Israeli Election: Netanyahu Claims Victory, Palestine Loses Either Way


News has hit worldwide media outlets that Benjamin Netanyahu, who has served as Prime Minister for 6 straight years, will resume his post as leader of Israel.

Tied neck and neck until very late in the election day were the two most covered parties running, Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud Party — going for their fourth consecutive term as the elected cabinet — and the Zionist Union led by Isaac Herzog.

Despite the unknown true winner early in the day, Benjamin Netanyahu instantly addressed the public upon the exit polls being released announcing his victory. His competitor quickly rebutted and called the statement untrue.

Had the early tie remained, Moshe Kahlon of the newly formed Kulanu Party — and former Minister of Communications as well as Minister of Welfare & Social Services under Netanyahu’s Likud Party — won enough seats to pick who would be the ultimate victor.

According to YNet News and the New York Times, Netanyahu’s Likud Party pulled away in the end with 29 or 30 of 120 seats in Parliament with Herzog finishing with 24.

Netanyahu’s entire campaign was based on security issues, making speeches peppered with fear mongering and anti-Islamic sentiments in every comment he gave leading up to the election, including the unconstitutional speech he gave before the US congress last week that undermined the president on the US’s nuclear deal with Iran— and did so on an invite kept secret from him.

On Sunday he spoke before tens of thousands in Tel Aviv announcing there was an “international conspiracy” against him being funded by his many political enemies. He also stressed that he was the only man in not only Israel, but the entire world who could keep the people of the Jewish faith safe on multiple occasions.

While Bibi Netanyahu was ranting and raving about security and an ever present threat that only he could handle, his opponents focussed on issues the common man cared about, such as the high cost of living in Israel, while pointing out Netanyahu’s elite lifestyle to shine light on how out of touch he is to the working class. 

This tactic almost worked as Netanyahu dropped dramatically in pre-election polls over this last week.

No matter who won though, the real issue that needed to addressed in Israel wouldn’t be by either party. This issue, of course, is the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

“The fact is that when it comes to the most crucial question regarding the future of Israel and the Middle East — what to do about the Palestinians — the difference between the two candidates is negligible, a divergence that is short on substance but long on style and rhetoric.”Gideon Levy, columnist for the Israeli daily Haaretz who has covered the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza for the last 25 years.

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After heavily avoiding the topic, Sunday Netanyahu finally gave his word on the Palestinian situation vowing to never give Palestine its independence.

Though the Palestinians have been terrorized since 1947, losing their homes, pride, independence, human rights, and being reduced to two small but heavily occupied pieces of land — the Gaza Strip and the West Bank — according to Israeli sources, neither leading party supports giving these persecuted, starving, constantly attacked, and decimated people a break.

As a researcher of Palestine’s plight for the past two-and-a-half decades Gideon Levy points out, contrary to popular belief, Herzog is no better than Netanyahu on this most important issue, reminding readers that Herzog’s left-wing ideology stems from the likes of Golda Meir, Moshe Dayan, Shimon Peres, and Yitzhak Rabin — all members of the left-wing Israeli Labour Party that originally obliterated the Palestinian population for decades with no mercy while continuously lying about the circumstances that led to the slaughters and land confiscations of so many millions of innocent people.

“The reality is that here in Israel, it is only the masters who will vote and decide on the future — not only for themselves, but for the millions of Palestinians who have for nearly half a century been living under their control, directly in the West Bank and indirectly in Gaza. And yet, it seems, their fate is not a topic worthy of discussion. To call this a democracy in 2015 is rather problematic.” —Gideon Levy.

By Olan Thomas of

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