MH17 take this out-of-character path; and why were there Ukrainian fighter jets accompanying it? What’s more interesting is the question of why a Ukrainian fighter jet lingered at the scene of the crash for 4 minutes after the missile made contact?

missile defense systems caught by russian satellite in ukraine mh17 cut2thetruth

The investigation into the crash is being headed by the Dutch National Prosecuter’s Office, for some reason, and during an interview a few days ago Dutch Foreign Minister, Frans Timmermans, let it slip on national TV in The Netherlands that a passenger was found in the wreckage wearing an oxygen mask.

“The passenger did not have the mask on his face, but its elastic strap was around his neck, said Wim de Bruin, a spokesman for the Dutch National Prosecutor’s Office which is carrying out a criminal investigation into the air disaster.

De Bruin said Dutch forensic experts investigated the mask ‘for fingerprints, saliva and DNA and that did not produce any results. So it is not known how or when that mask got around the neck of the victim.'” The Sydney Morning Herald, (9/10/2014).

This, clearly, raises a number of questions. The first one being: Why did this man — an Australian passenger — have an oxygen mask — from the Boeing 777 — on his face in the first place? The next question would be: How did he put the mask on if the plane were just ripped apart by a missile? And third: When did he put the oxygen mask on; before or after the blast?

The answers for these could all be found without having to suspect the Ukrainian/American’s side of the story being a lie, but then again this new information could also very much confirm the Russian and separatist’s claims and hypotheses.

Crash site in Donetsk.

Crash site in Donetsk.

As we and many other publications reported back in July, a commander for the separatists, Igor Girkin, told reporters that his men at the scene of the wreckage, when it had just happened, informed him that many of the bodies in the crash were obviously dead long before they boarded MH17. According to their claims these corpses were already decomposing and were drained of all blood. Could an oxygen mask have been put on a dead body upon boarding for theatrics?

Whatever the case for the odd circumstances surrounding this entire event, one can’t help but see the striking similarities between MH17’s legend and the 1962, now unclassified United States Government documents for Operation Northwoods, which detailed a plan for the CIA to covertly swap a passenger jet — filled with undercover agents with fake passports — going from Florida to South America with a drone CIA jet — painted to look the exact same as the passenger plane — making the switch mid-flight at a military base in the waters near Cuba.

The agents would get off at the base and return to their regular identities. The drone plane would then finish the rest of the flight and be identified on any radar system as the commercial plane.

As the empty drone plane flew close to Cuba it would put out a pre-made “MAYDAY” call, then by radio control it would be blown to pieces. “Mock funerals” would be held for the phony victims and broadcast through media to the public. Cuba would be blamed for the killings of innocent people coming from the US and America would have all the excuse they needed to invade and assassinate Fidel Castro.

Sound crazy? That’s because it is crazy! But nonetheless it’s 100% true, and only one example of the deceptive operations the American government has used to trick people into fighting wars. Click here to read the documents yourself.

The passports pulled out of the wreckage were in pristine condition. The only damage were holes punched through a few of them, which is what is done to passports after they are voided.

The passports pulled out of the MH17 wreckage were in pristine condition. The only damage were holes punched through a few of them, which is what is done to passports after they are voided.

passport mh 17 crash ukraine oxygen mask passport 2 perfect condition passport mh 17 crash ukraine oxygen mask passport 2 perfect condition3passport mh 17 crash ukraine oxygen maskpassport mh 17 crash ukraine oxygen mask passport 2 perfect condition 33 3 in a row passports

The Northwoods scenario matches the story of Malaysian flight MH17 to a tee, only the names of the countries and the technology involved — because of the difference in generations — have changed; and as a result of the crash over Donetsk the Ukrainian government has stepped up its war effort tenfold, even asking to join NATO strictly for its military resources — all NATO really is.

Horrifying, yes, but terribly interesting as well. It seems the more news that comes out about Flight MH17 the more questions with no real answers get raised, instead of the other way around; but what do we expect, the truth? All that is guaranteed at this point, it seems, is disinformation and more senseless war; so, business as usual.

