A Brief Intermission


There’s a lot going on! But other engagements are pressing.

Hang tight. After a brief intermission, we will return in May…

In the meantime, here is C2T’s top 5 posts of 2015 (by view, some were published in 2014).

Paris Silence: Charlie Hebdo Attack Lead Investigator Found Dead While Writing Report
Helric Fredou suicide murder

Jordanian Pilot ISIS Tape: American Made?
isis fake burning jordianian pilot tape cia made america false flag cut2thetruth olan thomas

Financial Murder Conspiracy: 48 Dead Bank Executives of 2014 (LIST)
banker deaths of 2014 international conspiracy cut2thetruth financial crisis suicides mysterious baker deaths

JFK to 911: Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick (Full Film)
jfk assassination dealy plaze shooters outlined jfk truth kennedy oswald bush cia mafia mob gioncana

Paris Terror: Shooters Linked to President Sarkozy and FBI
sarcozy meeting with terrorists



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