Removing the Shield: US Turns Back on Israel in UN as Palestine Becomes ICC Member

palestine joins international criminal court

In a few days history may very well be in the making, though it’s probably a good bet to say Western media sources won’t give it the coverage it deserves.

For the first time in history the Palestinian people will become members of the International Criminal Court — an international tribunal made up of 123 different countries put in place to try political leaders accused of international crimes.

Needless to say, also for the first time in history, Palestine will be able to press charges against Israel for its inhuman actions, in particular last summer’s attacks that slaughtered thousands of people, as well as destroyed infrastructure and public schools in an intense bombing campaign.

In relation to this, the US government made an unexpected move the other day — compared with their past history — by neglecting to use their veto power against the rest of the voting United Nations Security Council to set a deadline for the creation of an official Palestinian state; rather than two small occupied territories.

The US has lobbied against the decision of the UN stepping in to solve the Palestinian crisis for years now, every time under the direction of their close ally and oppressors of the Palestinian people, Israel, who demands they take care of the issue themselves, though no government there has ever attempted it, or even cared to.

This time around when the resolution was posed at the UN — maybe because of the recent rift between Obama and Netanyahu; maybe because of Palestine now having the power to call in an international tribunal against the hideous war crimes inflicted against them — the US seems to have removed their shield from over top of Israel in a move that might be saying, “we’re washing our hands with this situation.”

The US government hasn’t said they would vote to support the resolution, but by refusing to veto they’ve left the proposal open this time to gain the nine votes it needs to pass, which sources say would have an immediate impact on Israeli policy.

“France was working on a Palestinian statehood resolution in December when the Palestinians presented their own draft to the Security Council. It didn’t get enough votes and was defeated… A French official said it was unclear whether Paris plans to push for a new resolution or simply revise the resolution it drafted in December. That document, the official said, was drafted with informal input from the U.S. and other countries.” —Wall Street Journal.

By Olan Thomas of

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