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Propaganda, Misinformation, and Tyranny: Je doute Charlie

charlie hebdo benjamin franklin cut2thetruth editorial

Despite the fact he was a slave owning fat pig of a human being, Ben Franklin nailed it on the head when he told us that those who trade their liberties for securities get and deserve neither. Unfortunately, the days of those types of sentiments being hurled around are long behind us. Now our leaders speak a different game. Now they tell us the complete opposite of Franklin’s vision of a free society, blatantly conditioning us to welcome a police state where the government has absolute authority and the power to watch our every move, as if it’s in our best interests — Orwell’s nightmare turned to accurate prophecy.

Let’s take Boris Johnson, the elected mayor of London for an example. Just yesterday he told news sources that security services should be able to monitor the phone calls and emails of anyone they feel, because he’s “not particularly bothered with this civil liberties stuff.”

Think about that one. The mayor in charge of the most well known city in the democratic world says — without batting an eye — that he doesn’t care much for the people’s rights that elected him. Not only that, but he insists trading one’s liberties for the thought of security is the base of British values, and to those who disagree he advises they “go away.”

This is pure propaganda, an insult to freedom, and it’s a shame England tolerates such a tyrannical mindset to make the big decisions in their historical city. Simply put, Johnson told the world: Surrender your liberties and like it, or fuck off.

What’s worse is England’s prime minister, David Cameron, speaking a few months back about how in his opinion, people who think 9/11 — or the England attacks — was an inside job should be considered terrorists. There are millions of average people who feel 9/11 was an inside job inside England alone — all of them possible terrorists in the prime minister’s eyes. Now you see how loose the term “terrorist” can strech. They can call anyone a “suspected terrorist” in order to strip them of all their human rights.

You also get an idea of how these people feel about the people’s supposed liberties, such as the right to form your own opinion, research alternative narratives, and good old free speech. Cameron believes targeting, surveying, and convicting people simply for their thoughts — so long as they disagree with the state’s official standpoint — is a necessary and good thing. In Orwellian terms: thoughtcrime.

In the same rant, which was in response to the attacks in Paris on the offices of Charlie Hebdo — which have all the hallmarks of a false flag — Mayor Johnson ironically mentioned that the newspaper attack was an attack on free speech. What? Who is he to talk about free speech? What kind of person says they are angered by an attack on free speech a few seconds after saying he “doesn’t much care for…civil liberties?” Do you see the hypocrisy? This guy doesn’t care about free speech or any other privilege afforded to the serfs, he cares about sticking to the narrative the rest of the globalists are sticking to. That’s where his Hitler-like statements came from yesterday.

Meanwhile, David Cameron was in France with the rest of the cabal of world leaders acting for the cameras in a publicity stunt parade — as 10,000 armed forces were deployed throughout the country. All 50 international leaders who attended agree with the same sentiments of David Cameron and Boris Johnson of England. They agree that since 3 people in France, 1 person in Canada, and 1 more in Australia — 4 in total in the entire world — were reported on for going nuts and killing people, that’s enough reason to line the streets with heavily armed forces, track their citizens, profile with prejudice, search without warrant, arrest without crime, imprison without trial, torture without consequence, and kill without remorse. Check into it, these are exactly what the bills being passed through the parliamentary systems in all of the countries participating in the march in France have been implementing for the past few years, and whether they planned the Charlie Hebdo attacks or not, which no doubt a handful of them did, they couldn’t be happier they happened. The solution is justified.

It’s time for passionate speeches from our brave leaders with violence at the core. These people will pay, they’ll tell us. It’s us against them, and we’re gonna kill ’em all! Let’s all get together and march for this cause, unified in the effort to eradicate this plague that has killed on three separate occasions now. They’ll scream it into every microphone they can find. Nevermind the fact cancer kills thousands a month, or the fact children are stolen and sold into sexual slavery in nearly every country on earth, every single day. Don’t worry about making impassioned speeches about starvation killing off entire peoples, or working together to eradicate heart disease. Why rally about these issues? Why eradicate these problems? Don’t worry about them. Don’t fund them. Don’t think about them. We’ve got terrorists to worry about. We’ve got citizens to profile and brown people to kill.

