“For freedom and equality to exist between us all, we must debate serious issues with all the facts in play.  As the mainstream media has repeatedly, without hesitation, demonstrated their ability and intention to lie, ignore facts, and invent news to form and direct public opinion, we must rely on each other to research the stories deeply, share the findings, and compare our work in order to get the truth about our world and, therefore, democratically make informed decisions about the direction it progresses. Here’s what we know.”

-Olan Thomas


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Is it true that there are multiple staged events going on around the U.S. based on issues directly connected to “Ericka Artz”??? Specifically, Ferguson, MO? This is affecting my classroom and others around the world. This needs to be fixed. Immediately. In a proper, affirmative way. Cut the shit out and let’s be a UNITED people.

  2. So pleased I have found your site.
    Tired of all the lies.
    Yahoo news has blocked me today for commenting on your article about actor Mrs.Rosenthal.
    Are you a new site?

  3. Great stories, i keep an open mind but not so open that im running around with bacofoil on my head screaming the CIA are trying to kill me with toxic farts (crazy, but hey, who knows lol) Enjoying reading them, is it just me or does there seem more very ‘questionable’ incidents happening now, than any other time in the last 20 years? But i’ve began to notice things since 2012..

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