Toronto Police Gang Rape: Officers Out On Bail


Canadian corruption hit all new heights last week as three officers from Toronto, Ontario posted $15,000 bail after being arrested for gang raping a parking enforcement officer in a hotel room — in downtown Toronto.

The officers are still out on bail and haven’t made any comments.

According to the Toronto Sun, Joshua Cabero (28), Leslie Nyznik (38), and Sameer Kara (31) are barred from drinking, they can’t go to work, they can’t contact any of the 20 potential witnesses — plus the alleged victim — they’re banned from three clubs, and they aren’t allowed to handle any firearms. 

From the time of the sexual assault, 33 days passed before charges were laid. This raised eyebrows. When asked why it took so long, Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair said, “The investigation needed to be conducted, it was conducted and those charges are laid, and that matter is now before the courts, and I won’t be commenting on it.”

As is the rule, the three officers are still being paid their wages by the taxpayers. When asked if that is fair, Mayor John Tory answered, “I really can’t say much more than that other than to say we have a process both in the criminal justice system and also systems inside the police community where these things are dealt with…I think they are based on a fundamental presumption that we have in our society that you are innocent until you’re proven guilty.”

Not surprisingly, in 2013 Leslie Nyznik — one of the accused — was the main player in the covering of a severe beating of a chef by Toronto officer Christian Dobbs. The judge who presided over the trial was quoted to call Nyznik’s unstable testimony “incredulous.”

What’s more, the officers will now be applying to have their legal bills paid for by the Toronto Police Association, so not only will the citizens of Toronto have to pay their salary, but they’ll also have to pay the vast amounts of money to their legal team to defend their actions.

In a city that was run for years by a known gang affiliated crackhead, should we really be surprised the police are just as dirty? We would have to be fools.

By Olan Thomas of

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7 thoughts on “Toronto Police Gang Rape: Officers Out On Bail

  1. From what I have heard from family and friends of one of these guys and from what I have heard Crome people these guys did it and they are going to lie their ass off to get out of this. People have said that when asked you can see that they are lieing their asses off. I hope these three get the max punishment and never get a job anywhere for the things they did. These guys took an oath and broke it. Can never be trusted to do anything.

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