Though Stephen Harper, Canada’s prime minister, wasn’t at the march with the rest of the global cabal, his contradictory rhetoric was heard. “They have declared war on anybody who does not think and act exactly as they wish they would think and act.”

Is Harper offended by this? If so, that’s a very different message than what his actions have spoken. He’s responsible for passing laws recently that state as long as the Canadian authorities feel a person could be a future terrorist — a very loose term, as we know — then the government can take away that person’s rights and lock them without a trial — kind of like how it was done in Nazi germany if someone was suspected of Jewery. All that’s changed is the enemy’s name.

Whether you believe the Charlie Hebdo shooting was an inside job or not,  look what’s happening as the solution to these episodes; or rather, what these episodes are being used to implement. Canada has passed laws making it legal for the government to secretly monitor anyone and everyone they want, as has Australia, as has the US, the UK, and so on, and what we see happening in France may be the most extreme of all, at least on an initial basis. 10,000 troops deployed on the streets? Imagine seeing armed forces outside your window in your home country. Would you feel safer? Would you feel safe at all? Would troops all over the place have prevented any of the attacks that have taken place? No, they wouldn’t have, and it’s ridiculous to think so.

Let’s pretend for a second the threat is as bad as they say, which it isn’t, and at some point down the road all the radical Islamists are gone. Will these unjust laws go away? No. They have been passed and now they’ll be around forever for anyone with the power to abuse them to do just that. But, of course, the terrorist problem will never stop being because anyone daring to step out of line in any way will be labeled as one.

Unfortunately for those of us who value our freedoms and the right to formulate our own opinions, the majority is easy to steer and we get left as a voiceless minority. Ben Franklin was right, and we’re paying for it.

By Olan Thomas of Cut2TheTruth.com.


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Paris Terror: Shooters Linked to President Sarkozy and FBI

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Information leaking out now of monumental coincidences in relationships between gunmen and government could very well be the smoking gun evidence to put this one away. It only took 3 days, but the evidence to show, almost outright, that the Charlie Hebdo shootings and the Kosher grocery store hostage executions in Paris were both, in fact, false flag operations carried out by people personally connected with France’s government.

Hangin’ with Mr. Sarkozy?

We’ll start with Amedy Coulibaly, the man who was reported to have been killed by police after taking 19 hostages in a grocery store in eastern Paris yesterday, and who was also reported to have killed a French female officer the day before.

sarcozy meeting with terrorists

According to Al Jazeera America, who quotes a tweet from Bruno Waterfield of the Telegraph UK, Coulibaly and 8 of his coworkers at Coca Cola were documented in 2009 by a local newspaper to have spent the day with then president Nicolas Sarkozy in Élysée Palace, the official residence of France’s serving president. Coincidence?

“Sarkozy is not truly popular with the youth in the estates. But that is nothing personal. In fact it is the case for most politicians,” said Coulibaly. “The encounter really impressed me. Whether I like him or not, he is the president after all.” —Amedi Coulibaly 2009.

While the Telegraph says they can’t confirm if it’s the same Amedy Coulibaly, and notes the name in the 2009 newspaper ends with an I not a Y, the picture posted on Twitter of the 2009 French newspaper — above — is a definite match to the pictures of the man the news has been splashing around of the Amedy Coulibaly involved in the hostage situation Friday. They are one in the same.


Amedy Coulibaly’s Facebook picture.

It’s at this point one must ponder: what are the chances that a guy published to have spent the day with the active president of France would be the same person to pull off one of the worst terrorist attacks in France’s history less than 5 years later?

Trained by the FBI?

It gets even more questionable as we look at an article published in Reuters that documents a meeting taking place in Yemen back in 2011 between Said Kouachi — the older of the two brothers who are said to have killed 12 Charlie Hebdo employees Wednesday — and al Qaeda recruiter Anwar al Awlaki, who was exposed as an undercover FBI asset when the group Judicial Watch obtained 900 government papers through the Freedom of Information Act that showed Awlaki was leaving voicemails and emails with FBI agents for years after 9/11, at one point point being released from custody at JFK airport by FBI demand, despite having an outstanding warrant for his immediate arrest. 

