Setting the Stage: NATO Tanks Parade Openly Along Russia’s Border (Video)

*Note: Youtube has removed this video twice now. If video is down, we will replace within the day.

Today Global Research released an English version of Dutch reporter Joost Niemöller’s breakdown of a video captured on the 23rd of February in Estonia.

The video, which runs 6.5 minutes, shows a massive motorcade of military vehicles — many tanks and many armoured cars — cruising at night down the streets of Narva, Estonia — a city which lays on the border of Russia.

“What is striking about these images is that this military convoy is openly displayed to the public… You can imagine how Putin might feel in this regard, [a US-NATO convoy] close to his former power base of Saint Petersburg. That might well be the underlying intent… According to NATO, Putin has a destabilizing influence in the Baltics, and the Cold war is increasingly becoming a Hot War.”Global Research.

As Joost points out, it’s quite amazing this seemingly endless procession of war machines is so public. One can only imagine what it would be like to be driving home from picking up a few things at the store and having to wait a length of time for dozens of military vehicles to pass. 

Quite clearly the convoy was meant to be seen, and we can be sure Vladimir Putin did.

american tanks NATO tanks armoured vehicles etonia and russian border putin war cold war heating up

To onlookers, this definitely looks like the stage being set for military conflict stretching outside the limits of Ukraine, where just over a week ago a cease-fire was implemented and then broken 129 times within 24-hours.

The propaganda war is in full swing. Among many accusations being hurled around — aside from the MH-17 debacle, Putin’s backing of the Ukraine Separatists, or America’s shadow hand in the Ukrainian government — recently the Russian news source Pravda released word that “Russia is preparing the release of evidence of the involvement of the US government and intelligence services in the September 11 attacks” of 2001.

Even more recently, US media accused Russia of being behind the disappearance of Malaysian flight MH-370, which went missing over a year ago and hasn’t shown any sign of reappearing to date.

Besides the war of words though, judging by these tanks and the thousands of other soldiers being deployed across Europe and along Russia’s border, military action between NATO and Putin seems like an upcoming reality, rather than a small chance, as neither side is showing signs of decreasing their aggression.

By Olan Thomas of

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