Suspicious Kill: Doctor Who Apparently Identified Bin Laden to CIA’s Ex-Lawyer Murdered

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Dr. Shakil Afridi, the man claimed to have taken DNA off of Osama Bin Laden in 2011 to identify him to the CIA, was convicted in 2012 of being a heavy funder of the rebels in Pakistan — the Pakistani Taliban. 

Aside from being reported to have been the man responsible for alerting US authorities of Bin Laden’s hiding place — which led to his reported death, though this is heavily disputed as there has been no proof whatsoever of Bin Laden actually dying, let alone existing as who he was claimed to be — Dr. Afridi also happens to be yet another Middle Eastern CIA connection who has been caught red-handed funding violent rebel groups, as well as tending to injured terrorists. He was convicted in Pakistan for these offenses in 2012.

Today — March 17th — another twist in this narrative came into play as the doctor’s former lawyer and relative, Samiullah Khan Afridi, was shot dead in the northwestern city of Peshawar. The assailants escaped unidentified, though reports are pointing the finger at the Taliban.

Six-months ago Khan Afridi announced he would no longer be acting as the doctor’s legal counsel. He then left Pakistan in November after reportedly receiving death threats from the Taliban — the same group being blamed for the Pakistani school shooting in late-December which left over 130 students and 19 staff dead.

Once again the strange circumstances surrounding Bin Laden, his life and death, the Middle East situation, terrorist networks and the money they bring in, and so on, all comes back around the involvement of the CIA on the side of the rebels. Here we have, once again, a man connected to the very terrorist networks that the US is spending billions to fight having direct connections and lines of dialogue with the CIA — the US government.

This news comes as other stories are breaking of a man in Turkey — who works for Canadian Intelligence [CSIS] — being arrested for recruiting teens to join ISIS in Syria; the Israeli Defense Forces being photographed beside al Qaeda in the Golan Heights; and Iraqi officials reportedly arresting US, Israeli, and Saudi military advisors to ISIS. With no doubt these terrorist networks are a creation and ongoing project of the west, despite what mainstream media sources are pushing.

Aside from the Bin Laden capture and killing being exposed as an American hoax, the above mentioned issues raise many questions into the actual motive behind the murder of Samiullah Khan Afridi. 

When logically thought out, he resigned as Dr. Afridi’s lawyer over half-a-year ago, clearing him of being a threat to the Taliban. This is especially strange considering the doctor continued to treat medically and fund the Taliban for a year — give or take — after he apparently identified the Taliban’s leader to his sworn enemy — the CIA — and had him killed.

Could Samiullah Khan Afridi, lawyer to a known rebel funder and CIA asset, have known too much about the inner workings of America’s intelligence operations? Could he have been a loose end that needed to be cut off?

It’s a strange case indeed, and one that seems far from over. Many questions need to be answered. Unfortunately, Samiullah Khan Afridi won’t be providing any from here on out.

12 Men Executed in One Day by Pakistani Officials

The worldwide recognized school shooting in December led to Pakistan lifting its ban on the death penalty. As a result of the reinstatement, the same day Khan Afridi was murdered, the state also murdered 12 people.

In a statement about the 12 murders at the hands of the government, Pakistan’s Home Minister said these were just the beginning of many executions to come, stating simply, and coldly, “we have started a process, and it will continue.”

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Pakistan School Shooting: “History’s Worst Act of Terrorism” Says Punjab Assembly

The Punjab Assembly in Pakistan met today to discuss what they deemed “history’s worst act of terrorism.”

According to mainstream sources, a children’s military school in Peshawar was bombarded this morning by gun wielding Taliban members with orders to kill as many people as possible. 

“‘We were standing outside the school and firing suddenly started and there was chaos everywhere and the screams of children and teachers,” said Jamshed Khan, a school bus driver.”The National (Pakistan news publication).

Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) spokesman Muhammad Umar Khorasani quickly claimed his group responsible for the attacks, stating they are retaliation for attacks by the Pakistani army — heavily assisted by American drone planes — over the TTP controlled border city of North Waziristan back in June — one of their last strongholds in the area. 

According to statements by Khorasani reported in Pakistan, the attackers were suicide bombers who were being instructed by headset from outside the school grounds to target army-personnel, not students — CNN has reported the shooters were instructed to kill students along with staff —.though young students were the bulk of those killed and injured.

“Pakistani Taliban spokesman Mohammed Khurrassani said [the shooters] scaled the school’s walls around 10 a.m. (midnight ET), intent on killing older students there.”CNN.

Within half an hour of the attack the school was completely sealed by Pakistan’s military. By 4 pm — five and a half hours after Pakistani troops had arrived on the scene — after clearing the classes one-by-one, the shooters had been located throughout the multi-building, walled complex, and all of them were dead.

Gen. Asim Bajwa of the Pakistani army has stated since the hours-long attack has come to a close that 139 children and 9 staff have been killed, with 245 others injured — not including the reported six attackers.

“Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif flew into Peshawar to personally monitor the operation, the PM office in Islamabad said.” —The National (PK).

According to reports out of Pakistan, the attackers chose the exact time they did to target the students while exams were going on.

“The PM has said in his message, the war against terrorism would continue till the last terrorist is eliminated. ‘Targeting innocent children is a coward act which I vehemently condemn,’ he said.” —The National (PK).

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