Former Facebook Exec: Facebook and Google are Surveillance States in Disguise

It’s no secret Facebook and Google’s sole purposes are to gather personal information on the world’s population. Here we have Chamath Palihapitiya, former Facebook executive confirming it.

This information finds its way into the intelligence community where profiles are being built on every citizen on earth, and these profiles are secretly shared country to country between agencies.

Olan Thomas details the sickness of social media and mass surveillance in this Cut2TheTruth piece.


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AI, WORLD WAR 3, Elon Musk, and How to decipher MSM PROPAGANDA (VIDEO)

Olan Thomas illustrates how to decode MSM propaganda while reporting on Elon Musk’s World War 3 prediction, taking a closer look at his company Neuralink and its strive for thought control.


By Olan Thomas of Cut2TheTruth.

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Big Brother’s Toolbox: The Hacking and Spying Technology of the CIA (w/ VIDEO)

Since March 2017, Wikileaks has been releasing the largest leak of confidential CIA documents in its history. Its name: Vault 7.

These releases follow Wikileaks publication of CIA documents revealing the infiltration the CIA took of the 2012 French presidential election. Vault 7 is the means that was used to do so, plus much more.

Mere days ago Wikileaks released the most recent addition to this ongoing series entitled Angelfire, which is a malware framework developed to infect Windows operating systems without the user being able to see that they’ve been hacked.

Angelfire’s comprised of five components, each with its own purpose, as the site Bleeping Computer summarizes:

↦ Solartime – Malware that modifies the boot sector to load Wolfcreek.
↦ Wolfcreek – Self-loading driver that can load other drivers and user-mode applications.
↦ Keystone – Component that’s responsible for starting other implants (technical term for malware).
↦ BadMFS – a covert file system that is created at the end of the active partition. AngelFire uses BadMFS to store all other components. All files are obfuscated and encrypted.
↦ Windows Transitory File System – a newer component that’s an alternative to BadMFS. Instead of storing files on a secret file system, the component uses transitory (temporary) files for the storage system.

Aside from Angelfire, there have been 21 other CIA programs exposed in Vault 7, as well.

CouchPotato, for example, is used to tap into remote video streams.

Dumbo hacks into microphones and webcams. 

HighRise is used to hack into SMS messaging software on Android devices.

DarkMatter are the tools used to hack into Macs and iPhones.

WeepingAngel is used to turn Smart TV’s into live microphones, making it possible for the agency to hear what’s going on inside the room any Smart TV is in.

Creeped out yet? You should be!

This, of course, is only to name a few. Click here to enter the Wikileaks site and browse every release in Valut 7.

By Olan Thomas of Cut2TheTruth.

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Congressman Thomas Massie Blowing the Whistle On the US GOV Controlled Afghan Opium Monopoly

After recent public statements by Congressman Thomas Massie of Kentucky, Olan Thomas from Cut2theTruth reports on speculation surrounding the US Government’s involvement in turning Afghanistan into the all-but-sole supplier of opium on planet Earth since their invasion 16 years ago.


By Olan Thomas of Cut2theTruth

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Suspicious Kill: Doctor Who Apparently Identified Bin Laden to CIA’s Ex-Lawyer Murdered

Samiullah Khan Afridi shakir afridi cia murder bin laden hoax cut2thetruth]

Dr. Shakil Afridi, the man claimed to have taken DNA off of Osama Bin Laden in 2011 to identify him to the CIA, was convicted in 2012 of being a heavy funder of the rebels in Pakistan — the Pakistani Taliban. 

Aside from being reported to have been the man responsible for alerting US authorities of Bin Laden’s hiding place — which led to his reported death, though this is heavily disputed as there has been no proof whatsoever of Bin Laden actually dying, let alone existing as who he was claimed to be — Dr. Afridi also happens to be yet another Middle Eastern CIA connection who has been caught red-handed funding violent rebel groups, as well as tending to injured terrorists. He was convicted in Pakistan for these offenses in 2012.

