House of Harper Falling Apart: Guilty Consciences?

harper governement falling apart election 2016 30 mps not running peter mackay

A large number of Canadians — who have taken the time to review the evidence — feel the October shooting of Corporal Nathan Cirillo in front of Ottawa’s War Memorial was a hoax. As was the shooting of the shooter — Michael Zehaf-Bibeau — inside of Centre Block, where Parliament is held. Many factors led to this conclusion, many, but the most convincing of them were a) the picture proven to have been taken by a Parliament worker across the street from Centre Block nearly half-an-hour before the shooting that kicked off the day happened — Cirillo’s shooting — a picture which showed two different police forces already surrounding the building the shooter would end up in later; b) the fake CPR and blood splatter — and lack of blood splatter — of Nathan Cirillo shown on the news; and c) the fake bullet holes in Centre Block shown on CBC that were proven to be marks on the wall that were documented on Google Maps in April 2013 to have already been there; not bullet holes. Again, there were many factors that add the sum of the situation up to a government operation aimed at justifying harsher surveillance laws and sending soldiers to fight in America’s proxy-war in the Middle East — targets hit — and I implore you to research it further if you need further convincing. You can start with this video. The only positive outcome of the whole situation was the vast amounts of Canadians — and others — that quickly spotted the holes in the story given by the government and mainstream media and who quickly exposed them on social media, video blogs, and blogs.

An even larger amount of people spoke up a few months later when word of Canada’s Anti-Terror Bill, c-51, became a public topic of conversation, a bill which would officially dismiss any freedoms Canadians could have claimed to have been afforded before it, while giving Canadian Intelligence agencies absolute power of detainment and spying ability. Unfortunately, despite nationwide protests and a number of other internet campaigns against it, that bill has all but passed, but the regime which saw it through, the conservative Harper Government, which is the same regime which oversaw the hoax in Ottawa, may be showing signs of a guilty conscience. With so many reports flying around Canada’s fringe alternative media, the pressure seems to setting in and the party seems to be falling apart just before election time.

Peter MacKay

Today the mainstream news reported Harper’s lackie since 2006, Justice Minister Peter MacKay’s resignation from the next federal election with shock. MacKay has held many high ranking cabinet positions for nearly a decade in Harper’s government, including foreign affairs minister and defence minister.

What’s more, back in March another senior member of Harper’s right-wing regime, and another former foreign affairs minister, John Baird, stepped down as MP for Ottawa West-Nepean ending a 20-year political career.

The next month, April, two more high-profile members of Harper’s cabinet, Christian Paradis of Quebec and Shelly Glover of Winnipeg, both chose not to run with Harper in the upcoming 2016 election.

After them came Calgary MP Diane Ablonczy, who after more than 20-years in the political arena also announced she wouldn’t run.

At this point over 30 Conservative Party MPs have withdrawn from supporting Harper in his 2016 bid for another term as serving prime minister — a monstrous withdrawal of support at a crucial time.

This list could continue to grow. Hopefully it does, and one following these bizarre turns of events would ask themselves: why? Could the mounting exposure of the Parliament False Flag be wearing on the accomplices to the point that they’re quickly stepping out of the public’s eye in hoards? Could the guilt of simply being a party to the support of and passing of the most fascist bill in Canadian history be weighing on these dozens of politicians last ounce of integrity? Could something that these politicians can’t stomach taking part in be in the works for the future? We can only speculate, but I know if my boss was committing treason at unprecedented levels I’d want to distance myself from him, too.

All in all, the less support for Harper the better.

By Olan Thomas of

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3 thoughts on “House of Harper Falling Apart: Guilty Consciences?

  1. “the most fascist bill in Canadian history”

    Why is it fascist? Did Mussolini pass such a bill? Do you even know anything about Mussolini or what fascism is? If China has similar bills perhaps is it Chinese rather than fascist. Or maybe it’s Arabian, since Saudi Arabia has a bunch of hard-nosed laws too. Do you even know what fascism is? You cant just call everything you don’t like fascist because you think it is bad.

    • Well jack, when governments pass laws that target an entire race, in this case Arabs, and gain absolute trialless detainment powers over its citizens, we can confidently call it as close to Nazi Germany, which had such laws and so did Italy, as anything has been since. Indeed, this is fascism of the most obvious kind. In case you’re unaware, fascism is a “totalitarian governmental system led by a dictator which emphasizes an aggressive nationalism, militarism, and often racism.” All of these attributes fit c51/and the environment it was thought up and passed in to a tee. Mousilini or not, fasism is alive and well, only this time its Arabs who are getting the brunt end of the stick, and it is the Canadian government that has taken complete control of the state through nationalism and the fake threat against it.

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