Congressman Thomas Massie Blowing the Whistle On the US GOV Controlled Afghan Opium Monopoly

After recent public statements by Congressman Thomas Massie of Kentucky, Olan Thomas from Cut2theTruth reports on speculation surrounding the US Government’s involvement in turning Afghanistan into the all-but-sole supplier of opium on planet Earth since their invasion 16 years ago.


By Olan Thomas of Cut2theTruth

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ISIS Bombshell: Leaked Pentagon Document Shows US Gov “Supports Efforts of Islamic State”

It couldn’t be more official now. America’s government and the Western governments it aligns itself with support the terrorists they claim to be fighting against.

News this week of a 2012 Pentagon document — which outlines America’s intelligence community’s views on the situation in the Middle East — shows that the US and its ally Western forces fully support the rebel forces in Iraq and Syria. These rebel forces included back then and still include today: al Qaeda, the Islamic State of Iraq, and Syrian rebel forces such as al Nursa, who together soon after the release of this document would form the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS as they’re popularly known.

In plain English the government documents reads:

 “Development of the current events into a proxy war: With support from Russia, China, and Iran, the regime [Assad’s Syrian Government] is controlling the areas of influence along the coastal territories…On the other hand, opposition forces [ISI, al Nursa, al Qaeda] are controlling the eastern areas…Western countries, the Gulf States, and Turkey are supporting these efforts.”

In other words, and despite what we’re being told by Western media and official government statements, what’s going on today in the Middle East is as follows: Russia, China, Iran, and Syria are fighting a war against America and its allies through terrorist networks such as ISIS, al Qaeda, and Nursa Front, who are also supported locally by Turkey and Gulf States such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

By Western forces supporting these zealot terror Sunni networks, who are recruited by means of fighting against secular Islam and Shiite Islam , a group like ISIS was in the plan for America, according to this document, as a useful tool to topple the Assad regime of Syria and its supporters to control the resource-rich area: America has classified Syria’s current government as a terrorist government and state sponsor of terrorism since 1979.

“This creates the ideal situation for AQI [al Qaeda Iraq] to return to its old pockets in Mosul and Ramadi and will provide a renewed momentum under…unifying the jihad of Sunni Iraq and Syria, and the rest of the Sunnis in the Arab world… ISI [Islamic State of Iraq] could also declare an ‘Islamic State’… with other terrorist networks in Iraq and Syria.”

As we know today, that’s exactly what happened. Not long after this document was drawn up the Islamic State of Iraq did join forces with the Western supported rebels of Syria; and ISIS was born. Mosul was taken by the terrorists last summer and Ramadi fell to them a couple weeks ago. This terror was not only predicted perfectly by the US intelligence community, but also, according to this document, supported as advantageous.

An article this week on Zero Hedge points to another US Army-commissioned document released by the RAND Corporation four years prior to this 2012 document’s release which outlines a plan magnify the rift between the Sunnis and Shiites of the Middle East in a “divide and conquer” strategy aimed at disrupting “Iranian power and influence.” That document too stated the US was making alliances with “nationalist insurgent groups,” such as al Qaeda Iraq and Islamic State of Iraq, in order to create a strong Sunni militia that could challenge Syria’s regime:

“Although these nationalists ‘have cooperated with al-Qaeda against US forces,’ they are now being supported to exploit ‘the common threat that al-Qaeda now poses to both parties.’” —Zero Hedge.

So now instead of having purely Middle Eastern reports of ISIS being created, supported, funded, trained, and used completely as a tool of Western warfare and propaganda, we now have it in writing from the US Government itself. If this doesn’t put a whole new spin on the anti-terror measures being implemented worldwide for those who believe the mainstream narrative — which was and is a complete lie — then maybe nothing will.

While America, Canada, Britain, France, Australia, Denmark, and the rest of them increase mass surveillance, profiling abuses, pre-crime and trial-less detainment powers in the name of protection from the “terrorists,” it now becomes crystal clear that the governments enforcing these Orwellian efforts are the causes and support-lines for the very terrorists they’re claiming as theirs and our enemies. This shows us who the real terrorists are and have been all along, does it not?

By Olan Thomas of

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How We Know the Earth is Round / Flat Earthers DEBUNKED: Exploring Science, Ep. II

It’s actually quite an interesting history, that is, mankind realizing the correct shape of the earth, how it spins, around what and why. Unfortunately in the world of conspiracy there’s been a topic in play for a while stating that the earth is flat and sitting still — yes, people even claim that today — rather than round and spinning through space. Worse than the people making these claims is the amount of people watching their videos, reading their articles and falling for the claim. This could be the most ridiculous theory put forth in the so-called “truther” community.

As well as the world seen through religious, esoteric, or spiritual eyes, the flat earth proposal is another ancient form of thinking brought back to the table and passed off as possible through the internet — usually by quoting the works of ancient thinkers who lacked the information of future generations that prove they were dead wrong. To the flat earther, the government, NASA, the Russian and Chinese space programs, etc., etc., are all lying to their respective populations to convince them that the earth is circular orb, when it actual fact it’s a flat disc. For what end I’m yet to find out. There seems to be no motive behind this massive lie, but the theory is still catching ears. Maybe this is a reflection of the unsurety of the generation living today, because there are plenty of lies and actual conspiracies going on everyday, so it’s hard to believe anything, especially views put forth in school textbooks, newspapers, TV and radio reports, or any other mainstream source of information, that we can take at face value. But the information we get through the science community, in my opinion, is by and large information that can be trusted. Science, ideally, is a system which calls for evidence to back its findings. If there is no evidence then the theory is strictly theoretical and is yet to be considered a true scientific theory, such as general relativity, the laws of motion and so on. The theory of the earth being an orb, as it happens, can be proven in many ways.