Today — March 17th — another twist in this narrative came into play as the doctor’s former lawyer and relative, Samiullah Khan Afridi, was shot dead in the northwestern city of Peshawar. The assailants escaped unidentified, though reports are pointing the finger at the Taliban.

Six-months ago Khan Afridi announced he would no longer be acting as the doctor’s legal counsel. He then left Pakistan in November after reportedly receiving death threats from the Taliban — the same group being blamed for the Pakistani school shooting in late-December which left over 130 students and 19 staff dead.

Once again the strange circumstances surrounding Bin Laden, his life and death, the Middle East situation, terrorist networks and the money they bring in, and so on, all comes back around the involvement of the CIA on the side of the rebels. Here we have, once again, a man connected to the very terrorist networks that the US is spending billions to fight having direct connections and lines of dialogue with the CIA — the US government.

This news comes as other stories are breaking of a man in Turkey — who works for Canadian Intelligence [CSIS] — being arrested for recruiting teens to join ISIS in Syria; the Israeli Defense Forces being photographed beside al Qaeda in the Golan Heights; and Iraqi officials reportedly arresting US, Israeli, and Saudi military advisors to ISIS. With no doubt these terrorist networks are a creation and ongoing project of the west, despite what mainstream media sources are pushing.

Aside from the Bin Laden capture and killing being exposed as an American hoax, the above mentioned issues raise many questions into the actual motive behind the murder of Samiullah Khan Afridi. 

When logically thought out, he resigned as Dr. Afridi’s lawyer over half-a-year ago, clearing him of being a threat to the Taliban. This is especially strange considering the doctor continued to treat medically and fund the Taliban for a year — give or take — after he apparently identified the Taliban’s leader to his sworn enemy — the CIA — and had him killed.

Could Samiullah Khan Afridi, lawyer to a known rebel funder and CIA asset, have known too much about the inner workings of America’s intelligence operations? Could he have been a loose end that needed to be cut off?

It’s a strange case indeed, and one that seems far from over. Many questions need to be answered. Unfortunately, Samiullah Khan Afridi won’t be providing any from here on out.

12 Men Executed in One Day by Pakistani Officials

The worldwide recognized school shooting in December led to Pakistan lifting its ban on the death penalty. As a result of the reinstatement, the same day Khan Afridi was murdered, the state also murdered 12 people.

In a statement about the 12 murders at the hands of the government, Pakistan’s Home Minister said these were just the beginning of many executions to come, stating simply, and coldly, “we have started a process, and it will continue.”

By Olan Thomas of

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Jordanian Pilot ISIS Tape: American Made?

isis fake burning jordianian pilot tape cia made america false flag cut2thetruth olan thomas

Yesterday news outlets carried a story pertaining to yet another professionally filmed, edited, and scored ISIS execution tape.

The video, released on the internet, runs 22-minutes long and features the apparent burning death of 26-year-old Jordanian pilot Moaz al-Kassasbeh inside a cage.

In response, Jordanian authorities executed Sajida al-Rishawi, a man previously convicted of attempting a suicide bombing in Jordan, and Ziad al-Karbouli, a top lieutenant of Al Qaeda Iraq.

According to al Jazeera, in a strange coincidence — or maybe not so much — “Jordan’s King Abdullah…was in Washington DC to meet top US officials” when the video surfaced on the global circuit.

This brings us to an important question…

Is the Video a Fake?

The video looks to be a killing. For debunkers this will be a tough one to call a fake in comparison to the James Foley tape or the Stephen Sotloff tape, both of which were proven frauds as quick as they came out for many inconsistencies.

But let’s not forget this latest ISIS film, as convincing as it looks, is only one in now a long line of propaganda films all but proven to be the opposite of what they seem. Simply put, no matter how real the videos from here on out look, they’re still coming from the same production company that clearly faked several videos before now.