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Extreme Vice Fear Propaganda: Canadian ISIS Member Swears Attack On Canada, Obama, and New York City

vice rupert murdoch lies about isis cnn fox news olan thomas america interview with canadian isis member warns of attacks on new york obama and canada propaganda

Former integrity driven Canadian alternative news source Vice Magazine, as we have reported, has become nothing more than a plaything for the terror mongering mainstream media — which is all but a joke to anyone under the age of 35 years old — ever since media mogul and FBI and Mi6 target of investigation, Rupert Murdoch — who currently owns almost every major news outlet in America, as well as claiming ownership to over 175 magazines and newspapers on three continents — invested over $70 million in the budding Canadian Magazine, taking its value over 1.5 billion dollars. One can only imagine the promises Vice founder Shane Smith, and publishers Rocco Castoro and Andy Capper, must have made to receive such an enormous amount of money from the most powerful and underhanded man in media history.

shane smith of vice seels to rupert murdoch for 70 million dollars

As professional, vice-like, execution propaganda films keep emerging from ISIS — James Foley, Stephen Sotloff, etc. — the strangeness of Vice’s relationship with the terror group is a little overwhelming, and very suspicious, especially when one considers who is most definitely pulling the strings from behind the scenes.

While ISIS was busy as hell “beheading” American and European reporters, somehow Vice and its film crews were palling around with ISIS for days, interviewing them, and documenting every move they made for a four part series, all with the consent and hospitality of the leaders of ISIS. How does this work?

Well, recently Vice caught up with another one of their ISIS connections. In an interview with a radical young Canadian, who Vice reports flew to the Middle East to join ISIS on his own accord, Vice doesn’t hesitate to turn the fear-mongering meter up to full blast as they broadcast nothing but threats against Obama, New York, and even my home country of Canada. Here’s how Vice hyped the video:

“Foreign fighters from all over the world have left their home countries to join the ranks of the Islamic State, and the militant group’s lightning advance across Iraq and Syria this summer has helped to boost recruitment. VICE founder Shane Smith spoke with a man thought to be 21-year-old Somali-Canadian Abu Usamah Somali, who has been in Iraq since July and is reportedly fighting with the Islamic State.”

Truther sites have already come out with suspicions against the Vice interview:

“It’s unclear if Shirdon has specific knowledge or simply boasting, beating his chest, for the media. There’s no evidence Shirdon speaks nor has any specific knowledge of ISIS plans.”

The sheer fact Vice has such connections all of the sudden with the most elusive terrorist network in world history, or at least that’s how the media depicts ISIS, is enough to question the publication’s honesty in the first place. Are these actual ISIS fighters they are showing us or are they actors? Or, does Murdoch have connections with the covert American forces helping ISIS become the monster it is and will continue to be? Either scenario is very possible and equally as disturbing.

What’s clear is that Vice has no interest in broadcasting any solution to the conflict, or doing any actual journalism into the root causes for the situation in the Middle East, nor do they ever identify any key players. Instead they’re strictly acting as the western voice for ISIS and making videos that do nothing but instill fear in their watchers, who are generally the demographic of those under 35 who no longer give the mainstream media credibility, based on their knowledge of the internet and their boredom and mistrust of the TV.

cnn mass layoffs fires employees turner news group tv new is a dying industry propaganda

The television news network is a dying medium and it’s exceedingly apparent, from the obvious eye-candy presstitutes the major networks are slapping in front of their teleprompters to the massive layoffs at the major news broadcasting corporations. The mainstream television news broadcast is on its last leg, and businessmen like Rupert Murdoch have teams of analysts feeding them this information. Rather than lose his grip of the control of information it seems like a no-brainer for Murdoch to wave billions in front of the highest viewed alternative media source in the west: Vice Magazine, who do stories on cool new drugs and ways to sneak into North Korea, nothing but shock-entertainment value stories; no real journalism into important issues at all, pure propaganda. These younger people think they have found a source to tell them the truth, but in all reality Vice is spewing propaganda at a harsher rate than any other news corporation on earth as they are literally the only voice ISIS members have had in the west thus far; but again, look who just gave them tens of millions of dollars and imagine the deals that come along with that amount of loot. That’s sell-your-soul type money, there’s no doubt about it.

By Olan Thomas

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Still Believe The ISIS Beheadings Are Real: Watch This

cut2thetruth beheading videos isis fake not real staged proof how the beheading videos work obama cameron harper iraq syria middle east war olan thomas cut2thetruth cut to the truth

In the 5 or 6 months — give or take, I’m too lazy to check — this blog has been active it has gone from seeing 5 or 6 readers a day in the very beginning to now seeing up to thousands a day and never less than several hundred readers from all over the world; even countries I’ve never heard of. I’m very happy about this because it tells me there are a number people — actual readers, a rare occurrence these days — actively searching for alternative takes on current events from researchers other than those shiny sound and look-a-likes they paste on the news, or the regurgitations of their stories in the mainstream blogs — CNN, ABC, Fox News, CBC, BBC, and so on.

