Big Brother’s Toolbox: The Hacking and Spying Technology of the CIA (w/ VIDEO)

Since March 2017, Wikileaks has been releasing the largest leak of confidential CIA documents in its history. Its name: Vault 7.

These releases follow Wikileaks publication of CIA documents revealing the infiltration the CIA took of the 2012 French presidential election. Vault 7 is the means that was used to do so, plus much more.

Mere days ago Wikileaks released the most recent addition to this ongoing series entitled Angelfire, which is a malware framework developed to infect Windows operating systems without the user being able to see that they’ve been hacked.

Angelfire’s comprised of five components, each with its own purpose, as the site Bleeping Computer summarizes:

↦ Solartime – Malware that modifies the boot sector to load Wolfcreek.
↦ Wolfcreek – Self-loading driver that can load other drivers and user-mode applications.
↦ Keystone – Component that’s responsible for starting other implants (technical term for malware).
↦ BadMFS – a covert file system that is created at the end of the active partition. AngelFire uses BadMFS to store all other components. All files are obfuscated and encrypted.
↦ Windows Transitory File System – a newer component that’s an alternative to BadMFS. Instead of storing files on a secret file system, the component uses transitory (temporary) files for the storage system.

Aside from Angelfire, there have been 21 other CIA programs exposed in Vault 7, as well.

CouchPotato, for example, is used to tap into remote video streams.

Dumbo hacks into microphones and webcams. 

HighRise is used to hack into SMS messaging software on Android devices.

DarkMatter are the tools used to hack into Macs and iPhones.

WeepingAngel is used to turn Smart TV’s into live microphones, making it possible for the agency to hear what’s going on inside the room any Smart TV is in.

Creeped out yet? You should be!

This, of course, is only to name a few. Click here to enter the Wikileaks site and browse every release in Valut 7.

By Olan Thomas of Cut2TheTruth.

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DEAD BANKERS 2017: The List of Mysterious Worldwide Deaths Grows Ever Longer (w/ VIDEO)

Olan Thomas of Cut2theTruth follows up with a part two to the Worldwide Financial Murder Conspiracy series. This year, 2017, has seen an unprecedented amount of suspicious mortality, and listed in the video are 20 or so of these recent victims and the strange circumstances surrounding their demises.


Ronald Bernard Video:…

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Congressman Thomas Massie Blowing the Whistle On the US GOV Controlled Afghan Opium Monopoly

After recent public statements by Congressman Thomas Massie of Kentucky, Olan Thomas from Cut2theTruth reports on speculation surrounding the US Government’s involvement in turning Afghanistan into the all-but-sole supplier of opium on planet Earth since their invasion 16 years ago.


By Olan Thomas of Cut2theTruth

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Severe British Smokescreen: Cameron Introduces New Spying Laws

david cameron anti terror laws new world order terror level severe

Clearly forgetting many previous wars, including one where Germany dropped over 50,000 bombs on jolly old England, a few days ago British Prime Minister David Cameron told the UK — and the rest of the world — that ISIS is a “greater and deeper threat to [Britain’s] security than [ever] seen before.”

According to British Intelligence, an attack on British soil is now “highly likely,” and because of this the (arbitrary) terror level has been moved up to “severe.” This is despite the fact British Intelligence hasn’t obtained any information pertaining to a possible attack.

Not surprisingly, these fear-tactic comments and the upping of the UK’s terror level came with news that new anti-terror laws would be put into place immediately, along with “government plans to intensify its intelligence sharing with fellow EU member states.”

The new laws will give the British Government the authority to automatically revoke the passports of any UK, foreign, or dual nationals suspected of the possibility of committing a terrorist act, as defined by government itself, of course. This also means border patrol officers will be able to seize passports while a person is being investigated for the color of their skin — in the most pessimistic yet realistic way of looking at it.

“the new measures allow intelligence agencies to access airline passenger data and carry out additional security screening. There are also plans to allow airport border police to temporarily seize suspects’ passports while they investigate.”

Opposition to Cameron’s cabinet criticized the move to raise the terror threat level, aptly pointing out the measures being implemented are infringements on civil liberties. Those who  follow the global chess game know all too well the threat level was raised in order to accomplish just that.

