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Cut2TheTruth: One Year and Counting

one year cut2thetruth top 5 stories of the year

A few days ago marked the one year anniversary of our web site!

I’d like to personally thank the people who have helped behind the scenes with promotions, leads, and design — and such — and of course the readers, subscribers, and sharers who have taken the time to come by and check out our material and then pass on the links to their friends, families, and contacts. Last but not least thank you to those who have chosen to shop in our store for taking part in funding this project and keeping it going. Thank you all!

Here are the top 5 posts of our first year…

stephen harper anti terrorism bill canadian act of charter of rights and freedoms precrime arresting citizens of thoughts cut2thetruth olan thomas cut to the truthStephen Harper: Abolishing the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

In October, 2014, before bill C51 was made public we showed the mind state and intentions of Stephen Harper, Canada’s prime minister, in this article highlighting what would soon become passed Orwellian law. 

banker deaths of 2014 international conspiracy cut2thetruth financial crisis suicides mysterious baker deathsFinancial Murder Conspiracy: 48 Dead Bank Executives of 2014 (LIST)

One of the most obvious global conspiracies on record, here are the 48 murdered bankers of 2014 — most reported as suicides. This conspiracy is still going strong today.

jfk assassination dealy plaze shooters outlined jfk truth kennedy oswald bush cia mafia mob gioncanaJFK to 911: Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick (Full Film)

Francis Richard Conolly’s 3.5 hour documentary that has been attracting views from all over the world. JFK to 911 goes over 100 years of government and media crimes that lead up to the corruption happening today. An excellent film that is worth every second of attention.

Helric Fredou suicide murderParis Silence: Charlie Hebdo Attack Lead Investigator Found Dead While Writing Report

An obvious false flag was proven as so, but not before the lead investigator in the Charlie hebdo shootings in Paris at the beginning of 2015 was found dead at his desk after interviewing families related to the reported killers.

James foley isis execution fake hoax false flag american cia 3James Foley Isis Execution Tape: FAKE??

Ten months ago the first of a series of edited “ISIS-made” execution tapes surfaced, and as soon as they did, the debunking began.

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Ottawa False Flag Top Propagandist Evan Solomon Gets the Axe



An extremely unpopular Canadian anti-terror bill was in the works last year and would have had no chance of being passed due to its unprecedented removal of Canadian’s rights and spying and detainment powers endowed to Canada’s law enforcement and intelligence agencies — the power to arrest and detain for as long as they see fit even before a crime has been committed, in fact. Fortunately for the tyrannous government proposing the bill, an event shook the nation — the Ottawa Parliament shooting last October — just before it was publicly introduced, and as a result Bill C51 was quickly put to a passing vote — three times over. Unfortunately for the government though, a few Canadians fully exposed the Parliament shooting as a complete fabrication — a hoax on the average Canadian citizen. What they said happened simply didn’t. Nothing did.

A big part of this hoax being pulled off was thanks to Canada’s main news source, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, which itself is government owned and operated. The main propagandist spewing lies to old women and men in front of their TVs and radio at that time was a character by the name of Evan Solomon, host of CBC’s Power and Politics, where the main narrative to the Ottawa incident was told from, and CBC Radio’s The House, where Solomon reinforced the lies without a stutter.

It was Solomon who gave viewers the ridiculous story of Canada’s Sgt at Arms, 58-year old Kevin Vickers, heroically jumping through the air — through a hail of bullets I might add — and flipping on his back to fire his gun, still mid air, into the throat of reported gunman Michael Zehaf-Bibeau. This was reported as the kill shot. Yeah right!

cbc liars false flag ottawa bullet holes in wall of parliament hill in april 2013 one year before terrorist attack complete hoax bullshitSolomon also reported on his nightly news program that shots were fired through the wall of an alcove outside of Parliament’s library, showing pictures of the “bullet holes” as he explained what happened. Unfortunately these pictures were proven to have been taken a year and a half prior to the event through something as simple as Google Maps, which today still shows the same holes reported to be bullet holes with a caption over top showing the date to be April of 2013, not October 2014. Despite what Solomon said on behalf of CBC, these weren’t even bullet holes. It was all a lie and Solomon was at the helm.cbc lying about false flag ottawa zehaf-bibeau

