Visual Occupation: Terrifying Israeli Night Raids In Palestine (VIDEOS)

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It’s no secret to the readers of our publication that the plight of the Palestinians is one of — if not the absolute — most disgusting realities our current world faces and supports through silence.

While there are some people out there speaking against the inhuman actions of Zionist Israeli government after Zionist Israeli government — each one responsible for torture, occupation, ethnic cleansing, and displacement of the very people who inhabited the land Israel now calls its own — most Western news agencies stay silent about the genocide that is still occurring there today, instead focussing on “rebel groups” who have been bullied into dedicating their lives to liberating the territory from their oppressors, such as Hamas — as if poking a stick in someone’s face continuously won’t instigate aggression in return.

We’re told that what Israel has done in the past — conquering a whole people’s already inhabited land with brute force and horrendous murder — was done out of self-defense; that ever since the UN illegally granted them the land of Palestine — much less of it than they claim today — the Arab world has unjustly wanted to destroy them and has constantly attacked them because of this, calling anyone an “anti-semite” who disagrees, even though when one looks into the subject it’s clear to see who the aggressor has always been.

For every Israeli who has died at the hands of a Palestinian, hundreds of Palestinians have seen the same fate at the hands of an Israeli. Every time Israel has been “attacked” since it came to be in 1947 it has resulted in thousands of Palestinian deaths, very few Israeli casualties, and a loss of huge amounts of land, homes, and well-being for Palestinians. So who’s really attacking who?

shrinking-map-of-palestineCurrently the Palestinians, who used to live freely in their entire country, are confined to two tiny tracts of land: The West Bank and The Gaza Strip. They are kept poor and starving. They’re guarded night and day by Israeli soldiers holding machine guns, unable to leave even if they wanted to. They’re held at numerous checkpoints equipped with tanks throughout their cities, and bombarded on a nightly basis with house raids. They’re terrorized and intimidated into fleeing their homes so Israeli families can change the locks and live in them themselves. This isn’t to mention the months out of every year Israel suddenly makes up some excuse to drop hundreds of bombs from the sky on Palestinian homes, schools, and power plants, which does in fact happen a few times a year, minimum. 

It’s a subject one could look into with horror for a whole lifetime, but it doesn’t take long to see what’s really going on. We’re in the midst — maybe nearing the end — of a hostile takeover, much like the European takeover of the America’s that brought us here, just on a much smaller scale, but a genocide nonetheless. The Zionist movement of the early 20th-century brainwashed many European Jewish people that Palestine actually belonged to them based on the Bible, though none of them can actually trace their roots back to it. This movement’s propaganda was strong and convincing. It still is. 

Is it a matter of Jews vs. Arabs? Some will simplify it to this, but it’s an inaccurate assumption, and a dangerous one at that. The Zionist movement who has controlled Israel since its inception, while based on Judaism. doesn’t actually represent the religion — just as ISIS doesn’t represent Islam. These are political movements wreaking havoc on their own religions and the worldwide reputations of them to outsiders. Many within those religions strongly disagree with both movements.

The problem lies in the way the story is told. The Western mainstream media paints Israel as the homeland for all Jewish people and supports every decision the Zionist government of Israel makes, no matter how viciously barbaric. Not only that, Western governments, such as Canada and the US, give billions of taxpayer dollars to Israel every year strictly to aide their war efforts. This makes us responsible for what’s happening to a certain degree.

The occupation of Palestine must be stopped. How? There’s the trillion dollar question. Two states? Three? One? Should the Israeli’s just pack up and move back to whatever country they came from originally? Unfortunately these are questions no Israeli government has addressed because as far as they’re concerned, the map is drawn. Israel isn’t willing to give any of the land they’ve stolen back. In fact, they have their eyes on more, and a good example would be the Syrian Golan Heights they are right now funding and arming ISIS and other terrorist groups to secure for them.

One way we can try and change these circumstances is to wake people up to what’s happening in Palestine, because most people don’t even know.

Today out of Pravda News in Russia came two videos we now bring to you. These are recordings of raids by the Israeli army in Palestinian homes in the middle of the night. Here we can see the terror and humiliation these occupied people must endure. Here we can watch and put ourselves in their position to catch a small glimpse of what life is like under a foreign occupier.

Please do your best to educate someone else with this information, expose it for what it is, and together we can take the necessary steps to ending this evil once and for all.