A FLAT EARTHER’S DIAGRAM. How is it inaccurate? Because, among many other fallacies, even if the sun were that tiny, we would still be able to see its light from anywhere in the world at any point of the day or night.

The actual cycles of the moon and the shadows the earth casts.

The easiest way is to simply look at the shadow the world casts on the moon; it’s curved. A flat disc would show a very different shadow indeed. But aside from that fact, flat earthers also claim the earth doesn’t move. According to them the sun, stars and moon — which are also flat discs — revolve around a flat stationary world, never the other the way around. What they don’t realize is that if that were the case, the sun would always be shining down and visible from every continent at all times, which means the shadow on the moon, which would appear drastically different than it actually looks, would appear the same every night.

A better way to see through the disinformation regarding the flat earth proposal is by understanding how we know planet earth is an orb — like all the other planets and moons in our solar system — that constantly spins in circles through space as it revolves around the sun in the first place. As I said, this is quite an interesting bit of history.

A Short History of Our Placement in the Universe, the Shapes of Planets and Stars, and The People Who Brought Us the Knowledge

For many thousands of years it was agreed by the powers that be, and therefore all those under them, that the world was flat and sat as the center of the universe. There have been many systems based on this presumption that, to the people who worked on them, made theoretical sense at the time of their proposals. But, and more important to our subject at hand, many ancient thinkers believed the world was a sphere far before we figured out the sun is the center of our solar system. We’ll start with the earliest known thinkers on the subject; The Babylonians.

Early Babylonian illustration of the earth — flat with a domed sky overhead.

During the time of the Old Babylonian Period — 2000-1600 BC — the land which was once ruled by Sumerian royalty was turned over to and then ruled by the Hammurabi Dynasty, named for the Semitic king Hammurabi who first conquered the land on the left bank of the Euphrates — 70 miles from what today is Baghdad. During these 400 or so years, a vast amount of clay tablets were made in the ancient cuneiform written language that tell us today what these primitives thought about the world around them and the stars in the sky above.

Because so many thousands of pristine tablets have been discovered in the ruins of the area, it is here we see our earliest model for the universe. We can see for ourselves that the Babylonians had star maps and calendars made up to track their days, months, and years, and were quite obsessed with tracking the objects hovering above their heads. Unlike other civilizations at relatively the same time, the Babylonians tracked not only the sun cycles, but the moon, planets and stars as well. To these ancients the objects above, such as the sun and moon, were the gods themselves looking down on them, providing them heat and light, cold and darkness, scarcity and abundance. Phenomena they witnessed in the sky they saw as omens, either good or bad. An eclipse, for instance, was written about by the Babylonians as a sign of coming drought and/or famine, not the moon blocking the light from the sun as we know it is today. Having these beliefs — and lacking the scientific instruments we have today — we can see there was no reason for the Babylonians to believe anything except that the ground they walked on was the center of the entire universe with the planets, stars, moon and sun circling just overhead. Therefore the earth was a flat plain, they thought. While they were ignorant to the facts we know now, their amazing work on the stars and planets were instrumental in the advancement that led to our current knowledge of the universe.

In 1100 BC, or so, the empire of Babylon fell to Assyrian rule. While the Assyrian conquerors wiped out basically everything about the Babylonian’s culture they could get their hands on, they didn’t destroy the many records the former civilization had made regarding the stars of the night sky. By 1000 BC it is recorded that the star-gazers in Babylon recognized 18 different constellations through which the sun, moon, and the planets moved — the first zodiac. They too, without the aide of the telescope, believed earth was a flat plain sitting at the bottom level, dead center, underneath the next level which consisted of the sun, moon, and planets, which were still gods and still floating in cycles just above their heads, and then above that rotated another level of fixed stars, holding the zodiac, which spun much slower. It isn’t a bad theory considering the lack of knowledge they had of the makeup of the universe; quite intuitive — it’s quite counter intuitive to think the world is an orb spinning at incredible speeds. In any event, this remained the same model for the universe by 464 BC, when the zodiac shrunk down to the 12 signs still recognized today. It’s important to note these ancients believed the zodiac had a direct impact on their health, fortune and well-being. Though they made brilliant strides in tracking and recording their positions, they had no idea what the stars were composed of at all, how far away they were, or what they were, and because they could only use the naked eye, they were only aware of 5 planets: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. The most important thing to take from this period of star tracking is these were the first people to notice that the stars moved with regularity — in some sort of pattern — and began to track and record these patterns. This was the first step in finding out the shape of our own world and the solar system and universe it’s a part of.

Hipparchus of Samos.

