Orwellian Measures: RadioShack Selling Your SSN and Personal Info

radioshack bankrupt ssn personal information new world order

Back in February it was announced that 94-year-old electronics franchise RadioShack would be closing for good.

A week after filing for bankruptcy, a large portion of RadioShack’s locations, “intellectual property,” and trademark were bought at auction by the corporate giant Standard General.

It’s not all bad news for RadioShack, though. According to the Guardian, they’re still in the market to sell something:”67 million customer name and physical mailing address files together with any associated transaction data” they have saved in their computer systems — which is a lot. This includes highly sensitive customer information such as names, references, social security numbers, emails, phone numbers, credit information, places of employment, addresses, and the like — any information RadioShack collected from customers using credit or purchasing warranties.

And in case that breach of trust weren’t seedy enough, RadioShack also kept customer records they should have deleted within two or three years for an indefinite amount of time:

“The highly sensitive information (SSNs and the like) is retained at stores for two years and then purged. Less sensitive purchase records were expunged after three years in some cases, but RadioShack kept them “indefinitely” if customers bought a warranty, so if you bought insurance on your television in 1998, RadioShack remembers.” —The Guardian.

FTC Bureau of Consumer Protection director, Jessica L Rich, points out that RadioShack’s current privacy policy at the time it filed for bankruptcy stated, “the information you give us is treated with discretion and respect. We pride ourselves on not selling our private mailing list,” proving outright that RadioShack lied to its customers. Rich feels if Radioshack wants to sell its customers information, based on its promise of never doing so, the ex-company should have to contact each individual of whose information they plan on distributing first. It’s a good thought, but unfortunately it won’t reflect reality.

“RadioShack died this year but its icy hand still holds the social security numbers of millions of customer’s information they promised to keep to themselves. Noble! And bullshit!” —Gawker.com.

By Olan Thomas of Cut2TheTruth.com.

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