Sending Your Kids To Die and Kill: Harper to Deploy Soldiers to Iraq, Syria, and Libya

stephen harper sending more troops to war against ISIS

The propaganda arm of the war hungry Harper Government, known to the common man as the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation — a crown owned network, I’ll remind the reader — has given word to the citizens of Canada that their government is planning on sending much more soldiers to the Middle East to fight ISIS, and it’s sounding like ground troops.

“Canada has made a contribution [and] that’s always been with a serious capacity on the ground,”CBC.

Not only will additional soldiers be deployed Iraq, but according to Defence Minister Jason Kenney in a recent CBC radio interview with known liar Evan Solomon, they’ll also be sending hoards more to terrorize two other already destroyed countries: Syria and Libya.

“We will look at our options to see where we can have the most impact, where we’re most needed.” —Jason Kenney.

As it sits right now, Canada has been bombing Iraq at the beck and call of the American government — and at the taxpayers expense — for four months. In October the country signed on with the US to join their campaign until April of this year. Kenney hinted to Solomon that they will be extending that contract.

This news comes in response to the most recent ISIS propaganda video, which is reported to have shown 21 Coptic Christians from Egypt get beheaded on a beach in Libya, though, of course, just like every other ISIS video release, there is no footage of anyone actually being killed, the video and audio are professionally edited, and the men doing the killing all have their faces covered as to hide their identity and nationality. Moreover, the ISIS combatant doing the talking in the video has an American accent. Still, that won’t deter the war effort from the Harper Government in the least. To them it’s real and people have to die for it, whether they’re Canadian, American, European, or Arabic.

As we know, the attacks in Ottawa which prompted Canada to pass amendments to the Canadian Anti-Terrorism act — which completely remove the rights “guaranteed” to Canadians in the Charter of Rights and Freedom — and to also send its planes to the Middle East to start dropping bombs on its cities, almost non-stop, was a staged event, and this has been proven outright.

One of the most damning pieces of evidence was a photo shown by CBC’s Evan Solomon. The photo was supposed to be — and reported to be — the “bullet holes” left in the walls of Parliament after — reported — gunman Michael Zehaf-Bibeau was shot to death.

These “bullet holes” were shown in the exact same places in 2013 on Google Maps, and therefore could not have been from the shooting Solomon and the CBC tried to fool the public into believing they were from. There were no bullet holes in Parliament at all, which means there was no shooting in Parliament at all. They lied. It’s nothing short of an eye-roll and a headshake that the news of Canada sending more troops to the Middle East — to combat another staged terror threat — came on Evan Solomon’s radio show.

proof cbc was lying about ottawa shootings

Though the decision isn’t final yet, we can be sure Stephen Harper will soon be making it official. Canada will extend their contract in Iraq and ground troops will be sent to Libya and Syria. This has been the plan all along, and nothing will change that, especially when Canadians don’t question the actions and narratives of their government and press — the real terrorists.

Let’s think about it. When ISIS makes a video calling for lone-wolf attacks in Canada, where does everybody hear it from? Does ISIS take out ads in magazines, or spend millions on TV commercials? Do they pay the post office to hand out flyers door to door? No, ISIS gets millions in free advertising and their message is drilled into the heads of Canadian citizens by the CBC — an extension of the Canadian Federal Government. They are the carriers and promoters of every piece of propaganda released, all day and all night, day in and day out. You can’t buy that type of publicity. Understanding this fact we can see that it’s not even that important if western intelligence agencies are the ones making the ISIS videos — which they almost certainly are — because whoever’s making them, it’s the press that is making them available, and even if they refuse to show them in full, they still write article after article, and do broadcast after broadcast, post tweet after tweet, repeating every detail, every request, every threat, everything, every time ISIS has a message for the world. So in the end, who is really responsible for people hearing the message and then acting on it? Who is really terrorizing you here at home: the terrorists in the Middle East, halfway across the globe, or the people transmitting their message into your living room non-stop?

In the end, this is what Harper and his cronies are paid for, though. This is why they’re in office: to perpetuate the lie of “terrorism” and keep the war going. The war isn’t meant to be won, just fought. As long as it’s being fought, the military industrial complex keeps earning, the banks keep earning, the people keep spending, and the resources of the Arab world stay in control of western powers, and that right there is why ISIS exists in the first place.

By Olan Thomas of

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8 thoughts on “Sending Your Kids To Die and Kill: Harper to Deploy Soldiers to Iraq, Syria, and Libya

  1. Ok, but dude. Calling the CBC the propaganda disseminating arm of the Harper Government is like calling a eucalyptus leaf the predator of the koala, it just doesn’t make sense. The Harper Government is anti-CBC because it is a more liberal news broadcaster, and the Harper Government is a neoliberal government and is thusly against any form of public broadcasting. They have been removing public funding from CBC and further they allowed for the sale of Hockey Night in Canada to Rogers, which removes almost 50% of the CBC’s revenue. Yes, the Harper Government does disseminate a ridiculous amount of propaganda and controls information in Canada, but it is not through the CBC. Get your facts right bro.

    • I completely disagree. The CBC is a crown owned corporation. They will push the narrative of any serving government of Canada. Right now that’s the Harper government. The CBC was the main pusher of the Ottawa hoax. Bill C-51, Bill C-13, ISIS (and Harper’s declaration of war in the Middle East, which has been extended and is spreading farther and farther), Ebola, Moncton, and every other lie and attack on Canadian rights that has happened in since I began this page, which was still during Harper’s regime. Not only that, but they blackout stories which need telling such as the High River gun grab, which was done under Harper’s government. Harper’s government, as we speak, is getting away with murder, fraud, treason — the above picture alone proves this —.and CBC has the power to see to it that the truth about what Harper’s government actually did in Centre Block is known to the public, but they don’t. They could take Harper down if they wanted, but they don’t. I have personally read nearly every article CBC has released on their main page — top 20 billed stories, give or take — for quite a few years now, have sourced them on this page hundreds of times, and can assure you they are the propaganda arm of the Canadian government. Whether they try to appear as liberal, they are no ideology. They’re the mouthpiece of the elite, and so is Harper, Trudeau, Mulcair, and the rest of them. Look passed the propaganda that you yourself credit them for spreading, and see the big picture. And again, look at the above picture in this very article of Evan Solomon — of CBC — lying through his teeth to all of Canada on behalf of the Harper government. I think you need to get your facts right, bro.

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