Well wouldn’t you know it? Karma has been served, somewhat. For those who needed further proof that this guy is a crafty, lying, selfish, deceitful scumball that will lie right to your face with a smile while he picks your back pocket, Evan Solomon, Canada’s top political anchor next to Peter Mansbridge — who hosts The National, which Solomon was set to take over upon Mansbridge’s retirement — a man who has hosted CBC shows since 1994; the sociopathic deceiver himself, has been officially fired from the CBC. His reputation has been destroyed, well, what reputation he had, which was pathetic to begin with. His shows on both CBC Radio and CBC TV are finished, well, for him at least. Good riddance, Goebbels!

But it wasn’t the biggest lie in Canadian history that got Solomon canned. It was his dealings in the world of expensive art.

According to the Star, a Toronto-based news source, Solomon was brokering expensive pieces of art to — and taking secret commissions from — famous international millionaires that appeared as guests on his shows; people such as Jim Balsillie, co-founder of Research In Motion and Blackberry, and Mark Carney, former governor of the Bank of Canada and current governor of the Bank of England. 

“In email correspondence between Solomon and art collector Bruce Bailey, Solomon uses code words to disguise the identity of each man: Carney is “the Guv” and Balsillie is “Anka,” the latter an apparent reference to a similarity in looks with singer Paul Anka.

In one email exchange from 2014 — after Carney made a purchase — Solomon tells his art collector partner that Carney’s international contacts will be very important as they move forward in their attempts to sell more paintings.” —The Star.

In the case of Balsillie, Solomon — who was selling for a Toronto-based, ultra-rich collector of paintings and masks named Bruce Bailey — earned a $300,000 commission for the numerous pieces of art the Blackberry co-founder bought from Bailey.

Bailey, as surfaced emails show, was working with Solomon to get introductions to famous art collectors, talking them up, and then selling them pieces from his collection, all the while paying Solomon his cut without telling his customers. In other words, they were taking advantage of rich dummies, as Buddy Love would put it. All this went on while CBC’s contracts stated, and still state, that employees of the network “must not use their positions to further their personal interests.”

In one email sent to Bailey the week of the Ottawa hoax, Solomon sstated, “next year in terms of the Guv [the Governor of the Bank of England] will be very interesting. He has access to highest power network in the world.” Yes, that’s right. Solomon was dealing with one of the most powerful men on earth at the time the Ottawa hoax went down. At that moment he was getting plugged into the highest echelons of the sociopolitical network, and would do anything to get there.

“Bailey agreed to reduce the price [of an oil painting] to Carney by 10 per cent because Carney and Solomon were friends.

“In another email, in December 2014 after the Carney deal, Solomon reiterated that Carney could help them access the ‘highest power network in the world.‘”

“Documents, including invoices, emails and statements relating to the sales transactions, reveal Bailey paid Solomon his commissions by sending payments to Four T Productions, a personal company run out of Solomon’s Rockcliffe home.

Many of those payments were by bank transfer but one email from Solomon to Bailey states “thanks for the Anka envelope.” The Star asked Solomon if that was a reference to a cash payment and, if so, was it disclosed to the Canada Revenue Agency. Solomon has not yet replied to those questions.”

Things went sour, though, when Carney sold a painting worth millions to Balsillie and refused to give Solomon his 10 per cent and instead just wanted to pay him a small “finder’s fee.” This greedy move led to both men getting their lawyers involved — a very stupid move considering this is what got Solomon caught.

The Star questioned Solomon recently about his art brokering scam and he denied being involved in the art world at all.

“’I have never been involved in an art business,’ he said. ‘I have never sold any art to anyone.’”

Since this art controversy broke and Solomon’s been shown — again — as a compulsive, conniving, bald-faced liar, he’s avoiding questions from the press, though he issued an apology statement.

What’s not being focussed on is the fact that the CBC knew about what Solomon was up to for many years. According to CBC spokesman Chuck Thompson, “Solomon had disclosed his involvement with an art business sometime in the past two years and…CBC had no concerns.”

