Arrested ISIS Recruiter Worked for Canadian Intelligence

isis canadian csis recruiter paid by canadian government three british girls brought from turkey to syria

Canada’s Jordanian embassy — run by Bruno Saccomani, former RCMP officer and head of Stephen Harper’s security detail, handpicked by Harper two-years back to run the embassy in Amman, Jordan and look after affairs in Iraq — is under scrutiny as an employee from his office in Amman has been arrested in Turkey for recruiting and taking care of travel for three young British girls to join ISIS in Syria.

Multiple Turkish reports also say the suspect admitted to secretly working for Canadian Intelligence in exchange for Canadian citizenship.

The suspect is a Syrian intelligence operative named Mohammed Mehmet Rashid — also known as Doctor Mehmet Rashid — according to Yeni Safak, a Turkish newspaper reporter who reported Rashid to have met the British girls in Turkey to transport them to Syria, and also 17 others at different times.

Canada’s Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney refused to go on record Friday when asked about the reports. The Canadian Security Intelligence Service [CSIS], RCMP and Prime Minister’s Office also refused to make statements. though a government source has said Rashid isn’t a Canadian citizen or an employee of CSIS.

Despite this claim, Turkish authorities confiscated the suspect’s cell phone and computer, both of which were provided by Canadian intelligence.

Paul Dewar, NDP foreign affairs critic, said the government’s refusal to deny the reports is proof there is honesty to them, also stating “if the reports are true, that would be devastating for Canada’s credibility.”

“We have been engaged with someone who is not blocking people from travelling to Syria to join up with ISIL, they’re actually facilitating it.” —Paul Dewar, The National Post.

By Olan Thomas of

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