Copenhagen False Flag Timeline of Events: Planetary Mirror

Starting with the cartoon drawn of Mohammed by Swedish-born cartoonist Lars Vilks — who is said to have been the initial target of the peace rally shooting in Denmark last Saturday — back in January of 2007, independent reporter and researcher Planetary Mirror kicks off the timeline of events of the entire Copenhagen “terror” episode — or drill to those in the know — all the way up to where we sit currently, no matter what day you’re reading this.

For his visuals in the video, Planetary uses a page he designed on Hoaxipedia displaying the timeline, event by event, with a write up and picture for each frame, making it simple for even the most technically challenged of us to drop in on the page and easily navigate the timeline’s items with the click of a button. It couldn’t be easier, more informative, or important, and CT2 recommends everybody not only take a look and keep updated as the timeline grows, but sub the Youtube channel and blog Planetary uploaded the content to, as well.

Last night I joined Planetary on Jeff C.’s We’ll Do It Live show where the entire panel broke down the events of Copenhagen — plus a lot more — and I’d like to share some more links with you of people who, like Planetary Mirror, are doing great research and broadcasts on this global — covert — issue:

Jeff C. of Free Radio Revolution
Fuck You Google Plus (You should sub based on the name alone!)
Truth Paradigm 1
Scandinavian Report

I know I’m missing some, and to those on the ball that I missed I apologize, but a quick search on Youtube alone will provide pages of independent research videos tearing this Charlie Hebdo sequel to shreds.

By Olan Thomas of

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