“These videos are evidence of the humiliation that Palestinian civilians have to endure because of the… occupation army of Israel. Armed Israeli military men raid Palestinian homes at night time.

They wake up children, ask questions to them and take their photographs. Soldiers go from one house to another…

These videos expose scenes of classic terror and intimidation of civilians by armed men. Civilians realize that they are completely defenseless. They understand that they can be arrested, jailed or killed.” —Pravda.

By Olan Thomas of

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2 thoughts on “Visual Occupation: Terrifying Israeli Night Raids In Palestine (VIDEOS)


    Newly-released UK documents speak of Zionist Nazis, terrorists and savages
    It is 65 years since Israel was forced upon the Middle East through terrorism, murder, ethnic cleansing and theft but so little has changed.

    Then as now, Britain, the occupying power that handed Palestine to the European Jewish colonists on a plate, knew the truth about the Zionists yet chose to be the midwife of their offspring, the state of Israel, even as they murdered British soldiers.

    And now Britain, which is possibly better informed about the reality of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict than anyone other than the primary victims of Israel, remains the loyal international spokesman and facilitator of this terrorist state, working on its behalf from the United Nations to the European Union.

    Alan Cunningham viewed the behaviour of Jewish terrorists as comparable to that of the Nazis
    This week, British intelligence documents released by the UK’s National Archives bring into sharp relief the extent to which the British government understood the truth about the Zionist criminals to which it was about to hand over Palestine, to be ethnically cleansed of its citizens and turned into the state of Israel.
    The documents reveal that, just two weeks before Israel’s unilateral declaration of “independence”, the British government’s high commissioner for Palestine, Alan Cunningham, viewed the behaviour of Jewish terrorists as comparable to that of the Nazis.

    On 30 April 1948, he wrote to his superiors that as the Jews celebrated military successes their
    “broadcasts, both in content and in manner of delivery, are remarkably like those of Nazi Germany”.
    In another report, he said that the Jews were prepared for statehood and an “all-out offensive” with “all the equipment of a totalitarian regime”.

    The papers, which make frequent references to Jewish “terrorists”, show the British understood that the Jews were willing “to go to almost any lengths to achieve their aim”.

    In one dispatch, an account is given of the massacre at the Palestinian village of Deir Yassin. In it, Cunningham wrote that 250 people were killed, with the attack

    “accompanied by every circumstance of savagery. Women and children were stripped, lined up, photographed and then slaughtered.”

    Exposing the myth of the poor “Jewish David” heroically standing up to the “Arab Goliath”, the British documents also show that while the Jews were organized, the local Arabs were poorly served by their leaders and by neighbouring countries, despite “extravagant claims of victories”.

    Jewish terrorists murdered 250 people in Deir Yassin

    “accompanied by every circumstance of savagery. Women and children were stripped, lined up, photographed and then slaughtered.”

    Cunningham wrote on 30 April that the Arabs’ “much vaunted liberation army” was “poorly equipped and badly led”.

    He continued:

    “In almost every engagement the Jews have proved their superiority in organization, training and tactics.”
    Yet, 65 years on the Zionists’ barefaced big, fat lie, which claims that Israel is the victim and the Arabs are the aggressors, is still being peddled shamelessly by Western politicians and media.
    It is time for the British state, which is directly responsible for the crime that is Israel, to shake off the Zionist yoke – the “Friends of Israel” tumours in the political parties and the Zionist fifth columnists infesting the media and the trade unions – and make amends for its criminal act in Palestine.
    And it is time for the British people, who are better informed now about Palestine than at any time in the past, to bring their politicians to account for their slavish support of Israel and Zionism.

    How Israel was absolved of Deir Yassin and all other massacres
    By Ilan Pappe, Electronic Intifada
    April 10, 2015

    This week we commemorated the massacre of Deir Yassin.
    On the anniversary’s eve, I went with a group of Palestinians, Israelis and visitors from abroad to a tour in the village organized by Zochrot, the Israeli group that continues relentlessly to remind Israelis of the crimes committed during the Nakba.

    Last year such a visit ended with a violent attack by a local resident of Har Nof — the Jewish ultra-Orthodox neighborhood built on the village’s ruins — so two sulky policemen accompanied us to the site (mainly there to make sure we did not deviate from the path allocated to us). The very hot day probably deterred the usual suspects from a repeat of last year’s aggression.