The Assyrians were conquered by the Persians, who carried on the work of tracking stars and recording their findings from Babylon, adding more mathematics to the picture and making accurate predictions for astronomical events. They in turn were conquered by Alexander the Great, starting the Hellenistic Period, a very important period to our knowledge and examination of the sky. Here the Greek thinker and first Greek astronomer Hipparchus used the work done by the former Babylonian star gazers and predicted the earth to be a sphere which spun on an axis to explain the motion of the stars. Some stars, as it happens, seem to travel in one direction for a portion of the year, and then at another portion they appear to go in reverse. Hipparchus concluded that the earth must be spinning and moving around an orbit to explain the apparent retrograde motion of the stars. Estimating that the planets — the brighter stars that followed a path different from the other stars — were like our planet. The sun, he thought, must be the center of the universe, not the earth. This was all the way back around 140 BC. Hipparchus’ work was largely ignored by his contemporaries and his writings are also now lost to us, though his theory would become famous through another man named Nicolaus Copernicus nearly 20 centuries later. Before Hipparchus, though, was another Greek named Aristotle, who all the way back in 350 BC proposed the universe functioned with earth being a sphere — the first to make the claim famous — at the center, another layer spun around the earth consisting of the sun and moon, another layer of planets above that, and a bunch of other layers on top of those made the visible stars, all of which — 55 layers in total, originally — spun uniformly. This model, inspired by his teacher, Plato, was extremely accurate in predicting the motion of most of the bodies in the sky and was accepted as fact for over a thousand years. It’s important to note that even though he was right about the world being round, Aristotle was dead wrong about everything else.

This ship on the horizon looks as if it is halfway underwater, displaying visual proof for the curvature of the earth.

Aristotle was a huge influence on Ptolemy, another Greek thinker, this time from the second century AD. After extensive research on the work of the Babylonians and Aristotle, Ptolemy also thought the world had to be round. After all, the math and theory behind the idea predicted events year by year seamlessly. But unlike Hipparchus, and sticking with Aristotle’s line of thought, Ptolemy reinforced the notion that the earth was sitting still at the center of the universe with multiple layers of planets; the sun, the moon, and stars rotating around it, some of those rotations holding other rotations called epicycles which he felt explained the appearance of the retrograde motion of the stars. A key point Ptolemy pointed out to prove the earth is round is by showing that ships approaching on the horizon appear to be rising from under the water. This, he posited, was caused by the curve of the earth. It therefore must be round. This may be the first experimental evidence reported to support the round earth theory. It’s an undeniable and testable conclusion. This particular observation and similar ones were also recorded by a Greek philosopher named Strabo around 30 AD, who pointed out that elevated lights on the shore were visible to ships at a distance before sea-level lights on the same shore. This, he explained, was clearly due to the curving of the ocean. If the ocean were flat then the lower lights would be as visible as the elevated lights at the exact same time.

After this the Dark Ages came with the church — in an attempt to run the world through absolute authority — putting the kibosh on scientific exploration. The Bible was all people needed. It would be over 14 centuries before scientific discovery became a serious issue of study again. But either way, by now it was already a commonly held belief in nearly all cultures, based on the evidence, that the earth was a sphere, though it was agreed that the sun revolved around it, as the flat earthers today argue.

Illustration of Copernicus’ model.

In 1519, 35 centuries after the Babylonians began recording the movement of the stars, the famous Portuguese explorer Magellan sailed with five other ships that ended up circling the entire world without falling off an edge. There was the direct proof to the long held theory that the world was, in fact, round. Unfortunately for Magellan, he never got to see it. He was killed in the Philippines by natives before the journey was finished. Just a few years later, Nicolaus Copernicus, who mastered the works of the ancient astronomers before him and tracked the stars nightly himself, published letters to his close friends of his theory which stated the round earth, along with the visible planets, which he postulated were also spheres, orbited around the sun, which sat at the center of everything. He cited the earth moved in three ways: on its axis, around the sun once a year, and it also tilted on its axis. Like Hipparchus before him, Copernicus showed that the only way to explain the apparent retrograde motion of the stars was to be viewing them from a moving earth. This was completely contrary to the model of the universe held to be true by the church, which was Aristotle’s system of an earth centred universe. After all, the Bible says several times that the earth cannot be moved, so the notion of our planet whizzing through space wasn’t only counterintuitive, but also heretical. Copernicus would later publish his work in a book called Dē revolutionibus orbium coelestium, a book that would become a fundamental catalyst for the scientific revolution. In it, Copernicus had mentioned the work of Hipparchus as an influence for his heliocentric model, but it was deleted before publishing.

Nearly a hundred years after that the Italian Galileo got his hands on a brand new invention: the telescope. In 1609 he pointed it at the sky and could see the brilliant sphere that is our moon as if it were a few feet away. He also saw Saturn, Jupiter and the round moons that orbited it. Since then, basically, we have all been free to look through a telescope ourselves to witness the shadows on the moon that clearly display its dimensions as an orb. We can also look at the planets of our solar system from home to prove to ourselves that they’re also spheres. We can even look at the sun through a filtered telescope and see that it too is a sphere. What is amazing is that before we had telescopes to see the planets and moons in our night sky, geniuses like Hipparchus used charts of the motion of the stars to conclude the correct theory, that is, that the earth and all of the other bodies in the sky are spheres which move in constant motion around the sun.

Picture from

Sir Isaac Newton.