I also get a number of messages ranging from questions about the articles content, to leads, to questions about writing, to outright hate mail. This last hate message, which I read a few minutes ago, is pretty funny. The person who wrote it seems to be a little slow, at least based on his conclusions and manner of writing — which is funny because it appears he writes his own blog; what about I don’t know or care. I deleted the post, which sucks because now I can’t get it back to post it here, but I would love some advice from WordPressers to retrieve it so I can repost. The truth is, for the record, I will delete any post which doesn’t bring any evidence, intellectual thought, or solid debate to the table — go talk shit on your own blog. I’ll keep your comment if you disagree with me, in fact I encourage it, but bring intelligence, research, and knowledge on the subject or beat it.

But aside from the unprovoked anger and overreaction of this simple minded sheep, he raised a point that I know many people as naive as him share. Their point: they saw pictures of James Foley, Stephen Sotloff, and the rest of the “beheading” video “victims” with their heads cut off. They’re dead, case closed.

Before pointing out David Copperfield made it appear to thousands of people — in person — that the Statue of Liberty disappeared, which, of course, it didn’t, I’ll say I have a little background in photo and video editing, so maybe this type of stuff is more obvious to me than people who have no knowledge of those kinds of things, and that’s okay, but to fake the beheading videos — which have now led to a considerable amount of western countries swearing allegiance to America’s war cry, Obama going against his election promises and entering Syria, innocent people being bombed from drone planes, defence spending skyrocketing with the investors in government and policy making getting richer than ever, and so on — to fake them would be simple. The fact none of us have seen the actual beheadings is enough for me to call these fake until I’m presented with real evidence, which we haven’t seen. Like the law states, beyond a reasonable doubt.

Our friend over at Red Pill Revolution — who you can catch live Tuesdays and Wednesdays hosting shows on his channel about these important topics — has just posted a video which shows that not only could the beheading videos be faked, but they could be faked by amateurs with barely any background in film editing at all, but instead just a little imagination.

So to all the doubters who have “seen the pictures of Foley’s head cut off”, WATCH THIS:

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Red Pill Revolution

CNN Propaganda Alert: Terrorists Blowing Up Near You

CNN and their fear monger hosts are, in my eyes, surpassing even FOX News for their terror slinging tactics. A quick look at their website will reveal the tone their plastic faced, fake personality, robotic, sociopathic hosts are selling their dumbed down, mindless, ADD inflicted masses. So what then do we have to fear?

As Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama drops thousands of bombs on foreign soil from unmanned aircraft, the justification for his actions are not only questionable, but most likely complete lies. I’m talking about the beheadings — or fake beheadings — which have been used repeatedly as an excuse to spur this “project” — let us remember, according to Secretary of State and documented Skull and Bonesman, John Kerry, “this is not a war, it’s counter terrorism.”

obama bankers

Of course it isn’t war. American presidents have to consult congress and so on to go to war; but if they don’t call it a war, like the current situation, Obama can, it seems, send troops whereever he wants — same with my prime minister, Stephen Harper, who is sending armed troops to the Middle East on “peace keeping” and “humanitarian” missions, not having to consult with the rest of the government or the people to do so.

In an informed society these types of actions would be scrutinized, weighed, debated, and voted on before consideration for taking them was ever implamented. This is where the propaganda machine comes into play. When the people are scared they will automatically look to the government to protect them. For proof of this just look at what happened to Iraq right after the Twin Towers went down. The psychology of the matter is not only well known by the governments of the world, but abused on a day to day basis; and I advise you to do your homework if you disagree, because this is all documented on this website.