    Three buildings are still standing there: the school, now a yeshiva, and two houses. The rest is covered by ugly cubic buildings, forcing memory and imagination to work hard if you wish to reconstruct the beautiful village standing at the very top of the western slopes of the Jerusalem Mountains.
    It was one of the first targets of the ethnic cleansing of Palestine that began weeks before the village was attacked.

    On 1 April 1948, the Zionist forces that had been given the instruction to cleanse dozens of Palestinian villages from the western side of Jerusalem received a large bundle of orders.

    Among them was a directive from the intelligence service of the Hagana depicting every village as an enemy base and anyone above the age of ten as an able fighting male. The villages and the men and children in it were thus considered legitimate military targets to be destroyed and killed.


    In Deir Yassin, women and babies were also not spared. But the importance of the directives lies in the dehumanization of the Palestinians that was integrated into the orders dispatched to troops that in the next ten months or so would massacre thousands of Palestinians and expel almost a million of them (half of the country’s population), demolish their villages and destroy their towns.

    This dehumanization also explains why the so-called non-aggression pact the villages signed with their Jewish neighbours and military command in Jerusalem was sinisterly brushed aside once the order to cleanse the region was given to the troops on the ground.

    Jews are not different from any other people on this planet. Almost every group of people can be indoctrinated to dehumanize another group of people.

    This is how normal Germans were recruited into the death machine of the Nazis, Africans into the genocide in Rwanda and farmers to the killing fields of Cambodia. Even people who claimed to be victims of such dehumanization, as were the Zionist troops of 1948, very keenly engaged in the business of killing babies, as well as old men, in Palestine.

    This dehumanization appears now daily in Syria, Iraq, Libya and Yemen.


    The world is divided roughly into three responses to the present-day dehumanization. The first is characterized by cynical manipulation of the tragedy by political and economic elites in the West, China and India. There you can find arms traders, financial mavericks and cold-blooded politicians calculating daily how this is going to empower them politically or financially.
    The second approach is indifference exercised by the majority of people who could not care less one way or another.

    The third approach is genuine human concern and solidarity shown by the conscientious sections of society who wish to do something and get involved.

    For all these groups, it is important to stress the link between what happened this week 67 years ago in the village of Deir Yassin and the present day barbarism.

    The massacre of Deir Yassin, by no means the worst or the last in the history of Palestine, symbolized what was so unique about the Palestinian plight. Immediately after it occurred, the people who initiated it (the Zionist leadership) blamed their extreme wing for doing it and apologized.

    At the same time, they published as widely as possible the news in order to frighten those living at the next locations in their journey of expulsion and destruction. They were about to assault the cities of Palestine and they hoped that the massacre would cause people to flee. It did not work that well; they had to massacre and expel by force the people of the towns throughout the month of April 1948.


    But the propaganda about the massacre bore success elsewhere. The new state, Israel, was absolved from this and similar massacres — in fact, it has been let off from all the crimes it committed in 1948 and ever since. The immunity granted in April 1948 remains today.

    Elsewhere in the Middle East, a different kind of exceptionalism was exercised. Pro-American regimes, unless they went wild, could abuse human and civil rights, while those who were not on the right sight were condemned as rogue states.

    Those which had other assets coveted by the US were punished more severely. But even those with an exceptional status in the eyes of Washington were not received as members in the community of civilized nations in the way Israel has been. The exceptionalism there is unique.

    It is this exceptionalism that prevents good people in the West to participate in any significant way in the urgent conversation about human and civil rights in the rest of the Middle East.

    Everyone should take part in this conversation about barbaric acts committed against the innocent. But everyone who commits such acts should also be targeted in this conversation.

    The criminals who have attacked Gaza, the Yarmouk refugee camp, the Yazidi villages in the north of Iraq and the bombardiers of Aleppo and operators of drones in Pakistan should not be exonerated in any way; they should all be brought before the International Criminal Court, or similar tribunals.

    Justice should be demanded for all their victims.

    When this will happen we could come back to Deir Yassin, knowing that some sort of justice was served to people who have been victims of crimes not yet acknowledged, let alone punished.
    The author of numerous books, Ilan Pappe is professor of history and director of the European Centre for Palestine Studies at the University of Exeter.

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