To reiterate, it goes against all rational lines of thinking to believe the earth is round. The people on the bottom should be falling off. It’s also seemingly unreasonable to think that the earth is constantly spinning at just over 1000 mph while it speeds at an additional 67,000 mph around the sun. We should all be flying off! The flat earther would agree, but that’s not the case. We’ll dissect these two lines of thought one by one. Firstly, the answer for why we don’t fall off the bottom of the world is simple: gravity. Through complex equations in a form of calculus he invented himself, Isaac Newton published his laws of motion and his law of gravity in his work Principia in 1687, which stated, to put it simply, that objects of mass attract each other. The earth is a massive object. We’re tiny in comparison, therefore according to Newton, we are constantly being pulled towards it. This is why when we jump we fall back down every time. Through this rationale Newton also explained why the moon orbits our earth and why every object in the sun’s vicinity revolves around it. Newton showed, to put it specifically, that any two bodies in the universe will attract each other with a force directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them. Simply put, the bigger the object the stronger the force, the farther the distance the weaker the force; and vice versa. Einstein would come along later to completely rewrite gravity in his own way, but Newton’s square law still applies to prove our point here. Secondly, the reason birds don’t appear to fly backwards after they lift off the earth is because they, just like you and I, are travelling on top of the earth and are therefore travelling the same speed as it. Think of it this way: if you were sitting on a seat in a moving bus travelling at a constant speed and you dropped your pen to the ground below, the pen wouldn’t hit the ground behind you, it would fall directly beneath you. This is because the bus, you, and the pen are all traveling at the same speed. This is the same principle as why we can’t feel the earth spin; we’re travelling at the same speed as it, so relative to each other we are still. Galileo demonstrated this by dropping a ball from the mast of moving ship and showing that it hit the deck directly beneath him, not directly beneath the point in space it was dropped from, which would have been in the water far behind the ship by the time the ball fell the whole way. By demonstrating this, as anyone can do, it proves objects travelling on top of objects moving at a constant rate will stay put on top, just as we do on our spinning earth.

The Blue Marble

Another claim the flat earthers subscribe to is that all pictures of the earth from space are faked by NASA. This is quite a bogus claim as NASA isn’t the only organization to photograph our planet from space. The first people to do it — Captains Albert Stevens and Orvil Anderson of the US Army — did it in November of 1935. The project, which was the highest altitude reached by any human before — 72.3 thousand feet — was funded by National Geographic and brought back important information on our stratosphere, but more importantly the photos taken showed the curve of the earth. Then in 1946 a group of soldiers and scientists in New Mexico launched a V-2 missile 65 miles high that snapped even more pictures of earth and its true shape — round. The most famous image of earth is known as the Blue Marble, taken in December 1972 from 2 hours past earth’s atmosphere, which shows an incredible view of our planet completely lit up with the sun behind the photographers, Eugene Cernan, Ronald Evans, and Joe Engle of the Apollo 17 mission. It captures the earth correctly as a majestic looking sphere. 

There is truth to the claim that some of NASA’s photos — and other space programs’ photos — of earth from space are edited and sometimes compiled together to make one shot out of many using computer programs, but this doesn’t mean they aren’t pictures of earth or made up graphics. They are simply edited to give the clearest picture possible of all details visible.

By no means have we gone over a complete history of astronomy or the elements that prove our planet’s shape and motion through space — not even close — but hopefully we have gone over enough to show that we — humans — know with confidence that a) the earth is a sphere, as are the sun, moon, and other planets; and b) the earth doesn’t sit still, it spins and orbits the sun with no pause — as well the sun revolves around our galaxy at incredible speeds and our galaxy rotates around other galaxies near to it, so add on those numbers to the speed earth moves. The flat earthers are wrong and their claims can be easily shown as so. Whether it’s just uneducated people, people looking for internet hits, or intentional disinformation, this is a subject that should be put to rest before it gains any further support. The history, science, and math all disagree with the proposal. Therefore so should we.

By Olan Thomas of

Most of the information from this article came from The Universe: From Ancient Babylon to the Big Bang (Book) By J.P McEvoy, which you can find in the C2T Store. It is an excellent read and provides a complete history of man’s study of astronomy.

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Garland Consensus In: False Flag Terror

false flag garland texas mohammed contest shooting elton simpson cut2thetruth olan thomas pamela geller fake hoax proof

A false flag is when a government or corporation — or both — create a crisis to shift blame on an innocent party in order to incite war against them, or put unjust laws in place that would otherwise have been looked at as treasonous had the crisis not occurred. Simply put, they are fake events meant to steer public opinion to a predetermined outcome. Problem, reaction, solution. The oldest trick in the book.

Why should we trust the US Government or Western media? Well, we shouldn’t because they’re liars, manipulators, propagandists and terrorists, both of the mind and body, serving a selfish agenda and not caring who they harm in the process. That is and always has been their business. Anytime a story is being pushed by one or the other, the first thing we should do is doubt it completely until it’s proven outright. The recent “shooting” in Garland, Texas Sunday night is no exception. It has all the hallmarks of a false flag designed at spreading more Islamophobia throughout the West as the illegal war in the Middle East flames on. Can we call this situation a hoax completely at this point? No, maybe not completely. But in the words of Veterans Today: “If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck.”

