Fox News: ISIS Video of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians Footage Was Faked

isis fake coptic christian tape

Once again even the mainstream media has come out declaring another ISIS video a complete hoax.

This most recent film — released Feb. 15th — claims to show 21 Coptic Christians being marched down a beach in Libya and then beheaded. Just like every other video released in ISIS’s name so far, the actual killing is skipped over. Also just like every other ISIS video, the production value is suspiciously professional when it comes to the sound, picture, and effects editing.

But these are just a few of the eyebrow raising aspects to these propaganda videos; videos which have been the cause of every aggressive step forward by America and its allies’ in the Middle East since mid-2014 — mainly in Iraq and Syria, though the battle is now quickly expanding into Libya.

“Video of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians being marched along a Libyan beach before being beheaded by black-clad members of ISIS is hard for any civilized person to watch, but experts who made it through the sickening, five-minute clip told Friday they came to the same conclusion: The footage was faked.”

According to the experts used by Fox News, most of the production was done in front of a green screen with the “background added later.”

Though Fox admits this is the case, they still push the narrative that the men in the video were beheaded off camera at another time.

“The most obvious, [Veryan] Khan [editorial director of the Florida-based Terrorism Research & Analysis Consortium] said, is the speaker, ‘Jihad Joseph’ is much larger than the sea in both the close up and wide shots, and his head is bizarrely out of proportion, meaning he was filmed indoors and the sea added behind him, Khan said. In addition, the jihadists featured in the film look to be more than 7 feet tall, towering as much as two feet above their victims.” —

With respect to the bit of the last beheading shown in the new tape, according to the above quoted Khan, “not only did it lack the correct blood pulsation for decapitation, but seems to have had the blood ‘faked’ with cornstarch.”

Fox News also showed the tape to Mary Lambert, a Hollywood film director who has worked on a number of movies, including Pet Cemetery. According to Lambert:

“The shot that seems really tampered with is the one with the really tall Jihadists and the dwarf Christians. The close-ups of Jihadists on the beach are most likely green screen.”

Furthermore, Lambert stated “that in the opening shot all the figures might be animated. They never had more than six men on the beach.”

It doesn’t stop there, either. Fox even admitted “the stream of blood in the ocean at the end of the video, and during the beheading of the final victim, is most likely not real.”

Despite all of this expert testimony picking apart the tape frame by frame and exposing it fully as a fraud, Fox still pushes the narrative that ISIS killed all these men off camera, and should be feared for it. 

Any logical thinking person can see — especially after 21 fraudulent videos in a row — that these movies are pure western propaganda vehicles. Made by the west, made for the west.

Why on earth would a terrorist network spend gigantic sums of money to make videos aimed at scaring a nation of people and hide the killing? Who tries to prove something “real” by showing you something fake? Only a liar would do that. That’s like telling someone you have a million dollars and proving it by filming yourself holding a briefcase full of Monopoly money. If you really had the money and wanted to prove it, you would show the money. It’s the same with these ISIS tapes. If they are claiming to kill innocent people, why are they going to every length they can to hide the proof with fake killings? Why would anyone believe them? Who in their right mind would at this point?

Fox News would, that’s who. But that’s only because they’re serving the same agenda all the mainstream media networks are. This is strictly damage control to try and cover up articles such as the one you’re reading now. This way, instead of someone seeing the fake videos, questioning their authenticity, and then searching the net to find independent researchers who have analyzed and exposed them as fraud, they find articles on Fox News saying they’re fake, but still keeping the lie alive that the men in the videos were actually killed, thus still promoting the war effort.

Let’s not forget that every attack launched in Iraq and Syria — and now Libya — has been in response to these videos. Without them, America’s stepped up bombings and now ground troops wouldn’t be justified, so America’s war machine needs these videos to serve the purpose they were intended for, which was to gain public support for an unjust invasion. And let’s not forget where we hear of these videos either, and see them played — not directly from ISIS, that’s for sure. We hear of these videos, and see them, through the mainstream media, who does their best to push them relentlessly to the public — and mainstream news sites dominate the top results of search engines getting first priority every time.

As we’ve gone over countlessly here at, these videos are clearly made for the war effort of the American government. They are made to direct public opinion against the Middle East and for the American occupation. This is how the military industrial complex makes its trillions of dollars. This is also how American industry titans — who run the American government — consolidate resources, which the Middle East is ripe with.

Besides showing two sources from within ISIS and al Qaeda testifying to American training and funding, in an article just a few weeks ago we showed a Washington Post article which documents CIA agents stating their own role in creating propaganda films involving Arab actors to gain public support for war in the Middle East back in 2003. These ISIS videos are no doubt an extension of that project.

By Olan Thomas of

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5 thoughts on “Fox News: ISIS Video of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians Footage Was Faked

  1. The Coptic Church apparently canonized the “21 martyrs” as saints. First of all, that’s awfully quick. Second of all, were these men even real? It’s doubtful. Fake victims are easier to create than fake videos. No one died at Sandy Hook. No one likely died here. But what does that say about the Coptic Christian church? Could they actually have canonized 21 fake people as saints? Maybe they died in some other fashion, and were simply attributed to the “victims” in this fake ISIS (aka CIA and Mossad) video.


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