It was al Awlaki, reports say, that recruited Kouachi to join al Qaeda.

“One of two brothers suspected of carrying out the deadly shooting at a French satirical weekly met leading al Qaeda preacher Anwar al Awlaki during a stay in Yemen in 2011.”

Now we must ask ourselves: what are the chances one of the terrorist attacks that happened in France was committed by a personal acquaintance of a former president; and then add on: what are the chances the other terrorist attack that happened in France, at the same time, was committed by someone who is linked to al Qaeda through a known FBI asset? Then we have to ask ourselves what the chances for both simultaneously happening by accident are and we see the probability is nearly impossible for these both to be coincidences. Mathematically the chances of this being an inside job are abundantly more likely, no matter if you subscribe to “conspiracy theories” or not.

Jihadi Actor?

In another huge coincidence, the other brother in the Charlie Hebdo shooting, Chérif Kouachi, appeared on a French television documentary series about Jihadis in France a decade ago. While many characters made an appearance, reports say Kouachi is the focus of the episode.

By Olan Thomas of CUT2THETRUTH.com.

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Paris Terror: Conflicting Reports On the Most Wanted Woman In France

boumeddiene france false flag operation paris charlie hebdo hostage syria middle east islamists islam terrorism terrorists cut2thetruth

Yesterday as news stories were buzzing around the globe of the hostage situation with Cherif and Said Koucachi — the reported Islamists who killed 12 cartoonists in a france newspaper’s office Wednesday — another story of a hostage situation elsewhere in France was peddled along with them.

According to the CBC yesterday — who has since edited their story — and other mainstream media outlets, 26-year-old Hayat Boumeddiene, the woman suspected of killing a female police officer Thursday, and her partner Amedy Coulibaly, the other killer at the scene Thursday, took at 19 hostages, killing four, in a Kosher grocery store in eastern Paris near Porte de Vincennes metro station.

When the scene came to an end, Coulibaly was reported killed by the police task force who rushed the property with their guns drawn. Boumeddiene, on the other hand, was reported by corporate news sources to have escaped past police, blending in with her own hostages as they were released. This information was said to have come directly from Alliance Police Union spokesman Pascal Disand.

“Hayat Boumeddiene…was the accomplice of Amedy Coulibaly, 32, in a hostage-taking incident at a kosher grocery store in eastern Paris.” —CNN.

Today the story has changed. Aside from media claiming she is a member of al Qaeda in Yemen, now it is said Boumeddiene is already in Syria. Could it be that because of this new fact — obviously meant to add substance to the claim she is a full blooded terrorist — the news sources who spread the stories that she was in France yesterday had to change that fact to fit a timeline of travel? Instead, now they’re claiming Boumeddiene wasn’t at the hostage situation in the Kosher grocery store. In fact, they’re saying she wasn’t even in Paris when the original attacks on the newspaper Charlie Hebdo occurred. This would mean she didn’t shoot the officer Thursday, when the world was introduced to her in the first place.

“According to a number of French media outlets, Boumeddienne apparently fled Paris ahead of the attacks.” —CBC.

Why would they change this detail in the official narrative? It was, after all, a police spokesperson who confirmed Boumedienne was at the grocery store yesterday. Well, because if they didn’t they would have to account for how the most wanted woman in France — as the media is calling her — escaped not only a heavily surrounded hostage situation among the people she was terrorizing without being identified, but also the borders of her own country and Spain into a war-torn terrorist state in no time flat. That would be a hard sell, even for the snakes in corporate propagandist media.

Instead they are now reporting Boumeddiene had nothing to do with the shooting on Thursday or the hostage situation Friday. With this being the case, what crime is she guilty of?