For those who don’t follow the news as close as us here at C2T, let’s take a quick second to recap the events in France which began at the magazine Charlie Hebdo — which led to stronger anti-terror laws there — that this Texas shooting is a replica of.

In January of this year it was reported worldwide that the magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris — famous for controversially publishing cartoons of the prophet Mohammed — was attacked by two radicalized Muslims who broke into their office building and shot 12 people to death.

Right away there was enough evidence to put the whole narrative to rest as a complete media/government lie. Aside from the suspects being connected to government figures in France — including former President Sarkozy — the nail in the coffin was a video the press released which claimed to show one of the “terrorists” shoot an officer in the head in the street. This video, as is easy for anyone with functioning eyes to see, was and is a complete fake. There is no recoil when the man is shot point blank in head, close range, with a high powered rifle. This is impossible. Not only that, we can see the blank from the gun strike the pavement beside the alleged victim. And to top it all off, there is no blood whatsoever. Another easy to spot impossibility. Blood and brains would be everywhere in an instant if someone were really shot in the head from a few inches away with an AK-47 bullet, but there is none to be seen. Because of these factors we can say with confidence that this was a faked video, and the only reason to believe the narrative trumpeted by the press about this whole situation would be because we saw it on TV, but if you still believe everything the TV tells you you’re still stuck in hopelessness, and you’re in for a rude awakening. Take a look for yourself:

Something also very strange was the sudden death of the lead detective investigating the Charlie Hebdo
case. After interviewing key witnesses and families of the “victims” he was found face-down on his desk with a bullet in his brain. It was reported a suicide. Skeptics think he either wasn’t playing ball, or found out too much too quick, as this was mere days into the investigation. Either way, the France shooting was a hoax. There is no doubt about it.

Next came the shootings in Copenhagen. These were exactly the same as the France shootings — crazed Muslims being reported as shooting up a cafe holding a free speech rally with cartoonists in attendance which had drawn Mohammed — and just as the France shootings, the evidence released by the government and press were easy to spot as phonies. Take the audio recording of the shooting for an example. Any rational person can immediately tell that this is a doctored tape. The first giveaway is the lack of screams when the bullets start to fly. This was at a cafe filled with people and not one of them let out a peep when rounds of bullets started flying around their heads. This is not organic and impossible in likelihood. To the trained ear it’s also very easy to hear that the gunfire itself is dubbed in. Take a listen:

It’s important to mention that the Copenhagen incident happened at the exact same time a scheduled military drill was happening to train for the exact circumstances of what happened that day in the same place. In fact, it was reported weeks earlier that a man predicted the false flag as soon as he heard the drills were scheduled. Low and behold they did. These false flags 9 times out of 10 coincide with drills which mimic the reported “live” situations. Quite a coincidence, huh? We released several articles exposing both Copenhagen and France’s false flag attacks — as well as Canada’s and the ISIS videos which tie into this international anti-Islam agenda — and I implore you to review it all if you remain unconvinced that these were fake events. For now we’ll get into the latest false flag which happened Sunday in Garland, Texas — a suburb of Dallas.

False Flag? We’d Say So.

As the news tells us, Sunday night in Garland drew hundreds of people in the same place to take part in a contest to see who could draw the best picture of Mohammed — as if that were a good idea. As the crowds gathered with military guarding the disrespectful instigating contest, two shooters — so they tell us — rolled up with high powered machine guns and began to blast. The two shooters, as is always the case, were killed on sight and are now unable to provide any further details into the case. 

Place of shooting.

Aside from basically inviting radicalized Islamics to strike against the crowd of racists who felt it was their patriotic duty to draw the prophet of another religion — which condemns the activity by religious law — aspects from the reports and people around the organization of the event draw many red flags.

Firstly we’ll point out the fact that just like the Copenhagen, France, and Ottawa “shootings,” the suspects involved in this Texas situation were once again well known to authorities. It has been reported that one of them, Elton Simpson, was arrested by the FBI five-years ago for terror charges and somehow let off the hook. He has been monitored by FBI since and there is no doubt he has been in contact with them since his first encounter. Patsy? Informant? Either way, he was clearly an asset with ties to the feds in one form, the other, or both.

Independant researcher Press Reset Earth points out an obvious error in the mainstream narrative as well. In a recent video he showed a zoomed in image from the Daily Mail which shows the “bodies” of the alleged assailants laying next to their getaway car. A close look reveals this photo shows nothing of the sort.

Attack: The bodies of shooting suspects are seen next to their vehicle as it is searched for explosives at an anti-Muslim event in Texas on Sunday. The two men had got out the vehicle and opened fire, wounding a security guard in the leg, before they were shot by police

As is also always the case in these reported hoaxes, this picture — the most important to prove the gunmen were killed — is blurry, grainy and unlike the rest of the dozen or so photos released in the same article that are easy to make out. But it is unmistakable to the observer who looks with more than a glance that the object inside the red circle is not a human being. If it is, they are no bigger than 2.5 feet tall — a little taller than the car’s tires. When we view the object relative to the size of the vehicle right beside it we can see that if that were a person, then standing up they wouldn’t be able to see over the top of the car, maybe even not inside the windows. Unless the news reports one of the shooters to be a midget we can be sure this isn’t a picture of a dead body. It’s a lie.

