Evil Secrets: Pedophilia in the Highest Levels of Washington, DC.

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In 2010 the Huffington Post released an article on a problem that gets little attention in the mainstream press; one that if you do your research into it, you will uncover a monster so vile it makes you shudder. Some cry, some fill with rage, many just turn away as if the truth of the matter is so harsh that they can’t compute it when they see what’s really going on within the highest levels of government and elite circles in America.

“WASHINGTON — A major federal investigation has found that dozens of military officials and defense contractors, including some with top-level security clearances, allegedly bought and downloaded child pornography on private or government computers.

The Pentagon on Friday released investigative reports spanning almost a decade that implicated individuals working with agencies handling some of the nation’s most closely guarded secrets, including the National Security Agency and the National Reconnaissance Office, which operates U.S. spy satellites.

Defense workers who purchased child porn put the Department of Defense, “the military and national security at risk by compromising computer systems, military installations and security clearances,” a 2007 investigative report said.

The suspects also put the Defense Department “at risk of blackmail, bribery, and threats,” one report added. The reports, however, do not point to any specific security breaches.”Huffington Post, (23/7/10).

pentagon caseThis story—high-level government workers with millions of child porn files on their work computers—came to light originally through The Boston Globe in 2010, who had obtained documents through the Freedom of Information Act from the US Government, though most of the documents were blacked out, including, of course, most names. Some arrests were made at the time and a few five-year prison terms were handed out, some of the accused quickly paid fines, most were never named and got away with it, though the Pentagon swore to investigate the disgusting epidemic further to get to the bottom of it.

Skip ahead a couple years to 2012 and we find the Pentagon did nothing of the sort. There were no further findings reported. In fact, there was no action whatsoever and according to Forbes that year:

The Pentagon is…under…fire for failing to examine 1,700 of the 5,200 reports of employees doing child porn.  The Pentagon claimed it “wasn’t a priority.” Senator Grassley and his staff have made it one. The closed investigation into wide-spread use of child porn at the Pentagon is now re-opened.”Forbes, (19/9/2012).

Five thousand, two hundred reports! This could be the most disturbing thing aver reported. Can you picture any other other organization having 5,200 known pedophiles all working in the same place? This is no coincidence, that’s for sure. These men and women, who are government officials, National Security agents, Pentagon workers, elected representatives, intelligence agents, etc., to be doing this at work, or on government networks in general, all together, shows that this is a company-wide epidemic, which must stem from inside the company: The United States government. To this day this case remains an unknown work in progress.

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lawrence king

Lawrence “Larry” King.

Since this story has been forgotten by the mainstream media as of late, or at least suppressed, it basically doesn’t exist anymore.

But this sickening tale doesn’t start in 2010 with the Boston Globe article. Way back in the late 1980’s there was a scandal blown open known as The Franklin Cover-Upin which a banker named Lawrence King, who ended up going to jail on a $40,000,000 fraud charge for stealing from the credit union he ran, also was identified for running a child prostitution ring out of Nebraska where hundreds of children, some younger than 10 years old, were flown around the country on chartered jets to have sex—and much much worse activities—with extremely wealthy and powerful American men. High ranking government officials, including those in the White House at the time, were fingered for not only pedophilia, but making videos of their actions, beating the young men they raped, owning child prostitutes of their own, trading the kids between themselves, and even murdering them.

lawrence e king sex scandal news paper clipping

Though there were 80 kids who came forward who were used as sex slaves for King—all telling the same stories—after death threats and a few murders 78 of the kids rescinded their stories. The two that didn’t were put in jail for perjury. No investigation has ever been launched into the matter since.

This first film we’re showing, though it was bought out and cancelled 20 minutes before it was set to air on TV, was made in the height of the scandal. It’s enough to make your jaw drop to the floor. It will also shed the light on why this is the Franklin Cover Up, and not the biggest case in American history:

bonacci 2

Paul bonacci just before his kidnapping.

Long before Alex Jones snuck a camera in to film the Cremation of Care ceremony, one of King’s child victims in the above film, Paul Boncacci, testified that he made midnight visits to White House in the 80’s and witnessed top politicians receive multiple blow jobs from male children. Bonacci has also been documented many times recounting a bone chilling story of himself and another boy being forced into making a snuff film—a film where someone is actually murdered in front of the camera—where a third child was raped, tortured, and killed in the notorious, now not-so-secret, elitist club in the redwoods of northern California called the Bohemian Grove.

Bonacci 1

Paul Bonacci now.