It was only after The Star found out about the story that the CBC had to make a move and cut Solomon loose, clearly only to save fact. Not only that, but now when the CBC is publicly questioned as to why they told so many lies about the “terrorist attack” in Ottawa last October — and they and the police will end up getting caught due to the sloppy job they did in presenting the hoax — they’ll now have a fall guy. “It was all Evan! That lying, conspiring, criminal we fired a while back! Remember him? He did it all! We’re innocent!”

Once again, yeah right!

By Olan Thomas of

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Reproduced “Mistakes”: US Air Force Repeatedly Bombing Iraqi Army Bases

us bombing iraqi bases

Yesterday, according to reports out of Tehran, US-led coalition fighter jets bombed bases housing Iraqi forces instead of their “intended” ISIS targets, killing 6 Iraqi army Hezbollah battalion soldiers and injuring an additional 8 in Fallujah, Anbar.

It’s quite a mistake, if it was a mistake at all, and one that will help rebel fighters in the area, such as ISIS, more than they could have dreamed of helping themselves.

Just last month the same mistake occurred, that time near Baghdad, when numbers of volunteer Iraqi popular forces were bombed from above by US-led forces. This was repeated when warplanes dropped a number of bombs on an Iraqi munitions production base killing two more supposed allies and destroying a vast amount of Iraq’s defense resources.

Just over a month before — March 29 — “US fighter jets struck the positions of Iraq’s popular forces during their fierce clashes with ISIL terrorists near Tikrit, injuring a number of fighters.”

There were eight US offensive airstrikes near Tikrit, all of which hit Iraqi forces rather than ISIS rebels.

The Head of the Iraqi Parliament’s National Security and Defense Committee Hakem al-Zameli — who said in January that the only reason ISIS survives is because of Western assistance — repeated earlier reports that the US has been dropping weapons and foodstuffs from the air for ISIS fighters in Iraq. Several other Iraqi sources have said this same thing.

As we’ve seen before on C2T, in a 2012 Pentagon document America stated they and the West support the efforts of the terrorists in the region, even though they claim to be fighting them. By doing so they are attempting to overthrow governments in the region, such as Iran and Syria’s regimes, and have a looming threat to propagandize at home as the reason for right-infringing “national security” measures.

With this information we can see it’s hard to believe these airstrikes were “accidents,” but instead a way to prolong the Middle Eastern war, topple enemy governments, such as Syria’s and Iran’s, and keep any army actually interested in defeating the terrorist networks of the area from having a chance of doing so.


By Olan Thomas of

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Severe British Smokescreen: Cameron Introduces New Spying Laws

david cameron anti terror laws new world order terror level severe

Clearly forgetting many previous wars, including one where Germany dropped over 50,000 bombs on jolly old England, a few days ago British Prime Minister David Cameron told the UK — and the rest of the world — that ISIS is a “greater and deeper threat to [Britain’s] security than [ever] seen before.”

According to British Intelligence, an attack on British soil is now “highly likely,” and because of this the (arbitrary) terror level has been moved up to “severe.” This is despite the fact British Intelligence hasn’t obtained any information pertaining to a possible attack.

Not surprisingly, these fear-tactic comments and the upping of the UK’s terror level came with news that new anti-terror laws would be put into place immediately, along with “government plans to intensify its intelligence sharing with fellow EU member states.”

The new laws will give the British Government the authority to automatically revoke the passports of any UK, foreign, or dual nationals suspected of the possibility of committing a terrorist act, as defined by government itself, of course. This also means border patrol officers will be able to seize passports while a person is being investigated for the color of their skin — in the most pessimistic yet realistic way of looking at it.

“the new measures allow intelligence agencies to access airline passenger data and carry out additional security screening. There are also plans to allow airport border police to temporarily seize suspects’ passports while they investigate.”

Opposition to Cameron’s cabinet criticized the move to raise the terror threat level, aptly pointing out the measures being implemented are infringements on civil liberties. Those who  follow the global chess game know all too well the threat level was raised in order to accomplish just that.

