Reproduced “Mistakes”: US Air Force Repeatedly Bombing Iraqi Army Bases

us bombing iraqi bases

Yesterday, according to reports out of Tehran, US-led coalition fighter jets bombed bases housing Iraqi forces instead of their “intended” ISIS targets, killing 6 Iraqi army Hezbollah battalion soldiers and injuring an additional 8 in Fallujah, Anbar.

It’s quite a mistake, if it was a mistake at all, and one that will help rebel fighters in the area, such as ISIS, more than they could have dreamed of helping themselves.

Just last month the same mistake occurred, that time near Baghdad, when numbers of volunteer Iraqi popular forces were bombed from above by US-led forces. This was repeated when warplanes dropped a number of bombs on an Iraqi munitions production base killing two more supposed allies and destroying a vast amount of Iraq’s defense resources.

Just over a month before — March 29 — “US fighter jets struck the positions of Iraq’s popular forces during their fierce clashes with ISIL terrorists near Tikrit, injuring a number of fighters.”

There were eight US offensive airstrikes near Tikrit, all of which hit Iraqi forces rather than ISIS rebels.

The Head of the Iraqi Parliament’s National Security and Defense Committee Hakem al-Zameli — who said in January that the only reason ISIS survives is because of Western assistance — repeated earlier reports that the US has been dropping weapons and foodstuffs from the air for ISIS fighters in Iraq. Several other Iraqi sources have said this same thing.

As we’ve seen before on C2T, in a 2012 Pentagon document America stated they and the West support the efforts of the terrorists in the region, even though they claim to be fighting them. By doing so they are attempting to overthrow governments in the region, such as Iran and Syria’s regimes, and have a looming threat to propagandize at home as the reason for right-infringing “national security” measures.

With this information we can see it’s hard to believe these airstrikes were “accidents,” but instead a way to prolong the Middle Eastern war, topple enemy governments, such as Syria’s and Iran’s, and keep any army actually interested in defeating the terrorist networks of the area from having a chance of doing so.


By Olan Thomas of

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