At the time of his emotional description (which is below) Bonacci—who was in prison for child abuse and perjury charges for not retracting his story like the other 78 victims—had no idea what the Bohemian Grove was, no one did until the internet came around, but he described it exactly as it looks, where it was, where the snuff filming took place, and even states “the men in hoods” took care of the dead boy’s body. It’s uncanny:

Former Republican member of the Nebraska Legislature, Senator John Decamp, investigated the Franklin Cover-Up for decades, and in his book The Franklin Cover-up: Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska, he writes:

“In other testimony, Paul Bonacci said that Larry King [not the CNN Larry King; Lawrence King of Franklin Credit Union], was smiling and laughing the whole time the film was being shown, and “the men with hoods” were a Satanic group which planned to use the dead boy in some sort of ceremony. Bonacci also named the director of the snuff film, whom they had picked up in Las Vegas, as ‘Hunter Thompson.'”

Hunter Thompson? Hunter S. Thompson of Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas fame? Yes, that’s the allegation, and though, of course, it is only an accusation, here are some pretty damning supporting facts:

  • A man named Russel Bridges, who was a Republican party photographer and also a photographer for Lawrence King, claims Hunter S. Thompson offered him $100,000 to shoot a snuff film for him in the 80’s, which he declined.
  • Hunter S. Thompson’s secretary wrote on his memoir blog that he once tried to make her watch a snuff film, which she refused to watch.
    hunter s thompson secretary nicloe brown memior stating hunter s thompson tried to get her to watch a snuff film franklin cover upAccording to his Wikipedia, Hunter S. Thompson lived in San Francisco, California—the same place as Bohemian Grove—at the time this all allegedly took place; and he was researching twisted pornography at that time too—eg. bestiality and other disgusting mediums.hunter s thompson wikipedia page working on pornagraphy at time of snuff film supposedly made
  • In Fear and Loathing In Las VegasHunter S. Thompson wrote about procuring adrenochrome—a gland from a human’s brain—from Satanists in order to get extremely high. This is incredible because this is an actual hidden phenomenon—a human’s circulatory system and glands secrete mass amounts of adrenaline before they die, especially if they are tortured first. Anyone looking into the subject is well aware that Satanists—or at least those claiming to be Satanists—have been known to do this ritualistic murder and blood drinking. It’s quite a coincidence Hunter S. Thompson would know about this fact in the 70’s and even wrote about it. In fact, the only people who know about the concept today only know about it from Fear and Loathing In Las vegas, the movie made after Thompson’s book.
    fear and loathing in las vegas
  • In a very possible admission of guilt, a few days after an imposture White House reporter (who we will meet next) was outed as being the adult version of one of the children kidnapped during the Franklin Cover Up, shedding a little light back on the case, Hunter S. Thompson blew his own head off in his hot tub.

gonzo hunter s thompson snuff film maker

This brings us another link in this gruesome chain: Johnny Gosch. On September 5th, 1983, at twelve years old, while out on his paper route in West Des Moines, Johnny was kidnapped.

johnny gosch kidnapping case

His mother, Noreen Gosch, has been relentlessly searching for Johnny ever since and has come to some terrifying conclusions. The first: her son seems to have been targeted, photographed, and sold the night before his abductors grabbed him. Below, telling the rest is an excerpt by Noreen from Johnnygosch.com:

“In 1989, Paul Bonacci provided his attorney, John DeCamp, with information indicating he had participated in the abduction of a Des Moines, Iowa paper boy. This paper boy was Johnny Gosch. Bonacci’s testimony provided a great deal of information about Johnny and his case, however local authorities refuse to interview him, questioning his credibility.

According to numerous reports…Johnny was taken by a highly organized, very corporate, global pedophile/pornography ring. Evidence links this…to the 80’s ‘congressional call boy scandal’, money laundering, drug running, illegal arms deals and more. Like so many others, before and since, Johnny was subjected to severe trauma and torture of a satanic and sexual nature, in order to intentionally destroy the conscious personality—brainwashing. This intentional application of trauma is a systematic procedure used to control these victims, in order to use them in sexual slavery, pornography and more.”

As mentioned in one of the movie clips above, an FBI agent in the 80’s who was assigned to the case named Gary Cadiori once contacted Noreen saying he was flying out to Chicago to meet a source that would prove Johnny was a victim of the child sex-slave ring. According to Cadiori, he had photographic evidence that would blow the case out of the murky water. After meeting with his source, though, Cadiori’s private plane exploded in the air. He was with his ten year old son at the time. Both died in the crash.

(Click here for a photo of Johnny Gosch kidnapped. Photo is of a graphic, disturbing nature, please be advised.)