More profiling, more loss of rights, and more illegal detainment. This coming a few weeks after Iranian military sources fingered Britain as being a main creator and supporter of ISIS, and a few days after a Pentagon document was leaked stating “the Western forces support” the rebel groups of the Middle East. Add those pieces to the NSA files leaked by Edward Snowden that show Western intelligence agencies are working together in an effort to spy on every person on the planet at all times, and suddenly the “severe” rating being announced at the same time new terror laws are introduced makes logical sense as nothing but a step towards accomplishing that Draconian goal. It’s a smokescreen if there ever was one.

By Olan Thomas of

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ISIS Bombshell: Leaked Pentagon Document Shows US Gov “Supports Efforts of Islamic State”

It couldn’t be more official now. America’s government and the Western governments it aligns itself with support the terrorists they claim to be fighting against.

News this week of a 2012 Pentagon document — which outlines America’s intelligence community’s views on the situation in the Middle East — shows that the US and its ally Western forces fully support the rebel forces in Iraq and Syria. These rebel forces included back then and still include today: al Qaeda, the Islamic State of Iraq, and Syrian rebel forces such as al Nursa, who together soon after the release of this document would form the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS as they’re popularly known.

In plain English the government documents reads:

 “Development of the current events into a proxy war: With support from Russia, China, and Iran, the regime [Assad’s Syrian Government] is controlling the areas of influence along the coastal territories…On the other hand, opposition forces [ISI, al Nursa, al Qaeda] are controlling the eastern areas…Western countries, the Gulf States, and Turkey are supporting these efforts.”

In other words, and despite what we’re being told by Western media and official government statements, what’s going on today in the Middle East is as follows: Russia, China, Iran, and Syria are fighting a war against America and its allies through terrorist networks such as ISIS, al Qaeda, and Nursa Front, who are also supported locally by Turkey and Gulf States such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

By Western forces supporting these zealot terror Sunni networks, who are recruited by means of fighting against secular Islam and Shiite Islam , a group like ISIS was in the plan for America, according to this document, as a useful tool to topple the Assad regime of Syria and its supporters to control the resource-rich area: America has classified Syria’s current government as a terrorist government and state sponsor of terrorism since 1979.

“This creates the ideal situation for AQI [al Qaeda Iraq] to return to its old pockets in Mosul and Ramadi and will provide a renewed momentum under…unifying the jihad of Sunni Iraq and Syria, and the rest of the Sunnis in the Arab world… ISI [Islamic State of Iraq] could also declare an ‘Islamic State’… with other terrorist networks in Iraq and Syria.”

As we know today, that’s exactly what happened. Not long after this document was drawn up the Islamic State of Iraq did join forces with the Western supported rebels of Syria; and ISIS was born. Mosul was taken by the terrorists last summer and Ramadi fell to them a couple weeks ago. This terror was not only predicted perfectly by the US intelligence community, but also, according to this document, supported as advantageous.

An article this week on Zero Hedge points to another US Army-commissioned document released by the RAND Corporation four years prior to this 2012 document’s release which outlines a plan magnify the rift between the Sunnis and Shiites of the Middle East in a “divide and conquer” strategy aimed at disrupting “Iranian power and influence.” That document too stated the US was making alliances with “nationalist insurgent groups,” such as al Qaeda Iraq and Islamic State of Iraq, in order to create a strong Sunni militia that could challenge Syria’s regime:

“Although these nationalists ‘have cooperated with al-Qaeda against US forces,’ they are now being supported to exploit ‘the common threat that al-Qaeda now poses to both parties.’” —Zero Hedge.

So now instead of having purely Middle Eastern reports of ISIS being created, supported, funded, trained, and used completely as a tool of Western warfare and propaganda, we now have it in writing from the US Government itself. If this doesn’t put a whole new spin on the anti-terror measures being implemented worldwide for those who believe the mainstream narrative — which was and is a complete lie — then maybe nothing will.

While America, Canada, Britain, France, Australia, Denmark, and the rest of them increase mass surveillance, profiling abuses, pre-crime and trial-less detainment powers in the name of protection from the “terrorists,” it now becomes crystal clear that the governments enforcing these Orwellian efforts are the causes and support-lines for the very terrorists they’re claiming as theirs and our enemies. This shows us who the real terrorists are and have been all along, does it not?

By Olan Thomas of

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