Canadian Cop: Unjust Violent Arrest Caught On Tape (VIDEO)

vpd violent arrest cop breaks window video

A violent arrest took place that resulted in a disgruntled police officer smashing the window of a peaceful man’s car and harshly yanking him out in Vancouver, BC.

Because the young man — pulled over at 41st Ave and Granville — fired up the camera on his phone beforehand, the whole situation was caught on tape. The video is making headlines around the world.

After refusing to step out of his car, as the officer rudely demands while warning he’s going to smash the window and pull the driver out soon, the driver — who was completely polite and seemed to know his rights — is startled as his window smashes to bits beside him.

The Vancouver officer then leans over the young man and asks, “did you think I was fucking joking,” as he yanks the suspect out to the ground and violently arrests him. 

According to the officer, he smelled marijuana.

When asked by CBC News about the case, a source from the Vancouver Police Department ignorantly answered that if people don’t want their windows smashed they should do what they’re told as soon as an officer asks.

Contrary to the man who uploaded the video saying the police found him perfectly sober with no controlled substances that night — this happened in late November; the video was uploaded just 2 days ago — the VPD stated the suspect was hit with 3 separate charges — possession of a controlled substance, possession for the purposes of trafficking, and obstructing a police officer. 

No matter what the case with the charges though, according to BC criminal lawyer Paul Doroshenko, “you can’t blame this individual… He’s being polite and cooperative. You can blame the police for their attitude… There is no justification for this type of behaviour.”

As the Canadian lawyer pointed out to CBC, the officer never gave the suspect a reason for why he wanted him to exit the car, or even why he pulled him over. This means he has no right to tell the suspect what to do and expect him to obey. On the other hand, the suspect has every right in the world to refuse to let the angry — and armed — officer anywhere near him. This means he was right to keep his window closed, even though the officer demanded otherwise, and this also means it was illegal for the officer to smash the suspects property to pieces and violently remove him from his own car.

“Ultimately what they do is, in my view, an unlawful arrest, smashing his window, destroying his property and it looks like a violent arrest.” —Paul Doroshenko, CBC News.

By Olan Thomas of

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