According to Noreen, Johnny contacted her in 1997, when he was 27, and told her the whole story of how he was kidnapped, tortured, brainwashed, hooked on drugs, and sold into the child-sex trade. He pleaded with her not to say anything, promising her it would be the last thing either of them ever did. According to Johnny, there was no escaping:

“The people who take these children also do a thorough job of brainwashing. Telling these young children that if they try to resume any kind of life with their families…they will be killed. It is enough of a threat…that they do not try to contact their families.”Johnnygosch.com.

Amazingly, a few years ago it was thought that a man who went by the name of Jeff Gannon was Johnny Gosch.

is jeff gannon actually johnny gosch frankilin cover upo lawrence king pedophile scandal white house press coreGannon suddenly appeared, of all places, in the press corps of the White House during the Bush/Cheney administration. At first nobody noticed him much, that is until he started asking obvious softball questions meant for Bush to knock out of the park. Suspicious of the newcomer, the rest of the press corps did a little research into him. They quickly found that Jeff Gannon also went by the name James Guckert in the past, and was also currently a high paid male escort that went by the name of Bulldog.

jeff gannon bish 2jeff gannon1jeff gannon 3 bush

“Bloggers revealed that Jeff Gannon…worked as a $200-an-hour gay prostitute who advertised himself on a series of websites with names such as hotmilitarystud.com.” –The Independent, 2005.  

“Jeff Gannon, … whose naked pictures have appeared on a number of gay escort sites, says that he has ‘regrets’ about his past but that White House officials knew nothing about his salacious activities.”Jeff Gannon Admits Past Mistakes, Berates Critics, Washington Post, 2007. 

Retired FBI agent Ted Gunderson, who intensely worked on the Johnny Gosch case until the day he died in 2011, was convinced that Gannon was Johnny Gosch. According to Rense.com:

“Gungderson says…’My source has told me in the past that he has maintained contact with Johnny Gosch…Let’s just say he’s in a position to know…The kids are all in touch with each other. It’s a bond they all share…The only way I’d be 100 percent sure is if there was a DNA test or if he admitted it.”

Notice how Johny Gosch, James Guckert, and Jeff Gannon all share the same initials. According to further research, they all share the same middle initial, D.

Notice how Johnny Gosch, James Guckert, and Jeff Gannon all share the same initials. According to further research, they all share the same middle initial as well; D.

MSNBC did a show during this controversy and had Jeff Gannon on as a guest. He disagreed with the accusation, saying he wasn’t the kidnapped Johnny Gosch. It’s important to note he also denied being an escort with a straight face until it was proven otherwise. On the show on MSNBC, Gannon agreed to take a DNA test, but he never actually did. According to Noreen:

“We then sent a gentleman representing me to Gannon’s home to talk with him. Gannon answered the door, when the man asked him about a DNA test and told him he was there on behalf of the “woman in Iowa,” Gannon slammed the door on the man. We later were on a network TV show in which Gannon said he would take a DNA test. Only to later develop all kinds of stipulations:
1. That the results should be kept private (no problem there).
2. That I would be required to make a public statement saying he was not my son and sign documents agreeing not to ever mention his name in public.
3. That Gannon would publicly make some declarations of “spiritual support” for me.
4. Finally, that Gannon go forward to be a “national speaker for Missing Children.”

What became of him? On Johnnygosh.com today it reads:

“After years of suffering tremendous torture and pain at the hands of his captors…he [Johnny] and several others escaped. They have been living in hiding under new identities…they fear for their lives. People ask …why is it necessary for someone to hide and live this way?..It is simple, Johnny can identify many of the people involved and would be a threat to the very people who took him. He is known as the “chameleon”. Why? Because he can so completely change his appearance.”

Stories like this make a person’s stomach turn in knots. They are a reminder of how evil and dangerous the world can be. The pedophilia industry is a dark network that exists all over the world today. Rich men pay huge amounts of dollars for films, pictures, and even people—a child slave trade with the most powerful of perpetrators, willing to kill anybody to keep the horror hidden. Most people don’t want to believe it exists in America, but it does. It’s a cover up so disturbing the natural reaction is to say, “I don’t believe it!” and pretend you never heard of it, but it’s nothing new and that reaction is why it continues. Two things are for sure: a) to ignore it is to comply with it happening, and b) this evil must be stopped.

I’ll leave you with a video made as far back as 1981 investigating this very issue in Houston, Texas, where the investigators tell of bankers, oil magnates, and government officials trading selling children to each other—and much worse:

By Olan Thomas of Cut2TheTruth.com.

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