All Seeing Eyes on Denmark: 500,000 Public Cameras to Be Registered With Authorities

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Try pronouncing this: Nyhederne TV2. That’s the main corporate news source in Copenhagen, and according to them, Danish authorities haven’t wasted any time in bringing the New World Order’s agenda right inside their borders.

They’ve — particularly Deputy Police Inspector Jens Møller Jensen from the Copenhagen Police — requested the government enforce a register for an estimated 500,000 closed circuit cameras to be “set up” across the country, and for those already set up to be accessible to law enforcement.

This would make a public and semi-public surveillance network that stretches 1/3 the size of Scandinavia — 100,000 in Copenhagen alone — for police and intelligence officials to “detect” whenever they feel it’s necessary, or in other words, whenever they feel like it.

Among others in the Danish government, Denmark’s Director of the Security Industry Kasper Skov-Mikkelsen has been pushing for such an act since 2007, when the last surveillance register was abolished in the wake of the public’s distaste for its invasiveness.

Luckily for him, Copenhagen just had part-two of the Charlie Hebdo fiasco — or the cafe in Sydney debacle, or the War Memorial in Ottawa farce — take place right down the road from his office, so he’s confident the country will be ready for such an Orwellian measure now.

Timing, they say, is everything.

By Olan Thomas of

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