Pamela Geller: Racist Right-Winger Responsible for Texas ‘Shooting’

pamela geller nazi

Sunday night in Garland, Texas — outside of Dallas — it is being reported, was ground-zero for a shooting that ended in the deaths of two men.

According to MSM, “the men drove up to the Culwell Event Center in North Garland, got out of their car and began shooting just as the ‘Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest’ inside was coming to an end.”

The Muhammad Art Exhibit Cartoon Contest was irresponsibly organized and held by the publicly racist group The American Freedom Defense Initiative. They offered $10,000 to whoever they deemed could draw the best depiction of the prophet Mohammed — this is considered blasphemous in Islam according to its law.

Just a few months ago it was worldwide news that 12 people were killed in Paris — though that narrative has been proven to be filled with lies — followed by more reported killings in Denmark with drawings of Mohammed as the reasoning behind both attacks, according to mainstream reports. In other words, only an idiot would arrange a contest to depict Mohammed a few months later after these internationally covered stories leading to reported murders for doing so just happened.

“Hey, people are being reportedly killed for drawing Mohammed. Let’s gather as many people as we can in a public place to do the same thing!” Thought the idiot.

Who is responsible? An ultra-right-winger named Pamela Geller.

Pamela, 56, who used to be a PR person and financial analyst for the New York Daily News and the New York Observer, is mostly known for her anti-Islamic views that landed her in the papers in 2010 when she led an initiative to stop the building of a Mosque a few blocks away from Ground Zero in Manhattan. Her ignorant public view is that all Muslims are responsible for what happened on September 11th, 2001. She wants them out of America.

“Geller is the co-founder of two anti-Muslim groups that have been called hate groups by the Southern Poverty Law Center along with Robert Spencer, Stop Islamization of America and the American Freedom Defense Initiative. Geller and Spencer started the groups during the protests against the Ground Zero mosque.” —

Aside from writing two heavily bigoted propaganda books against Islam, Pamela also writes a blog against the Muslim faith that, in a weird connection to the Copenhagen shootings, gained notoriety through a Danish magazine also known for publishing pictures of Mohammed called Jyllands-PostenIn 2007 she forced the resignation of the principal of an Arab-speaking elementary school in Brooklyn in a campaign she organized to shut the program down.

Screenshot (483)

Pamela Geller Twitter, Sunday, May 3rd: Amazing heroes providing security for free speech conference #motoons #AFDI

False Flag?

Could this be a false flag using the Hegelian dialect — planned problem, planned reaction, leading to a planned solution — to build even more hatred towards the Arabs of America? It’s entirely possible. Geller has been posting one propaganda piece after another to her website since the reported attack, which was just a few hours ago from when I’m writing this now. She has declared war on American soil:

“This is a war. This is war on free speech. What are we going to do? Are we going to surrender to these monsters?

Two men with rifles and backpacks attacked police outside our event. A cop was shot; his injuries are not life-threatening, thank Gd. Please keep him in your prayers.

The bomb squad has been called to the event site to investigate a backpack left at the event site.

The war is here.” —Pamela Geller official website.

The sheer stupidity of gathering people together to inflame an attack with a surefire method to do so — or so the corporate media would have us believe — is reason enough to question this situation, not to mention the fact the reported “shooters” were, once again, reported dead as soon as the story hit the shelves, just as the Charlie Hebdo and Copenhagen shooters were. Possible, but quite convenient. Make no mistake, this was not a cause for free speech. This was intentionally poking a stick at a pitbull, or at least it is being told to look that way. So the question must be answered: why?

Either this was a ploy to raise more racial tensions throughout an already volatile America; or Pamela Geller is the most clueless, racist piece of garbage to grace the headlines this month. Personally I would agree with both statements, but really that is yet to be seen.

By Olan Thomas of

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14 thoughts on “Pamela Geller: Racist Right-Winger Responsible for Texas ‘Shooting’