According to Paris prosecutor Francois Molins, it has been discovered that Boumeddiene and the wife of one of the Kouachis had exchanged about 500 phone calls. Authorities think they are part of a larger French terror network and Boumeddiene could have vital information for counter terrorist agents.

To put this madness into perspective, if we can: The authorities began investigating Boumeddiene after she was reported to have killed a female officer, at which point they found her phone records linking her the Kouachi’s wives. But now they are saying she wasn’t in the country when the crimes she was originally under investigation for were committed. What?

Who are we to believe? Do we believe Alliance Police Union spokesman Pascal Disand who said Boumeddiene killed an officer Thursday, took hostages Friday, and then escaped with them as they were being released? Or do we believe Paris prosecutor Francois Molins who says Boumeddiene was already out of France before the Kouachis committed the first attacks on Wednesday, and is wanted for nothing more than making phone calls and having possible information on a French terror network? It’s hard to decipher when it’s not just our mainstream media that reports them both as fact, but the French authorities, as well, leaving skeptics to look on this situation as another poorly orchestrated inside job fed to the public as part of the west’s anti-Islam campaign. But then again, when you’re overthrowing governments and terrorizing foreign countries as America and its allies have done for so long in the Middle East, it’s only natural to have to scare the public into supporting your actions now and then.

As always with these sensationalized stories brought to you by the corporate-agenda-media, every claim must be weighed with skepticism until proven true beyond a reasonable doubt. That’s where these narratives start to come apart, and this Paris situation has all the hallmarks of a planned event.

By Olan Thomas of CUT2THETRUTH.com.

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Paris Terror: 3 Terror Suspects In Paris Reported Dead, 1 At Large


Currently a scene is unfolding in Eastern France where the two suspected gunmen in the Charlie Hebdo shooting are dead inside a printing house in Dammartin-en-Goele, northeast of Paris, having taken at least one hostage into the printing house as police closed in on them.

“‘They said they want to die as martyrs,’ Yves Albarello, a local lawmaker who said he was inside the command post, told French television station i-Tele.” —CBC.ca.

This morning stories broke of the suspects, Cherif and Said Koucachi, who were identified as being the shooters at Charlie Hebdo on Wednesday because one of them left their car and ID behind, being cornered inside CTF Creation Tendance Decouverte, a printing house.

Crowds of citizens gathered outside and applauded as armed forces rushed the property and broke into the building, guns and flash bombs blazing — a scene parallelling the Sydney siege last month.

Since the attack 2 days ago on the newspaper Charlie Hebdo in Paris, which has all the trimmings of a false flag situation, whether people died or not, tens of thousands of heavily armed French security forces have been deployed. De-facto martial law has been declared within the country as citizens are being asked to stay inside their homes.

In a crazy twist, at the exact same time the Kouachi brothers were being reported as taking their hostages, 26-year-old Hayat Boumeddiene, the woman suspected of killing a female police officer Thursday, and her partner Amedy Coulibaly, the other killer at the scene Thursday, took at least 10 hostages in a Kosher grocery store in eastern Paris near Porte de Vincennes metro station.

*UPDATE (2014.01.10) — Hayat Boumeddiene has now been reported to not have been involved in the hostage situation. 19 hostages were reported held, 4 were reported killed.

After screaming “you know who I am,” reports are saying they opened fire in the grocery store, wounding one person. Stories were flying around all the news networks that 2 people were killed in that situation, but the interior ministry has denied that claim.

As schools and businesses were being evacuated, police presence was stepped up throughout the area, and citizens were told to go inside their homes and stay inside, several armed forces agents stormed the grocery store. Amedy Coulibaly was shot dead inside, reports say.

Hayat Boumeddiene, according to Alliance Police Union spokesman Pascal Disand, managed to get away with the other hostages. She is still said to be at large.

By Olan Thomas of CUT2THETRUTH.com.

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Paris Terror: Exposed


The official Narrative:

It’s as if Muslim terrorists are on a world tour right now — that’s how the media tells it, at least. First they put on a show in Canada, then they headed over to Australia, and after a quick hit-n-run and a police knife attack in Dijon, now they’ve done an encore in France. And what and encore!

