DEAD BANKERS 2017: The List of Mysterious Worldwide Deaths Grows Ever Longer (w/ VIDEO)

Olan Thomas of Cut2theTruth follows up with a part two to the Worldwide Financial Murder Conspiracy series. This year, 2017, has seen an unprecedented amount of suspicious mortality, and listed in the video are 20 or so of these recent victims and the strange circumstances surrounding their demises.


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Financial Murder Conspiracy 2015: They All Fall Down (LIST)

Unfortunately this page was disrupted and the report was erased. But the original video of Olan Thomas going over a number of these strange deaths, which was made to coincide and released with the original article, is above for your viewing.

By Olan Thomas of Cut2thetruth.

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Ancient Knowledge: Secrets of the Egyptian Pyramids (VIDEO HD)

They sit there and laugh at us, holding secrets that strain our curiosity to its absolute limit. The more one looks into them, the more unbelievable they get; the more impossible. But there they are. They’re real and so are the secrets they possess, just waiting to be uncovered; understood. But can we?

The pyramids at Giza are the world’s biggest mystery, both in size and wonder. The Great Pyramid, in fact, is the only one of the seven wonders of the world still standing. One look and you’re dumbfounded. Why were they built and by who? It’s clear that they’re a monumental success for any civilization, something we couldn’t replicate today, and to add to this they are no less than 6,000-years-old; possibly much older.

Not only do the dimensions of the Great Pyramid reveal Pi and Phi continuously — expressed in the metric system, which correlates to the size of the earth and was not known to the ancient Egyptians — but they also reveal the precise number for the speed of light in kilometres-per-second. The Great Pyramid is built precisely north to south and east to west, which is a feat we haven’t been able to duplicate today, though we have tried, and together the three pyramids align perfectly to scale with the distance between the visible stars making the constellation of Orion’s belt.

pyramids at giza conspiracy speed of light

Egyptologists insist the Great Pyramid was built in 20 years. If this is true, then the workers would have to had cut the stones, transported them, and then laid them with laser precision every 5-minutes for that entire 20-year period. There is no mortar holding the stones together, so they are just stone on stone, fit together so tight a piece of paper couldn’t wedge between them, nor a razor. The stones themselves reach weights of over 80 tonnes and were cut 800 km away, dragged, and somehow lifted into place perfectly.

The inner chambers weren’t built into the pyramids and neither were the tunnels which lead to them. They were cut from the

outside in. As were the holes cut inside the pyramid which look through long shafts to the outside sky, showing perfectly certain constellations of the zodiac.

Though it’s said the Great Pyramid was built for the pharaoh Khufu, no bodies have ever been discovered inside. The purpose of these indestructible monuments, therefore, is unknown. There is no way to date them, only the organic materials that were found in and around them, which could have been left there by civilizations thousands of years after their construction.

They are the greatest architectural achievement in history, and we have no idea where or who they really came from. But there they are.

By Olan Thomas of

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