Next we’ll dissect the idiocy behind this event in the first place. While they say this contest to draw Mohammed was to advocate free speech, anyone with half a brain can deduce this was nothing but unnecessary provocation. There are numerous ways to promote and exercise freedom of speech — this website you’re on being one — but arranging an event to poke fun at a religion’s laws is nothing but an instigation at that religion directly, nothing more. This is especially stupid after what was reported to have happened in Paris and Denmark.

Ewwwww! Gross!

Where Russell Brand really stands.

It’s no surprise the event was coordinated by known racist Pamela Geller, who is known in America for running a campaign of bus ads throughout New York — funded by Israeli lobbies and Zionist families — promoting the notion that Islam was solely responsible for the 9/11 attacks. She runs two anti-Muslim associations, is a former public relations person for the New York Observer and the New York Daily News, and is also the person who led the fight against a mosque being built several blocks away from Ground Zero in Manhattan in 2010. There is no doubt that she is a mouthpiece for the incredibly racist, violent and aggressive regime ruling over Israel today which claims heavy authority over the United States congress, most of which are dual Israeli/US citizens. Israel’s prime minister, remember, spoke in France and Denmark following their false flags instructing all Jewish people to flee those countries and come to Israel. Geller works day and night, funded deeply by the Israeli lobby, to spread fear and lies about Islam to the world, never taking into account that there are over one-billion Muslims in the world today, almost all of them peaceful human beings that mind their own business like the rest of us, but unlike Geller who is a loudmouth, dangerous, racist psychopath. With her at the bottom of this, there are no limits to how dirty the lies get.

Next we’ll look at what is being pushed hardest about this story as of today and yesterday — May 4th and 5th. This is the — dun-da-da-daaah — ISIS connection. Just as it was with Paris, Denmark, and Canada, as news broke of this attack the link to ISIS was inevitable. CNN is usually the pusher of all pushers when it comes to ISIS fear-porn, and once again they’re taking the lead on this one. According to them:

“They wore body armor. They carried assault rifles. And one had declared loyalty to ISIS.”

Alleged shooters Elton Simpson and roommate Nadir Soofi.

According to CNN, Elton Simpson “linked himself to ISIS in a tweet posted just before the attack.” This is where we really see the propaganda. As readers of C2T know by now — without a doubt — ISIS is nothing but a joint Israeli/American created boogeyman. We have shown this time and time again. From the ISIS beheading tapes being completely faked — and proven fake even by several mainstream media sources including Fox News, the New York Times, and many others — to the plethora of MSM releases showing outright that ISIS is being trained, funded and cared for by Israel and the US. Just a few months ago we quoted news out of Syria where former al Qaeda commander Nabil Na’eem revealed that the founder of ISIS, Abu Bakr Baghdadi, was “basically a US agent”:

“It is known that the USA released him from prison and he spent 20 to 30 million US Dollars to establish these ISIS groups and the first ISIS camps were established in Jordan…these camps were supervised by the Marines, and the arming of ISIS is all American… I was in charge of a camp of 120 men, we were spending thousands of thousands…[on] food, drinks, weapons, munition[s], training.” —Nabil Na’eem, Syria News, July 3rd, 2014.

More recently another account from an ISIS recruiter tells the same story. Yousaf al Salafi — an ISIS commander from Pakistan now in prison — revealed to media sources that he was receiving US funding to recruit young people to fight with the rebels in Syria.

We’ve — C2T — also released dozens of examples of credible reports showing the weapons used by ISIS and other rebel groups in the Middle East were made in none other than Israel itself. This is how Israel — a white-European nation stuck right in the middle of the Arab world — and America — Israel’s puppet and protector — keep the extermination of the Arab’s of planet earth alive, supported and unquestioned: by creating a common enemy in the area to use an excuse for their barbarism, genocide, resource snatching, occupation and colonization.

Yes, for those of us paying attention, linking ISIS to anything is a bad idea for the mainstream media. This is the shining clue to show the contrived agenda behind every lie they tell. Now here we are being spoon fed a yarn about the shooters in Texas being linked to the Islamic Fake, I mean State. We don’t buy it and neither should you, for it is you they are lying to.

Yes, the consensus is in among us researchers who put these events under a fine toothed comb that Garland is yet another false flag with racism, hatred, violence, psychological trauma, division, fear and control at its core. It walks like a duck, it quacks like a duck, and until we see some real proof — which will never happen — we’re calling this as we see it. This is a false flag and you would be wise to not believe the hype. As is always the case, us in the alternative media will have the smoking gun evidence to prove this as a hoax before any real evidence is provided by our corporate counterparts. That’s a certainty.

More to come on this issue as it develops.

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Suspicious Kill: Doctor Who Apparently Identified Bin Laden to CIA’s Ex-Lawyer Murdered

Samiullah Khan Afridi shakir afridi cia murder bin laden hoax cut2thetruth]

Dr. Shakil Afridi, the man claimed to have taken DNA off of Osama Bin Laden in 2011 to identify him to the CIA, was convicted in 2012 of being a heavy funder of the rebels in Pakistan — the Pakistani Taliban. 