That’s right. After the mainstream news unsuccessfully tried to push a story at the end of December of a man screaming “Allah akbar” before smashing into people and a business’s front window in his car in eastern France, terrorism returned with a bang; or several.

Yesterday at noon in Paris, three reported Islamists stormed the French newspaper Charlie Hebdo — known worldwide for controversially publishing a cartoon of the prophet Mohammed in 2011 — with machine guns, killing 12 people within a few minutes.

Half an hour earlier, reports say the shooters — dressed in all black, faces covered, and sporting bullet-proof vests — were two buildings down the street, accidentally hitting the wrong address first. There, they grabbed a postal worker as he entered the building, shot a bullet through the glass door of an office, and demanded to know where Charlie Hebdo was located. Boy were their faces probably red.

Running back outside they headed for the right building, got inside, and shot an officer working security. Here they grabbed cartoonist Corinne Rey and demanded in “perfect french” that she bring them to Charlie Hebdo’s offices. At this point, the shooters apparently told Corinne they were members of al-Qaeda.

Even though she had 3 machine guns pointed at her, Corinne intentionally brought the killers up the elevator to the third floor, not the second, where the newspaper’s offices are actually located, in order to save her coworkers — although, if this is true, she automatically put another company in the deadliest of danger.

Luckily for the company upstairs no one was hurt, and they directed the shooters down one floor to the actual office they were looking for, making Corinne type in her access code to open the main doors.

Unluckily for the employees of Charlie Hebdo — which was firebombed in 2011 by reported Islamist extremists — once inside the offices the gunmen opened fire, but not, of course, before screaming “Allah akbar!”

Many employees were shown in videos to have escaped through the rooftop — some wearing bulletproof vests, somehow.

Employee wearing a bulletproof vest in right bottom corner.

Employee wearing a bulletproof vest in right bottom corner.

Reports also tell of an employee named Sigolene Vinson who was told at gunpoint by one of the gunmen, “you we won’t kill because we don’t kill women, but you must read the Quran.” There is no word what books she has read since, fairytales included.

After killing a couple handfuls of people inside the offices, the gunmen are reported to have left the building to jump into their car for a getaway, stopping briefly to shout “Allah Akbar” at police blocking their way and firing several rounds into their squad car.

After this they made it several blocks before stopping again to get out and shoot another officer on a sidewalk.

Almost instantaneously two suspects were splashed on news networks around the world — Cherif and Said Kouachi, ages 32 and 34. They’re both still reported on the run at this point. Reports say they had both priorly been entered into the U.S. government’s Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment system (TIDE)  — a classified master database holding more than 1 million names of suspected terrorists. They are also said to be members of the much smaller no-fly list into or out of America.

Also seemingly instantly were cities of people being broadcasted across the planet holding professionally designed signs which read “Je suis Charlie” — “I am Charlie” — for the cameras. “Je suis Charlie” has also become the hashtag for the event on social media, not organically, but by the media’s direction.

Later in the evening, after seeing his name mentioned in connection with the shootings, 18-year-old Hamyd Mourad turned himself in to Paris police.

With the other two suspects at large, the streets of cities across France felt the presence of heavily armed police.

The next morning — Thursday — it was reported that a female officer was gunned down and killed by a suspect in the same garb the Charlie Hebdo shooters wore. At the same same slaying a municipal worker was shot, but is still alive in hospital. An arrest was made, though it’s not known if it was the shooter, and though the authorities and press are calling the shooting a terrorist attack, they’re deeming it, so far, unconnected with the original shooting.

Holes In the Narrative:

Well, to anybody who has been following the recent trend of “terrorist attacks” in United States allied countries by radical Muslims, even if you prescribe to the mainstream media’s story without question, are you starting to see a pattern yet? There’s already enough evidence out there to call this situation an inside job; a false flag; a covert operation; a hoax; a lie. Whatever you prefer.