That being said, in regards to this latest video, the fact that there is audio of people screaming dubbed over the execution rather than the man being executed’s voice is somewhat suspect. So are the multiple camera angles, picture cuts and fades, color correction, pyrotechnics, and sound mixing. This video would have taken days to edit to its final cut, so its hard to believe it was put together by a few terrorists so quickly.

While the video is convincing, professionals could create a fake burning with little expertise, like in this video of a movie filming where a man is lit on fire. It looks like he should be dead, but he he’s fine.

We can’t ignore that western media is showing this video in its entirety this time; or the fact this video is being pushed by every media source in the west harder than The Interview was. We also must recognize world leaders from all of America’s allied countries have condemned the video and sworn to step up their fight against ISIS because of it. It is clear that authorities want this propaganda film to be known about and seen by as many people as possible in the west, which begs the question: why is the west acting as a public relations firm for a terrorist network in Iraq and Syria?

A Washington Post article released back in 2010 may fill in a few blanks. It was titled: CIA Unit’s Wacky Idea: Depict Saddam as Gay. Within it, reporter Jeff Stein outlines the CIA’s plans in 2003 to create fake propaganda videos with Arab actors in them to show worldwide on the news in order to form public opinion.

“One was to create a video purporting to show the Iraqi dictator [Hussein] having sex with a teenage boy, according to two former CIA officials familiar with the project.” —Washington Post.

This is disgusting for a number of reasons.

First and foremost, whether the man in the video was Saddam or not — which it wouldn’t have been, it would have been an actor — we can see that the CIA was willing to film gay childporn in order to direct public outrage — that’s beyond horrifying! It makes it very easy to accept the fact that people who would film that would have no problem lighting a man on fire and filming it, either. Especially when we consider that the CIA was just under fire over the abhorrent methods of torture they were inflicting on Arabs in their prisons, which included feeding prisoners through their assholes, starving them, sleep depriving them, making them eat their own shit and piss, and in one circumstance, killing a man. The CIA will do anything to anybody. This is crystal clear. Though, again, the film’s killing could have been easily faked.

Additionally, we can clearly see that America’s intelligence community planned on using fake videos to release on the news in the past. It’s undoubtedly something they do, so the idea of the ISIS videos actually being made by the CIA to direct public support for the massacre happening in the Middle East isn’t that far fetched. In fact, it makes more sense than ISIS having a team of professional film editors spending hours on editing videos with no other platform than Twitter to release them on.

“The agency actually did make a video purporting to show Osama bin Laden and his cronies sitting around a campfire swigging bottles of liquor and savoring their conquests with boys, one of the former CIA officers recalled, chuckling at the memory. The actors were drawn from ‘some of us darker-skinned employees,’ he said.” —Washington Post.

Was a man burned on screen? He could very well have been. But if America and its cronies blame Islamic fanatics from a country they’re currently bombing for making the video, who really benefits; ISIS or the military industrial complex? Who is making money from the ratings of the video and the stories around it; ISIS or western media moguls?

ISIS: An American funded Monster

It gets even deeper than that, though. Researchers into this Middle Eastern charade know full well ISIS is merely a creation of US intelligence in the first place. Just like al Qaeda and al Nursa Front, the US created the group to fight against regimes they had in their crosshairs, and now they use them as boogeymen to scare westerners into supporting the loss of their rights at home in the name of “national security” and sending their own troops to those war torn countries. There are numerous crumbs to locate that trail.

In an interview in July of last year, former al Qaeda commander Nabil Na’eem revealed that the founder of ISIS, Abu Bakr Baghdadi, was “basically a US agent”:

“It is known that the USA released him from prison and he spent 20 to 30 million US Dollars to establish these ISIS groups and the first ISIS camps were established in Jordan…these camps were supervised by the Marines, and the arming of ISIS is all American… I was in charge of a camp of 120 men, we were spending thousands of thousands…[on] food, drinks, weapons, munition[s], training.” —Nabil Na’eem, Syria News, July 3rd, 2014.