Aside from being reported to have been the man responsible for alerting US authorities of Bin Laden’s hiding place — which led to his reported death, though this is heavily disputed as there has been no proof whatsoever of Bin Laden actually dying, let alone existing as who he was claimed to be — Dr. Afridi also happens to be yet another Middle Eastern CIA connection who has been caught red-handed funding violent rebel groups, as well as tending to injured terrorists. He was convicted in Pakistan for these offenses in 2012.

Today — March 17th — another twist in this narrative came into play as the doctor’s former lawyer and relative, Samiullah Khan Afridi, was shot dead in the northwestern city of Peshawar. The assailants escaped unidentified, though reports are pointing the finger at the Taliban.

Six-months ago Khan Afridi announced he would no longer be acting as the doctor’s legal counsel. He then left Pakistan in November after reportedly receiving death threats from the Taliban — the same group being blamed for the Pakistani school shooting in late-December which left over 130 students and 19 staff dead.

Once again the strange circumstances surrounding Bin Laden, his life and death, the Middle East situation, terrorist networks and the money they bring in, and so on, all comes back around the involvement of the CIA on the side of the rebels. Here we have, once again, a man connected to the very terrorist networks that the US is spending billions to fight having direct connections and lines of dialogue with the CIA — the US government.

This news comes as other stories are breaking of a man in Turkey — who works for Canadian Intelligence [CSIS] — being arrested for recruiting teens to join ISIS in Syria; the Israeli Defense Forces being photographed beside al Qaeda in the Golan Heights; and Iraqi officials reportedly arresting US, Israeli, and Saudi military advisors to ISIS. With no doubt these terrorist networks are a creation and ongoing project of the west, despite what mainstream media sources are pushing.

Aside from the Bin Laden capture and killing being exposed as an American hoax, the above mentioned issues raise many questions into the actual motive behind the murder of Samiullah Khan Afridi. 

When logically thought out, he resigned as Dr. Afridi’s lawyer over half-a-year ago, clearing him of being a threat to the Taliban. This is especially strange considering the doctor continued to treat medically and fund the Taliban for a year — give or take — after he apparently identified the Taliban’s leader to his sworn enemy — the CIA — and had him killed.

Could Samiullah Khan Afridi, lawyer to a known rebel funder and CIA asset, have known too much about the inner workings of America’s intelligence operations? Could he have been a loose end that needed to be cut off?

It’s a strange case indeed, and one that seems far from over. Many questions need to be answered. Unfortunately, Samiullah Khan Afridi won’t be providing any from here on out.

12 Men Executed in One Day by Pakistani Officials

The worldwide recognized school shooting in December led to Pakistan lifting its ban on the death penalty. As a result of the reinstatement, the same day Khan Afridi was murdered, the state also murdered 12 people.

In a statement about the 12 murders at the hands of the government, Pakistan’s Home Minister said these were just the beginning of many executions to come, stating simply, and coldly, “we have started a process, and it will continue.”

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Exploring Science, Ep. 1: The Truth About CERN

what is cern cut2thetruth

What is this symbol? Is it a series of sixes representing the occult mark of the beast? No, contrary to wild rumours, the CERN logo isn’t three sixes, if those were sixes there would be five of them. The logo is a depiction of two synchrotron particle accelerators, machines at CERN that must look the way they do to function correctly.

Look up CERN on Youtube and you’re bound to be inundated with countless videos by people who have no background or knowledge of science telling you how corrupt men are using CERN as a portal to Saturn, or some such place; or that what those evil scientists are up to with their proton accelerator will create a black hole and destroy the whole universe.

Well, if you believe that type of stuff I’m sorry to hear that. These are ridiculous claims made by people who don’t know what they’re talking about, or worse, that have a belief system which automatically makes them fear science, and therefore not only oppose it in all forms, but also have no idea about what it is. It’s alarming that these videos get so much play as they are detrimental to our understanding of reality. As well they do the disservice of steering naturally rational thinking people away from thinking rationally, all based on fear, assumption, lies, and outright disinformation.

Understanding science is understanding the universal laws of the space we exist in. Science is the most important innovation in human history and for that we should all take an interest in it. So before we get into CERN, let’s address what science is briefly so we’re all on the same page.

What Is Science?

First and foremost, science is nothing to be feared — contrary to superstitious or religious indoctrinated belief — and we owe all of our current knowledge, understanding, and advancements to it completely.

While it is a massive body of work aimed at proving the fundamental truths about our reality, science is also, and more importantly, a method — that’s how it should be thought of. This method is our way of deciphering the rules to which nature holds us to. It’s the ultimate provider of truth, unlocker of mysteries, and expeller of nonsense. Science is about logic, rationality, research, experimentation, and cross referenced results. It’s a method that requires us to prove what we say is real, or disregard the line of thought completely, even if it had been a worldwide belief forever beforehand, such as the earth being flat. This is something we believed was reality for our whole existence as humans up until relatively very recently, but because of science we have tested that theory in countless ways and now know without a doubt that the world is round — everyone is in agreement.