For example, let’s pretend Obama out of the blue came on TV and said, “Today I’m going to completely break the main promises I made to win both of the presidential elections I ran in and use drone planes to bomb Syria.” The public would be in an outrage — so would the international community. No, for Obama to be able to eliminate his corporate sponsor’s competiition in the most lithium, oil, and opium rich part of the world, take out all of the governments in the area and install their own men to run them, first they need an excuse: Enter ISIS, or al Qaeda, or Libyan Dawn, or al Nersa, James Foley, Stephen Sotloff, Mr. Haines, 9/11, the Gulf of Tonkin, the USS Liberty, Pearl Harbour, communism, Osama Bin Laden, Moammar Gadhafi, the Taliban, Cuban rebels, Russian separatists, downed aircraft, and on. These will scare the people so bad they will let their government use their tax dollars and military like their own personal property — which is probably what 90 percent of the people think they are anyways.

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I’ve exposed the Foley and co. tapes in detail; if not showing the beheadings were definite fakes, then at least to the point we should all agree there are clear questions that need to be addressed before sending our boys to die and kill again.

This is how you know the mainstream media is involved in the project, because real reporters ask questions, they don’t trumpet assumptions and lies; they try to reduce fear and spread awareness to the public, not the other way around.

Well, CNN just did a segment of fear spreading comperable to a primetime show hosted by Pope Urban II , Joseph Goebbels, and Dick Cheney on the eve of Y2k. According to their round table of “experts”, America is guaranteed an attack in what they deem an “aviation catastrophe.”

What can America expect?

“They have created things such as non-metalic bombs that can’t be detected, explosive clothing, somehow, that can be ignited mid-air, toothpaste bombs…”

You’ll notice CNN has opted to use former New York City Chief of Police during 9/11 and fresh multiple sentence serving ex-convict, Bernard Kerrik, as an “expert” again — a man convicted of conspiracy and fraud on multiple counts — as if his word is worth anything or to be trusted at all when he says, “The intelligence community is doing a really great job…much better than they were doing back in Sepember 2001” — remindng us of the most horrific attack of most of our llifetimes.

For the record, Kerrik was with Guliani safely away from the Twin Towers when they were hit and fell, so if he thinks the intelligence community is doing a better job than they did when they convinced the world America was attacked by 19 hijackers who are sill alive today, then they must be working on something big. But before you move into the bomb shelter your grandpa built during his day of terror filled Americana, just remember a 4-term-serving war monger once aptly said:

“There’s nothing to fear but fear itslelf.”

By Olan Thomas of

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Canada sends 69 special forces to Iraq to advise in fight against ISIS

Expected Results: Elliot Rodger Gun Bills Passed Through Legislature

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Last week two bills were passed the legislative process in California which seek to tighten up gun laws and make it possible for registered gun owners to have their weapons taken from them by court order—and never given back. This is in light of the Elliot Rodger “shootings” which occurred in Santa Barbara a few months back.

Now, as we have gone over down to the most minute details before, both in a huge write up and an hour and a half long breakdown interview with Jeff C. of Free Radio Revolution, the Elliot Rodger shooting was a complete hoax; the witnesses were actors; law enforcement and the university were involved with the event and cover up; and it never happened. We predicted back then that exactly what just happened with the passing of these bills would happen—and what do ya know?

Elliot and his father Peter Rodger on the red carpet at the Hunger Games premier.

Elliot and his father Peter Rodger on the red carpet at the Hunger Games premier.

If you are confused about this I implore you to read that article and listen to that interview. If you can walk away believing this event actually happened the way the news told us it did then you must not have paid attention, so read and watch again. For now, if you are a believer in the Elliot Rodger lie, instead of recanting the hundreds of facts to prove this was a hoax, I will just show these photos and you can try to explain them to yourself:

no blood elliot rodger shooting california bill gun regulations

According to the official story, Elliot Rodger, who had just hacked 3 human beings to bits with a machete, was shot in the hip in this car; and then he shot himself in the head in this car. But there is NO BLOOD ANYWHERE! Not even on the white airbag that deployed and would have been touching his head at the time.

no blood elliot rodger shooting california bill gun regulations 2

In this picture we see there is no blood anywhere! This is apparently after this kid hacked 3 people up with a machete, was shot by an officer, and shot himself in the head. Also, there is no sticker on the inside of the car door, which proves this BMW, a brand which has been advertised throughout this event, is straight from the manufacturer and not sold off a lot, which requires the sticker on the door to show the statistics of tire pressure, etc.

This graphic shows a high impact splatter. Blood flies out both directions; the entry and the exit. Somehow Elliot Rodger didn’t bleed at all, or even get blood on him or his car after hacking his roommates up with a giant blade. This was a lie to produce gun regulations.