Let’s start with these pictures:

paris false flag different rear view mirrors

Maybe the reports will turn out to be wrong and there will end up being more shooters than they’re saying, but these two pictures, both being claimed to be of the only car driven by the shooters, shows two different cars, and the proof is that the rearview mirrors are different colors — black and silver, or white — in each photo. This could be explained — or excused — in any number of ways, though.

This video, on the other hand, is pretty convincing when exposing this situation as a lie. It will be clear to see that the officer being shot on the sidewalk isn’t actually being shot, unless he isn’t human. I say this because there is no recoil from an AK-47 shot to the head and there is no blood whatsoever. No matter what happened inside Charlie Hebdo, what happened outside was impossible:

*UPDATE: IF VIDEO IS DOWN… Youtube has continuously removed every video they can locate showing the proof this shooting of the officer on the sidewalk was fake. For those unfamiliar with firearms, a point blank AK-47 blast to the head would blow a head nearly, if not completely off. Here is a picture of the shot proving it was a blank from Veterans Today:


With the shooting outside now proven a fake, every other event in the scenario loses all credibility — to the thinking person, at least.

The fact that the hashtag “Je Suis Charlie” was drafted up, printed, and handed out to people all over the world within a few hours of the event is pretty suspect. This seems, as it always does with these crisis event hashtags — #Ottawastrong, #Sydneystrong, #WeareallSandyHook, etc. — this seems way too planned. The catchphrase is the conditioning icing on top of the trauma based cake. That’s how they drill this stuff into the public’s heads to believe it happened as they said it happened. Once again, CUT2THETRUTH is calling this a false flag aimed at the campaign against Islam and support for occupying the Middle East. Does that mean nobody died? Of course not. Look at 9/11 and it’s easy to see many people will continue to die to keep this campaign alive. It’s all deception, but the truth is plain to see for anyone who truly seeks it. For example: it’s impossible to shoot someone in the face without brains and blood flying all over the place, and if you believe it can happen, try it on yourself.

We’ll keep you posted on what info we find out as we get it. If you have info, please post it in our information center.

By Olan Thomas of CUT2THETRUTH.com.

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North Korea / Sony False Flag: US Gov’t Ignoring Experts, GOP, and Evidence

north korea sony hack experts say not norh korea fbi false flag obama lies deception truth

Headlines have been ripe for months with accusations of North Korea repeatedly hacking into Sony Pictures’ heavily protected network database. Because of the repeated hacks — which are thought by experts, not the US government, to have gone on for a year before they were discovered in November 2014 — over 100 terabytes of private emails, health records, and private salaries were leaked from Sony’s private network for the world to see.

The hackers not only broke into the system to steal a vast amount of private information, they also left behind a malware known as a wiper that permanently erased data from Sony’s servers. This malware is what finally shone light on the hacking. Through various sharing sites content from the database began to leak and messages were left for Sony with the group responsible identifying themselves as the Guardians of Peace (GOP).

A few short days later President Obama called the action an act of terrorism after the FBI stated North Korea was to blame. Why? Because they claim the malware was encrypted with the same computer language that was used to hack South Korea’s banking system in 2013. As well, messages were sent to Sony employees threatening further attacks if the movie The Interview — where two Americans are sent undercover to assassinate Kim Jong Un, North Korea’s dictator — was released to the public, which was scheduled for Christmas day 2014.

The movie was cancelled for release in theatre, but was still released on many online movie sources.

Contrary to the FBI’s conclusions, though, not only North Korea’s government, but top hackers from around the world have come out to state the controversial country has nothing to do with Sony’s troubles, and they say they can prove it.

“At least one former employee of Sony Corp.  may have helped hackers orchestrate the cyber-attack on the company’s film and TV unit, according to security researcher Norse Corp.” —Bloomberg.

According to Kurt Stammberger, senior vice president at Norse — a leading cybersecurity firm who launched a private investigation into the matter — “When the FBI made this announcement, just a few days after the attack was made public, it raised eyebrows in the [hacker] community because it’s hard to do that kind of an attribution that quickly. It’s almost unheard of.”

