Staged Terror Drills: Dane Predicts Denmark Attacks Before They Happened

cut2thetruth copenhagen terror drills false flag

What’s one of the biggest clues we find when dissecting false flags? Terror drills. They always seem to either come very near to the actual “attacks” or, in some cases, right as they’re unfolding.

To those of us experienced on the subject, a drill that imitates the exact occurrence of a globally reported “terror attack” in the same place and at the same time is enough cause by now to close the book. It happened during 9/11, Sandy Hook, Washington state, Moncton, Santa Barbara, Ottawa, France, Australia — to name a small few — and now, low and behold, in Copenhagen.

This is according to Veterans Today, who released an article today quoting Ole Dammegard, who on Truth Jihad Radio last Friday predicted a staged terror attack in Denmark based solely on “the rash of suspicious terror drills in Copenhagen beginning in January.”

“David, a friend of mine in Denmark, just made me aware of an upcoming terror drill in Copenhagen. Is this another false flag on its way? 

If so, let’s stop it by exposing it before it even happens. 

If you live nearby, please go there, start filming the whole setup and then upload it immediately on YouTube. Make it very obvious for the people in the drill that they are being observed and filmed. The more people joining in the filming, the better… The drill is scheduled for tonight, the night between Tuesday and Wednesday, at the Nörreport train station. Good luck and please keep me informed. Anything I can do, I am right here..

Thank you David, for being so observant.” —VT.

As it happens, the drill mentioned in the above quote — specifying a date many days before the actual “attacks” occurred — was scheduled to take place at Nörreport train station. The shooting that “killed” the — reported — gunman, Omar el-Hussein, took place at Noerrebro train station, which isn’t the same station, but it is less than 20 minutes away on the same line — the S-line.

04.00 Police now saying they have shot and injured someone in Noerrebro train station near the synagogue. Unclear at this stage what their condition is or whether they are the suspect. “The police have fired shots at Noerrebro Station. One person is hit. Condition unknown,” Copenhagen police wrote on Twitter.”The Telegraph UK.

It’s quite a coincidence that — once again — a terror drill was scheduled — in this case at a train station — the same day a “real life” terror event happened at one down the road, isn’t it?

By Olan Thomas of

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13 thoughts on “Staged Terror Drills: Dane Predicts Denmark Attacks Before They Happened

  1. Copenhagen.
    Could this be their mistake?
    It’s about the victim between the cars outside the building. on 1:41 on 0:39

    on 1:31 can you see an arm by his feet?
    In the background … a camera / grey balloon. You can also see that on 1:41 on 1:01
    here you can see the “panic” and how many poeple there were.
    Off. was 30 people incl. the France Ambassador. So very important meeting! 30 people. on 1:13 look at the smiling face!

    Where is the bike with the yellow plastic bag?
    And one with a white bag on the saddle.
    The black bike in the front.. is that the same?

    At first they said the 40 year victim was shot inside, had short sleeves and was probably already longer in the building. (because it’s cold outside)
    Now he is laying outside, with a dark arm and he is a 55 year old filmdirector.

    Don’t you think it’s weird, when somebody want to come near to help and a guy in black ordered him “stay there….stay”!! Just like a dog. And the picture don’t show the wounded.

    The black guy showed the police THAT WAY!! with and no attention to the victim?
    Nothing wrong here you know… only a dead man, don’t look, go that way!

    The orange shirt guy, he took his shirt off and than what? He took it back on again… no blood. Look at his face… there is nothing! You know, that day, it was very cold, windy, no sun and 3 C.

    All BS.
    There is so much wrong here, the list is endless.
    What they want you to believe and which direction they manouvre your brains.

    I said the BS is endless… look at this one. Here they say the terrorist hide his car.

    Yeah… the police …
    but hey… they need better wapens you know.. high priority now.

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