  1. Thanks for being on top of this Zionazi madness. I knew what this was on first reading of the news. Once the eyes are opened there is no going back. I am an American ex patriot, and am avoiding that nation like the plague. But nearly all Western nations are owned and run by the same tiny race of murderers (my favorite being Ehud Barak, ex Israeli Prime Minister, and was head of AMAN, Israeli military intelligence and mastermind of 911). A wise man talked about them 2000 years ago and was murdered for it: ” I know about the slander of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan. Since that time those who say they are His own have fallen to the feet of these imposters and worship them and feast on their lies. I speak of the Ashkenazi white European “Jew”, who are a Khazarian people who converted to the Babylonian Talmud in 800 AD. There are good among this race, but they are not the problem. Today, I have been traveling the world for over 2 years looking for the lost tribes. I have found some of them where I couldn’t have imagined: the Pashtuns, the Yazidis who are being slaughtered by US/Israeli created ISIS (they get rid of the evidence against them), Polynesians, some of the Irish, Welsh, and Scots lines, etc. Another Group they have murdered many of is the Sephardic Jew, The real Jews (of Judea) but still not of the tribes. They radiated the heads of 100,000 Sephardic children when they stole Palestine (known as the “ringworm children”–they became ill and could not reproduce). This tiny race (0.2% of world) is half of the US State Dept., and about that for the White House Staff. They created the Ukrainian takeover to put their own race in charge who are the neonazis they claim is another group. These murdered 13 million ethnic Ukranians in WWII, and 50 million Russians in the October revolution. Ukraine is part of their ancient Kingdom of Khazaria. World War II and Hitlers staff were infested with these. His Jewish doctor was his “handler” and kept him drugged–this requires volumes. They are now planning a false flag nuclear explosion. About a year ago dual US–Israeli citizen General Weinstein took over the US nuclear missile command after Obama sacked the two generals in command. They leaked a false flag operation of a nuke going off in the ocean next to South Carolina. Intelligence operatives have placed misinfo sites about this also. Hold on to your britches, it is about to get very ugly. Putin is letting the West know he will retaliate by running his bombers up to the coasts of the US and Britain–he knows that the City of London Corporation is where the bastards operate from. Of course he is also collecting data on the response to his bombers presence.

    • In case I wasn’t clear about who Geller is in my long essay, she is also of this tiny race I talked about. They have been pitting groups of people against each other for a very long time–control by hate and chaos. People don’t understand that the very same type of neo-cons in the Bush admins are still in charge.

  2. Right
    Blame the victims. Ignore world wide daily Islamic atrocities prescribed by their barbaric political/religious ideology founded by a pedophile/murderer. Of course the shooters weren’t to blame in your fantasy world. Get real. Don’t be a sap…

  3. Pam Geller is a HERO ! Defending the west, and the 1st Amendment against Islamic intimidation and bullying ! Islam is a violent totalitarian fascist theocratic Sumerian Moon cult expanding it’s dictatorial territory through violence and intimidation. Islam’s dictatorial policies violate the Bill of Rights, and America’s contract naming Jesus as savior “In the year of our Lord”, and so Islam is actually ILLEGAL in the United States. In the USA you have “freedom of religion”…. so long as your religion doesn’t impose upon the religious freedoms of others. Which Islam and Sharia very well do ! If the Muslims want a fight….. BRING IT ON !

    • Islamic militants are not always what they seem to be. Take the Saudi Wahabis and their Royal family for instance. They migrated to Saudi Arabia during the Spanish inquisition and are Donmeh Sephardic Jews. These also migrated to Turkey and took over. Many of the Islamic militants, Israel, USA, Britain, Jewish groups, at the upper levels are connected at the hip in secret agreements. Duplicity is a key to their operations. The Saudi Royals are a Rothschild operation. Take some time out and look at information that doesn’t fit the mass media program which is almost all owned b y a tiny race of people.

      • Jews took the brunt of the Spanish Inquisition – how come they aren’t out beheading everyone who doesn’t BOW to them the way you are to the islamofacists ?

        It was the muslims who invaded Europe and ENFORCED their religion over the indigenous population.

        I guess that’s why you libs love the islamofacists – they remind you of… you.

      • I think I have your history confused within your ultra racisism. The Spanish inquisition killed more christians than any other denomination. Tell ms. Geller I say hi.

    • What makes you think Muslims want to fight us.Our armies are over there,but no Muslim armies are over here. Why do you think 9/11 happened and why do you think ISIS was created.For every action there is a reaction. It’s best to leave people in peace and let them develop at their own pace.

      • PEOPLE (minus the disgusting prison that is called religion) inhabited the earth and the territories it holds before any religion was invented. The land of Europe was home to Vikings, Pagans, Christians, Muslims, Jews, you name it, at different times. Nobody owns a claim to any of the land on earth. If you believe such a thing than you should be a strong proponent of every North American and South American giving their homes up to a Native American. Secondly, there are over a billion Muslims in the world, and it is incredibly racist for someone to sit here and say they are any worse than any other religious group, or that they all share the exact same opinion as each other, or the opinion of what the propagandist media gives to them. Just like all Jewish people aren’t Zionist supporting murderers of Palestinians, neither are all Muslims ISIS loving terrorists. The majority of them — Jews or Islamics — are just people like you and me who want peace and happiness in their’s and their family’s lives.

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