So to him, a leading expert in computer hacking and cybersecurity, no one on earth could have traced the hackers as fast as the FBI confirmed North Korea as the culprit.

Stammberger added, “All the leads that we did turn up that had a Korean connection turned out to be dead ends.”

“Stammberger…said he used Sony’s leaked human-resources documents and cross-referenced the data with communications on hacker chat rooms and its own network of Web sensors to determine it was not North Korea behind the hack.” —New York Post.

Stammberger’s investigation points towards hackers known for pirating movies online working side-by-side with either one or many former Sony employees who were fired back in May being responsible.

Adding fuel to his findings, the technical expert reminded Bloomberg News in a phone interview that the Guardians of Peace started by simply trying to extort Sony; they said nothing about The Interview being released until after North Korea had already publicly condemned the movie.

After the FBI got involved and threats came in referencing the movie, the news reports went wild blaming North Korea with no ifs, ands, or buts. Soon after, through the collaborative site GitHub.com, the GOP released a statement that plainly said, “We know nothing about the threatening email received by Sony staffers.”

That didn’t change the American government’s minds. Not in the least. In fact, Kurt Stammberger has since met with agents of the FBI to share his cybersecurity firm’s findings, and the FBI has disregarded all of them. To them, it was North Korea no matter what the experts, the GOP, or the evidence says, even though all three unconnected parties agree completely.

They’re not the only ones, though:

“While the hackers have identified themselves only as Guardians of Peace, emails pointing journalists to allegedly stolen files posted on a site called Pastebin came from a sender named “Nicole Basile.” A woman by that name is credited on IMDb as an accountant on the studio’s 2012 hit film The Amazing Spider-Man, and her LinkedIn page says she worked at Sony for one year in 2011. Basile couldn’t be reached for comment and the studio declined to confirm if she works or has worked there.” —Hollywood Researcher.” —the Hollywood Reporter.

Another cybersecurity expert named Hemanshu Nigam — founder of SSP Blue and a man who has worked for over 20-years in the industry alongside big corporations and governments, has also voiced his doubt that North Korea committed the hacks. Like all of the parties, other than the US government, who has looked into the case, Nigam feels the person who committed the hacks had to have had access to the system from the inside at some point. According to him:

“If terabytes of data left the Sony networks, their network detection systems would have noticed easily. It would also take months for a hacker to figure out the topography of the Sony networks to know where critical assets are stored and to have access to the decryption keys needed to open up the screeners that have been leaked… Hackers don’t use such things as Hushmail, Dropbox and Facebook when they want to engage in what amounts to criminal activity. Real hackers know that these sites collect access logs, IP addresses and work with law enforcement. It is possible that North Korean-sponsored hackers were working with someone on the inside. But it is more likely a ruse to shift blame, knowing the distaste the North Korean regime has for Sony Pictures.” —Hemanshu Nigam on the Sony hackers.

Simply put, the networks that were hacked within the Sony system were targeted, and only locatable by someone who already knew where to look. As Hemanshu Nigam aptly stated, it’s more likely North Korea is being conveniently scapegoated for their regime making public their distaste for The Interview — which is understandable, as it’s a movie about their leader being killed by the CIA.

Former Anonymous and LulzSec hacker Hector ‘Sabu’ Monsegur — who committed some of the most notorious cyber attacks against corporations in America before being caught and turning informant — is another expert, one of the best ever, who doesn’t buy the FBI’s story that North Korea committed the hacks. He says they simply lack the capability to commit such a cyber attack.

“Look at the bandwidth going into North Korea. I mean, the pipelines, the pipes going in, handling data, they only have one major ISP across their entire nation. That kind of information flowing at one time would have shut down North Korean Internet completely. They don’t have the technical capabilities.” —Sabu Monsegur, Afterdawn News.

Despite all of these experts speaking out against the FBI’s conclusions, Obama is still dropping threats against North Korea, sticking by his speech writers opinion that this was a deliberate terrorist attack against America’s safety. The question remains: why?

By Olan Thomas of CUT2THETRUTH.com.

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