Now, before going any further I would like to state my personal opinion on guns so the reader isn’t confused. I basically hate guns. I definitely hate gun violence. I hate violence of any kind. I’m a city kid—well I was a kid at one point—and I’ve never hunted or even fished. I’m not a vegetarian, and maybe it’s hypocritical or cowardice, but the day I have to kill something to eat it is the day I become one. The honest truth is, I wish guns didn’t exist. But, unfortunately guns do exist, and there is no chance in hell I would want the only people able to get their hands on them being government serving law officials—the same government which invades other countries and sends their citizens to die for them no questions asked—or outright criminals who could care less about a registration; both of which are examples of groups of people who only use guns to kill other people. I feel it is every person’s right to be able to defend themselves by any means of protection they can find, and therefore I believe as long as guns exist, every person should have the right to own them. Who is to say they have the right to protection which if you need you must seek from them? Is this not the system’s way of enforcing your utter dependence on it?

A real gun debate went out the window the day I noticed these “school shootings” and “massacres” were propaganda campaigns to trick the public into giving up their rights. The evil they speak of doesn’t exist. The “lone gunmen” are apparitions. Registered gun owners don’t use guns on people—except Dick Cheney—criminals do, and they don’t register them first, and they’ll also be able to get them whether they are legal or not. To finalize my point, let’s not forget who has taken guns away in the past and why:

gun control tyrants cut 2 the truth olan thomas

gun control hall of fame hitler mao stalin cut2thetruth

Simply put, those who take away their citizens’ guns do it for a reason: absolute, unchallengeable control and utter dependence. What do you think 9/11 was the beginning of? Do you still think it was 19 Muslim hijackers who hated America’s “freedom” that coordinated all that? Maybe you should look a little deeper into what’s really going on in your world right now. Start with the Patriot Act and get ready for your mind to be blown; but I warn you, the rabbit hole is deep and it is very real.


In any case, back to the story at hand. Here’s how the LA Times reported these new bills:

“With support from families who lost loved ones in the Isla Vista massacre in May, the state Senate on Wednesday approved legislation aimed at taking guns away from people seen as a danger to themselves or others. The bill…would allow law enforcement and family members of people they suspect to be dangerous to petition the courts for a restraining order barring possession of firearms…The legislation was acted on just three months after a disturbed man, Elliot Rodger, went on a rampage and killed six UC Santa Barbara students and wounded 13 other people. The killer had purchased firearms even though his family and others worried he might be a danger to himself and others…The vote was 23 to 8.”

Let’s remember before continuing that Elliot Rodger—whose father was a director on the Hunger Games, a movie made out of a book written by a military man’s daughter from Sandy Hook, Newtown, Connecticut—reportedly killed six people from the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB), and three of those people they say he killed with a blade, not a gun. Gun violence therefore can only be referenced as half of the problem. Whether or not guns existed wouldn’t have prevented this crime; had this crime even happened to begin with. Why are the guns the only part of the problem being focussed on? Well, because this whole situation was set up by former Head of the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Janet Napolitano, who is now the president of the University of California, using the staff under her and the politicians now in government who used to work for the school to disarm the American public. Isn’t it funny how people went from high ranking positions in government to positions in the university, or vice versa, right at the time of these “shootings”?

Known as Big Sis, Janet Napolitano used to be the Head of the DHS. She is now the president of UCSB, even though she has no credentials to run a university whatsoever.

Known as Big Sis, Janet Napolitano used to be the Head of the DHS. She is now the president of UCSB, even though she has no credentials to run a university whatsoever.

Besides all that, with all of the gang and drug related killings being perpetrated every single day in America one would think unregistered guns would be the big issue when it comes to firearms; and in reality it is, though no politician has an agenda with which to personally gain from talking about it, so it is a dead issue. That’s how the thinking person who doesn’t take the TV’s word as the ultimate truth can tell this was a contrived event, because the press all over the world whored this story out not for the sake of integrity in journalism, but instead to form public opinion and sway people into willingly forfeiting their constitutional rights; and this is what is now happening.

obama franklin quotes

There are two bills that passed last week. The first was introduced by Santa Barbara Assemblymember, Das Williamsa recent UCSB graduate who got his connection into politics from working under Hannah-Beth jackson, who was the former policy maker at UCSB before becoming a member of the California State Senate—what a coincidence, huh? According to The Independent:

“Williams’s bill — which he cosponsored with Assemblymember Nancy Skinner — would allow law enforcement, blood relatives, or roommates of someone suspected of posing a serious threat to themselves or others to seek a judge’s order to remove any firearms from that person’s possession.”