This is as close of a source as you can get on the subject, and according to Nabil, when ISIS or al Qaeda fighters are wounded they don’t go to Iraq or Syria hospitals, they go straight to Israel — America’s master in Middle Eastern affairs. In other words, Nabil claims the rebels in the Middle East are made, funded, and directed through a joint American/Israeli effort. This claim has been shown to be absolutely true as stockpiles of rebel weapons in Syria and Iraq have been uncovered to show they are Israeli made.

More recently another account from an ISIS recruiter tells the same story. Yousaf al Salafi — an ISIS commander from Pakistan now in prison — revealed to media sources just last week that he was receiving US funding to recruit young people to fight with the rebels in Syria.

The list goes on, and the evidence shows conclusively that ISIS is American made, American paid, and American trained, which brings us back to the Hollywood production propaganda videos. If a guy was really lit on fire or not isn’t the issue. Whatever happens in these videos, and there will be more, we can be all but sure they are made by Americans and intended for Americans — real kills or not.

By Olan Thomas of

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American Hero: Former Head of CIA David Petraeus to Face Multiple Years In Prison

petraeus cheating leaking top secret information us government obama

In a situation forcing the Obama administration to put their money where their mouths are, American hero and former head of the CIA David Petraeus has been caught leaking classified government information to an outsider — one of the worst offences in America’s endless list of ways to get thrown in jail.

US attorney general Eric Holder is left ultimately with the decision to prosecute or not as state prosecutors call for an arrest.

Though the Obama administration has locked up more people for leaking state secrets than every presidential administration before its time combined, Holder appeared on television recently in front of an audience of Republicans and Democrats urging him to look the other way. He stated simply, “the determination is yet to be made.”

This is the same administration, remember, that would happily see Edward Snowden thrown in jail for life, and would make sure of it if he weren’t forced to hide in Russia from his own government. Among other startling revelations, Snowden leaked thousands of classified NSA files that showed in detail a global effort by intelligence agencies working together to secretly monitor every citizen in the western world, documenting their every move — that includes you.

In a similar case, US soldier Bradley Manning leaked secret information and was thrown in military prison for life, never to be seen again. All we know of Bradley Manning now is that the US government paid for a sex change while he was locked up and he now goes by Chelsea Manning. Could there soon be a Doris Petraeus? One can only pray.

A whole slew of politicians who support tracking down Snowden and treating him like Stalin treated his own citizens have come out in support of letting Petraeus off scott free, John McCain included, who says the prosecutors should be punished for making the allegations public, and also Dianne Feinstein, the woman who spearheaded the report on the CIA’s use of torture, who stated, “It’s done, it’s over. He’s retired. He’s lost his job. How much does the government want?”

“Mr Petraeus’ storied career came to an abrupt end in November 2012 when he suddenly resigned as head of the CIA and admitted having an affair with his biographer, Paula Broadwell.” —

Proving she’s nothing but trouble once again, Petraeus allegedly leaked the secret information to Paula Broadwell, his mistress, who outed their illegal relationship by sending threatening letters to another one of Petraeus’ mistresses. Because of the threats an investigation was launched into her actions and her private emails were read by authorities. This is where they found messages from Petraeus containing the top secret information.

A cheater, a liar, and a traitor: welcome to the world of American heroes. It will be interesting to see what punishment this man receives — a man considered a war hero for his disgusting actions in Iraq and Afghanistan — if he receives any at all. If Obama wishes to let him remain a free man, he should also have to set all of the men and women free who are currently serving time for the same crime, and there’s a lot of them. On the other hand, if Obama wishes to stick to his guns and put his money where his mouth is, his good friend General Petraeus should be locked up and the key should be destroyed. It would be a great topic for Paula Broadwell to write a book about.

By Olan Thomas of

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