Olan Thomas: Officially Launched!


Just wanted to take this time to announce the launch of my personal blog, OlanThomas.WordPress.com.

This will be my own blog site where I’ll be posting articles, videos, music, etc. that won’t really fit into the Cut2TheTruth.com catalog.

I’m super excited to be working on this side-project and hope those who tune into it enjoy the subject matter.

You can expect a lot of comedy, social commentary, educational matter, history, political and pop culture satire, all based on current events as well as whatever else is on my mind that I think my readers, listeners, and watchers could identify with.

Not to worry for the subscribers of C2T, as I’m not planning abandoning this project by any means. I just have a lot more to say that wouldn’t exactly fit the alternative news format. So definitely go take a visit and subscribe to my other blog too. It’s free as well!

By Olan Thomas of Cut2TheTruth.com.


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