More profiling, more loss of rights, and more illegal detainment. This coming a few weeks after Iranian military sources fingered Britain as being a main creator and supporter of ISIS, and a few days after a Pentagon document was leaked stating “the Western forces support” the rebel groups of the Middle East. Add those pieces to the NSA files leaked by Edward Snowden that show Western intelligence agencies are working together in an effort to spy on every person on the planet at all times, and suddenly the “severe” rating being announced at the same time new terror laws are introduced makes logical sense as nothing but a step towards accomplishing that Draconian goal. It’s a smokescreen if there ever was one.

By Olan Thomas of

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House of Harper Falling Apart: Guilty Consciences?

harper governement falling apart election 2016 30 mps not running peter mackay

A large number of Canadians — who have taken the time to review the evidence — feel the October shooting of Corporal Nathan Cirillo in front of Ottawa’s War Memorial was a hoax. As was the shooting of the shooter — Michael Zehaf-Bibeau — inside of Centre Block, where Parliament is held. Many factors led to this conclusion, many, but the most convincing of them were a) the picture proven to have been taken by a Parliament worker across the street from Centre Block nearly half-an-hour before the shooting that kicked off the day happened — Cirillo’s shooting — a picture which showed two different police forces already surrounding the building the shooter would end up in later; b) the fake CPR and blood splatter — and lack of blood splatter — of Nathan Cirillo shown on the news; and c) the fake bullet holes in Centre Block shown on CBC that were proven to be marks on the wall that were documented on Google Maps in April 2013 to have already been there; not bullet holes. Again, there were many factors that add the sum of the situation up to a government operation aimed at justifying harsher surveillance laws and sending soldiers to fight in America’s proxy-war in the Middle East — targets hit — and I implore you to research it further if you need further convincing. You can start with this video. The only positive outcome of the whole situation was the vast amounts of Canadians — and others — that quickly spotted the holes in the story given by the government and mainstream media and who quickly exposed them on social media, video blogs, and blogs.

An even larger amount of people spoke up a few months later when word of Canada’s Anti-Terror Bill, c-51, became a public topic of conversation, a bill which would officially dismiss any freedoms Canadians could have claimed to have been afforded before it, while giving Canadian Intelligence agencies absolute power of detainment and spying ability. Unfortunately, despite nationwide protests and a number of other internet campaigns against it, that bill has all but passed, but the regime which saw it through, the conservative Harper Government, which is the same regime which oversaw the hoax in Ottawa, may be showing signs of a guilty conscience. With so many reports flying around Canada’s fringe alternative media, the pressure seems to setting in and the party seems to be falling apart just before election time.

Peter MacKay

Today the mainstream news reported Harper’s lackie since 2006, Justice Minister Peter MacKay’s resignation from the next federal election with shock. MacKay has held many high ranking cabinet positions for nearly a decade in Harper’s government, including foreign affairs minister and defence minister.

What’s more, back in March another senior member of Harper’s right-wing regime, and another former foreign affairs minister, John Baird, stepped down as MP for Ottawa West-Nepean ending a 20-year political career.

The next month, April, two more high-profile members of Harper’s cabinet, Christian Paradis of Quebec and Shelly Glover of Winnipeg, both chose not to run with Harper in the upcoming 2016 election.

After them came Calgary MP Diane Ablonczy, who after more than 20-years in the political arena also announced she wouldn’t run.

At this point over 30 Conservative Party MPs have withdrawn from supporting Harper in his 2016 bid for another term as serving prime minister — a monstrous withdrawal of support at a crucial time.

This list could continue to grow. Hopefully it does, and one following these bizarre turns of events would ask themselves: why? Could the mounting exposure of the Parliament False Flag be wearing on the accomplices to the point that they’re quickly stepping out of the public’s eye in hoards? Could the guilt of simply being a party to the support of and passing of the most fascist bill in Canadian history be weighing on these dozens of politicians last ounce of integrity? Could something that these politicians can’t stomach taking part in be in the works for the future? We can only speculate, but I know if my boss was committing treason at unprecedented levels I’d want to distance myself from him, too.