For something to be true — as only the method of science has shown us — then it has to be true to all of us, which means we all must have the power to prove it. An easy example would be Newton’s law of gravity. No matter where you are in this world, gravity will have the exact same result when it’s tested, exactly as the theory states. What goes up must come down. This is a law of nature proven through the scientific method time and time again, therefore we all must follow it. Not only does gravity dictate how things move here on earth, but it also dictates how the planets, stars, and entire universe move — which it does at all times. Because of Einstein we now know exactly how and why gravity behaves as it does universally after he came along and proved Newton’s equations slightly wrong — through theory, experimentation, and repeated results to confirm it — or rather, filled in the gaps that Newton couldn’t figure out — not to underplay Newton, without his work Einstein couldn’t have come up with his theory of gravity and relativity.

Now, this isn’t to say that if someone came along and defied gravity that they would go to jail. It’s not that kind of law, and that’s the beauty of science! As soon as a theory is proven wrong, even if it had provided the same results through a billion tests, as soon as it gives a different result the new proof becomes the new law, or at least an addition to it — like Einstein’s gravity vs. Newton’s — so long as it can be tested by anyone and give the same results.

While science has come along and disproven many of humanity’s deepest beliefs to be untrue — astrology, religious claims, superstitions, etc. — we can sleep soundly knowing the truths we have discovered through its rational, results-based methodology paints a much more beautiful picture of the world around us and the stars beyond, and better yet, it’s real and provable.

What Is CERN?

CERN stands for Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire, which from French translates into English as European Council for Nuclear Research, which was the original name of the European Organization for Nuclear Research, as it is called today. Currently it exists as a 21 member state organization — an invert from the original 12 countries who began the council in 1954 — and was one of Europe’s first joint ventures.

CERN is also the name of the largest particle physics lab on the planet — operated by the CERN organization — sitting on both sides of the Franco-Swiss border near Geneva, Switzerland — home of many international organizations — and it provides the top particle physicists in the world with the largest science experiment to ever occur: the LHC, or Large Hadron Collider.

The Large Hadron Collider

Despite wild tales of the LHC being a portal to other dimensions for the super-elite, it is anything but. The collider was built over four-decades with the purpose of creating an environment that would make it possible to study the most basic components of matter — everything that exists in the physical realm. It does this by firing the smallest particles possible — electrons and protons — at each other at speeds more than 99% the speed of light, smashing them together and recording the results through the most advanced sensors and digital cameras ever made. By doing this, scientists can study what results from the collisions to get a better understanding of what matter is composed of and the forces acting between those components. This inturn provides a deeper knowledge of the most fundamental laws of nature, and a glimpse at how matter came into being to begin with.

“The instruments used at CERN are purpose-built particle accelerators and detectors. Accelerators boost beams of particles to high energies before the beams are made to collide with each other or with stationary targets. Detectors observe and record the results of these collisions.” —CERN Official Website.

The Standard Model of Particle Physics and the Higgs Boson

Particle physics breaks everything down as small as possible to explain everything from that size to the biggest things in the universe. At a microscopic level the study of the smallest bits of matter has proven that everything is made up of the same few fundamental building blocks — from me and you to the biggest stars in existence. These building blocks — classified as either leptons or quarks, each having six particles under their classification — are governed by four fundamental forces — the strong force, the weak force, the electromagnetic force, and the gravitational force. The laws of how these building blocks interact through these forces explains the laws of nature at their most basic level.

The standard model for particle physics was finalized in 1973 after the discovery of quarks. Since then it has predicted and discovered the top quark, the tau neutrino, and just a couple years back the Higgs boson, while explaining nearly all experimental conclusions and predicting with perfect accuracy a wide assortment of phenomena previously unexplained. It’s known as the “theory of almost everything.”

While the standard model is the best depiction of the subatomic world, it still doesn’t explain everything, using only 3 of the 4 forces and leaving out gravity. This leaves it not incorrect, but incomplete, and the research done at CERN seeks to complete this theory into a unified theory of everything, or rather, a complete theory how everything in the universe works and why.

The Higgs Boson

Within the standard model lies a particle called the Higgs boson, and without it the model falls apart. The only thing is, the Higgs boson was nothing but a prediction since 1964 when professor Peter Higgs and five other professors proposed a theory for its existence.

Low and behold, after experiments at CERN in the LHC, on July 4th, 2012 — 7 months and four days after the end of the Mayan calendar, which the same people who believe CERN is a portal to Saturn believed would be the end of the world — the discovery of a new particle in the LHC was detected.

Due to this particle having the same mass predicted for the Higgs boson, and also containing zero spin and a positive parity  — also exact characteristics of the Higgs Boson — by December 2013 it was announced that François Englert and Peter Higgs himself were each awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics “for the theoretical discovery of a mechanism that contributes to our understanding of the origin of mass of subatomic particles, and which recently was confirmed through the discovery of the predicted fundamental particle, by the ATLAS and CMS experiments at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider.” —Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

In Conclusion

As the researchers at CERN will tell us, the standard model is an incomplete model, and still has work to be done on it. It could change completely, or it could remain the same with few additions to explain bundles about the nature of the universe that we haven’t even thought of yet. But only the work done at CERN will provide scientists — and therefore the public — with the evidence, answers, and insights through their work. And aside from the Higgs boson, or other possible bosons, the LHC at CERN has the power to provide us with observations into the fundamental particles and behavior of the laws of nature that otherwise we wouldn’t have the chance to attempt. It’s a very important project indeed, it’s far from dangerous, and it would be a good idea to be leery of anyone trying to convince you diversely. 

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