Financial Murder Conspiracy 2015: They All Fall Down (LIST)

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By Olan Thomas of Cut2thetruth.

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Financial Assassins: Another Banker Bites The Dust

shawn d miller murdered dead in his bathtub new york greenwich village banker death throat slashed throat cut cut2thetruth olan thomas conspiracy in the financila world

Months back, and nearly every week it seemed, bankers were dropping dead under extremely suspicious circumstances. These were no tellers, either. These were managing directors and executive directors; men that earned top dollars and made the big decisions in financial institutions from Asia, Europe, and North America. Each death — from repeated staple gun shots to the temple and chest to two bullets in the back of the head — was instantly ruled a suicide the same day the body was discovered. These clearly weren’t suicides. This was, and is, an obvious conspiracy of large proportions. It was like 2014 would see a few from Goldman Sachs or JP Morgan each month up until about August. There were literally dozens. But then it stopped; or so we thought.

Today the New York Post has released word that the trend hasn’t gone out of style yet, it just took a break. Number 48 was killed this week:

“A Citigroup banker was found dead with his throat slashed in the bathtub of his swanky downtown apartment, authorities said Wednesday.”

Wouldn’t you know it? This guy was a managing director too — managing director of environmental and social risk management, to be exact — with deep ties to the World Bank through his specialization in emerging markets for its arm involved in loaning to the private sector, The International Finance Corporation. His name was Shawn D. Miller. Once again he was a young man — 42 — and described as “well liked.”

Screenshot (377)

According to his profile on LinkdIn, Mr. Miller was no slouch, picking up multiple awards throughout his career as an executive banker:

“Mr. Miller has been at the center of the movement to lead the banking industry to responsible and sustainable practices in project finance, and corporate and investment banking activities.”

As there was no knife at the scene the police were unable to rule this one a suicide, which, judging by the dozens of banker deaths this year ruled self inflicted, may very well have been the plan. All that can be done now is speculate, but Shawn D. Miller was the man who oversaw and reviewed “investment projects in the extractive industries (mining, oil and gas)…” for the IFC “in numerous countries ranging from Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey to Uganda, Tanzania, Togo and Bangladesh,” making it entirely possible he came across some activities that could get some people into trouble. Everyone one of those industries Miller was a superstar in — oil, gas, mining, infrastructure, power, cement, renewable energy — are cutthroat industries run by criminal killers, not to mention banking, and competition could have come to dismantle the hero of Citibank’s capital markets. Whatever happened, he didn’t slip into the bathtub while juggling knives because the murder weapon wasn’t there, so somebody needed him gone and saw to it.

Shawn D Miller slashed throat new york dead bankers

A slit throat is obvious foul play, but there is another strange twist to this tale. Miller was found in his million dollar Manhattan apartment — 120 Greenwich Street — by the building’s doorman, not long after he was dead. Why would his doorman go into his apartment? The press has no answer for this:

“It was unclear why the doorman checked his apartment.”

As these stories die as quick as they’re sparsely reported it’s unlikely any further developments will come of this case, but we’ll keep our ears to the grindstone and bring you any further information we can on the Miller case and the others as we receive it.


By Olan Thomas of

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It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane: It’s Another Dead Banker

goldman sachs executive death new york harbor

It seems we can’t go more than a couple weeks without another banker dropping dead. That’s right, since we last reported the “Murder/suicide” of JP Morgan bigshot, Julian Knott, another executive, this time a managing director from Goldman Sachs has literally fallen out of the sky!

where the banker fell into new york harbour

According to the Daily Fail, I mean Mail, “The body of 39-year-old Nicholas Valtz was found floating off Lazy Point in Napeague Harbor, Long Island, on Sunday.” Apparently, and not to say this isn’t the truth, but of course we have a huge reason to doubt it is, Nick was kiteboarding in the early morning hours over the harbor, alone, when he must have caught some bad wind, because after he failed to return home by 2pm—and after the relatives he was staying with decided to call the police—Nick was found dead in the water still attached to his kite; a bunch of his gear scattered in a grassy area nearby.

Screenshot (176)

The worst part, to me at least, about these mysterious banker deaths that have been happening since the beginning of the year—so many I’ve lost count—is they always seem to leave behind young children. Nick, for instance, leaves behind two toddlers and a wife that all loved him. His wife, Sashi Valtz, also works for Goldman Sachs; and just like Nick, she also attended Harvard University. 

Insurance Policy

As we’ve gone over, these big banks are known to take out gigantic life insurance policies on their employees, as we just found out about JP Morgan executives, which could be the reason behind all of the deaths—mostly “suicides”—but there is most likely more to it than that. So far we’ve had a man “shoot himself” in the chest repeatedly with a nail gun—and then in the head; we’ve had multiple “jumpers” smeared out all over the pavement—with false police reports; we’ve had gentlemen “shooting themselves” in the back of the head; and all of them, no matter where in the world, were quickly labeled suicides by the police and then reported as such, briefly, in the news. Why?

Well, anyone who has researched the slightest bit of how the banking system actually works knows it’s the most corrupt institution in human history, and to thrive in such an environment takes a certain type of person, I guess. With money, immense profit, and cutthroat competition as the only rules to the game; worldwide collective debts reaching the point of impossibility to begin to pay back; and the general public waking up to the robbery they have been victim to for the last couple hundred years, I think it’s fair to say there is probably more to it than life insurance policies.

This was what happened when hyperinflation struck in the Weimar Republic. A man sweeps money into a gutter on the left, while a woman burns money to warm up on the right. Imagine a bottle of water costing $1.2 million.

This was what happened when hyperinflation struck in the Weimar Republic. A man sweeps money into a gutter on the left, while a woman burns money to warm up on the right. Imagine a bottle of water costing $1.2 million.

To me it seems like the insiders know something about where the economy is headed. Perhaps, since the central banks feel the need to keep flooding the system with new cash, we’re headed towards hyperinflation, in which case the ones who foresee it coming, the ones causing it to happen for that matter, are getting as much money as they can; maybe to trade for other currencies, maybe to hoard—who knows? One thing is for sure, as we’ve discussed before, money is stagnant—people aren’t spending. The banks, however, are printing money like crazy, which is causing inflation and encouraging people to spend even less, while at the same time increasing federal debts tenfold.

inceland debt recovery jailing bankers and lending from the government

This most recent event though, in New York, is still being looked into by police, so maybe the story will open up even more, but with the police ruling two gunshots to the back of the head a “suicide” in past banker deaths this year, it’s doubtful. As well, it’s very possible Nicholas Valtz did die by accident Sunday morning. Either way it’s a tragedy and I’m sure he’ll be missed greatly by more than just his wife and kids—so if there was foul play, let’s hope, for once, justice prevails.



by Olan Thomas

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