All in all, the less support for Harper the better.

By Olan Thomas of

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Ayatollah Khamenei: “America and Britain are the creators of the ISIL and Al-Qaeda”

isis america Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei al qaeda created by america

TEHRAN — Reports out of the Middle East today didn’t hold back in blasting the US, Britain, and Israel for their part in creating, aiding and abetting the terrorist organizations of the area the US and its allies are current swearing to be fighting.

Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Khamenei addressed the masses recently and urged Muslims not to get involved in the warring going on between them in their own lands, as this is exactly what the Americans, Israelis, and British hope for. According to Khamenei, the Western forces are doing everything possible to magnify the rift between the Arab Sunnis and Shiites, including creating fake Islamic movements such as al Qaeda and ISIS to fan the flame. He called for unification between the battling groups.

“If anyone fuels the fire in this regard — the so-called fight against the ISIL — he or she will definitely be helping sinister America and Britain which are the creators of the ISIL and Al-Qaeda.” — Ayatollah Khamenei.

Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan elaborated on these sentiments yesterday saying, “Unfortunately, certain Islamic countries have been fooled by the enemies and are acting in compliance with the plots hatched by the US and the Quds Occupying Regime.”

According to Dehqan, and in line with what many are now seeing as the truth, the US and its allies are using the terror networks they’ve created in the area — ISIS and al Qaeda — to fight “proxy wars,” meaning instead of US and NATO forces invading a country, such as Iran, Syria, or Iraq, they instead use terror networks to overthrow the reigning regime of that country to later put an end to their terror operation and install a government that will cater to the wants of the West, such as free control over natural resources, acting in accordance to the petrodollar, submission to Israel, or all of the above plus more.

By now it’s public knowledge — because of comments by Hillary Clinton and several other notable US politicians — that Osama Bin Laden was telling the truth when he said al Qaeda began as a base for the CIA to train the first members of the Muslim Brotherhood back in the late 1980s. Many reports now make it clear ISIS is yet another US controlled terror squad.

By Olan Thomas of

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America’s Terror Squad: More Statements Confirming US Arming of ISIS

isis america funded dropping weapons

As corporate media sources go wild with reports on ISIS claiming responsibility for the multiple suicide bombing incidents which claimed over 120 lives in Mosques in Yemen a few days back, news out of Iran is leaking into the west — against the wishes of western mainstream media — confirming, once again, the American government’s arming of ISIS rebels, this time dropping weapons and food from the sky.

Commander of Iraq’s Ali Akbar Battalion told Fars News that “wiretapped ISIL [ISIS] communications by Iraqi popular forces have revealed that…US planes have been dropping weapons and foodstuff[s] for the Takfiri terrorist group.”

According to the commander, tapped communications between ISIS and the United States military show that while America is dropping weapons to forces opposing ISIS, they’re also making sure ISIS “also receive[s] [their] share.”

“The US forces by dropping weapons and ammunition for ISIL, specially in Yassreb, Al-Ramadi and near Spiker Base in Hay al-Qadessiya have provided a lot of help to the ISIL.” —Unnamed Iraqi Commander of the Ali Akbar Battalion.

According to the Middle Eastern news publication, this is just one of many reports surfacing through Iraqi officials.

In February, Jafar al-Jaberi, Coordinator of Iraqi popular forces, told Fars that the US has been dropping weapons and food directly into ISIS controlled territories as well as regions they have been run out of in order to encourage them to return.

A month prior, according to Fars, Head of Iraqi Parliament’s National Security and Defense Committee Hakem al-Zameli related that “there are proofs and evidence for the US-led coalition’s military aid to ISIL terrorists through air [dropped cargoes].”

MP Majid al-Gharawi, also according to Fars News, stated outright back in December that the Americans “weren’t serious about fighting ISIL,” pointing out that the US possesses the technology to locate ISIS and destroy them in a month’s time — if they really wanted to. According to him, the US military is dragging out the situation in order to extort the Iraq government into giving them military bases in the provinces of Mosul and Anbar.

In other words, business as usual.

By Olan Thomas of

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