Here’s a  quick lesson in public propagandizing mind-control for you. Take a look at how this last statement is worded. It’s designed to to trick the reader by adding a semi-logical thought process to a very scary fact: “This would allow law enforcement, blood relatives, or roommates of a person suspected of posing a serious threat…to seek a judges order to remove…firearms…from that person’s possession.” The casual reader will see that statement and walk away thinking, “Well, only people who know the person very well, like family members or roommates—people who really know them—have the power to report them to have their guns taken away.”  Wrong. The keyphrase that will be skipped over by 9 out of 10 of the readers of the above article—or any other corporate news article on the topic as they are all worded the exact same—is the first line in the listing of people who who can automatically take away people’s constitutional rights: “law enforcement,” who don’t know these people personally. Take away the family members and roommates part and we’re left with this statement—which, to prove this is crafted propaganda, doesn’t even make grammatical sense:

“Williams bill…would allow law enforcement…of someone…to seek a judge’s order to remove any firearms from that person’s possession.”

There’s the key. This bill is designed, obviously, to give the police the power to disarm any person they want to, or are ordered to—legally. All they have to do is “Suspect” you. And to clear it up, there is such thing as “blood relatives of someone”; and there is such thing as “roommates of someone”; but “law enforcement of someone” doesn’t make any sense at all and the words shouldn’t have been combined with “blood relatives” or “roommates,” which shows you the words “law enforcement” were stuck in a place they don’t belong to be brushed over and connected with “family members” and “roommates,”—generally trusted people—making this bill seem less invasive.  But think about it, how many family members and roommates do you think are actually going to be exercising their new rights and reporting their roommates and direct family members to judges? I would guess little to absolutely nobody would do such a thing. But, how many law enforcement types—ie. the local police—will be seeking judge’s orders to unarm private citizens? I would bet a lot.

police raid police state

The second bill passed comes from Hannah-Beth Jackson herself. Once a UCSB policy maker, now a California lawmaker passing laws on citizens based on events that transpired at UCSB. Wow! This bill has tyranny written all over it. When the Elliot Rodger fiasco was going on, and written into his manifesto, there was mentions of the police going to Rodger’s dorm at his mother’s request to see if he was going to kill people. Apparently his mother saw his videos posted on Youtube and called the police. The dates Youtube shows of when Elliot’s videos were posted don’t correspond with the dates given in the manifesto, but aside from that blunder, I wondered why the writers of this event would even have that as part of the story. Now it makes sense:

“Jackson’s bill seeks to encourage law enforcement personnel, when conducting welfare checks, to find out whether the individual owns a gun. Had the Sheriff’s deputies conducting a welfare check on Rodger — at the instigation of his mother — looked up his name for gun registration, they would have discovered he’d purchased three handguns within months of the melee.”

No, that doesn’t mean if someone wants a welfare cheque they have to give up their guns. It means if the police are called to someone’s house they can find out if they are gun owners first and then move to take away their right to own them. For the record, the police can check if a suspect has a registered gun already, it’s public information, so this bill was not put in place to give the police the freedom to do that;  it was put in place allow police more means to accuse someone of being a potential threat with court orders behind them to confirm it permanently.

elliot rodger gun laws california

I personally live in a place which has for the last decade been riddled with gun violence. As I have stated before, I hate guns for this reason; but never has there been a shooting or murder in my area that involved gangsters leaning out of SUV windows basting bullets from registered firearms. Criminals don’t register their guns. Why would they? There’s a surefire way to get caught after killing someone. No, of course the people using guns to commit crimes don’t have paper trails leading back to them. Registered gun owners, when one looks at it logically, have nothing to hide.

These bills in California and ones similar in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Colorado, and even Canada now are designed for one purpose: to disarm the public from protecting themselves, making them completely dependent on the police and government. Don’t get it confused. Use your own real life as a reference and cut through these imaginary fictions you’re being told. Don’t let the news fool you into thinking these lone-wolf false flag shootings are real; demand evidence, call them out for contradicting reports and scientific inaccuracies, and pay attention to what’s going on in this world, because it literally depends on you.

by Olan Thomas of

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