Canada Awakening: Nationwide Protests Over Tyrannous Anti-Terror Bill

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Today — Saturday March the 14th — was one of those rare days lately that made a Canadian feel good about being a Canadian.

Awakening out of their slumber, residents from all over the country took to the streets to protest the most talked about bill in recent Canadian history. I’m talking of course about bill C-51, known as Canada’s anti-terrorism act — a bill which gives police and intelligence agencies immense powers to spy, detain, and victimize citizens while essentially erasing their rights according to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which is an amendment literally written into the Orwellian bill, such as peaceful protest and freedom of expression — also known as “the secret police act.”

Here in BC hundreds of people from all different age groups and backgrounds stopped traffic while marching down Georgia Street, finally gathering outside of downtown Vancouver’s Art Gallery, holding signs that read “Defend the rights of all!!!” and “Kill Bill C-51” while shouting “No more Harper!”

BC wasn’t alone, either. In Montreal NPD leader Tom Mulcair marched with hundreds holding signs and shouting the same displeased sentiments at the ultra-right Canadian government.

In Edmonton hundreds more gathered outside of Canada Place screaming “Kill the bill” while holding signs that read “Dance like CSIS is watching” and “Who’s watching the watchers?”

Thousands more gathered in Nathan Phillip’s Square in Toronto to hear NDP MPs Peggy Nash, Andrew Cash, and Green Party Leader Elizabeth May speak against the draconian Harper initiative to hand CSIS — Canada’s intelligence agency — essentially limitless power in the name of preventing terrorism.

In Ottawa mobs flocked outside of Conservative Members of Parliament offices, though those MP’s are all on a week-long vacation.

All in all there were 50 cities which sprung to action at the call of C-51 opposition organization, who referred to the event as a National Day of Action to Stand Against the Secret Police Bill C-51.

In just a month since news of bill C-51 became publicly known several open letters have hit media opposing it, one signed by four former prime ministers and five supreme court justices, and another signed by 100 Canadian law professors.

Despite any of this, the Harper government stands firm behind their thirst for power in the remaining few months before they leave office, but that doesn’t change the fact that Canadians are showing signs of awakening to the lies and anti-democratic tactics of their current government, and with any luck this is just the beginning of citizens voicing their opinions and exercising their rights freely.

By Olan Thomas of

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5 thoughts on “Canada Awakening: Nationwide Protests Over Tyrannous Anti-Terror Bill

  1. News Flash: Canada is not a democracy and we never had any real freedoms. If we did they couldn’t take them away with a stroke of the pen.

    We put Canadian citizens of Japanese descent in concentration camps in WWII. Why was nobody ever held responsible for that? Trudeau used the war measures act on a very slight provocation. How did he get away with that? What about all the lies we told about the Germans in WWI and the Germans and Japanese in WW2? 99% of the people still believe them. The media is in on these lies bit time. The BBC was fabricating stories that are still believed today. The other media are also spreading lies. You can’t have a free people without a free press and our press is bought off, stupid, ignorant, deluded, and corrupt.

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