Another Questionable Terror Attack: Copenhagen Cafe and Synagogue Shootings

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Saturday afternoon Denmark experienced nearly a mirror image attack to the Charlie Hebdofalse flag — shootings in France last month.

According to CNN, an armed man — face covered — stormed a cafe in Copenhagen where a “free speech rally” was being held and opened fire. His main target is told to be Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks, who was in attendance. Vilks is known for his controversial drawings of the Prophet Mohammed; works which landed him on Islamic death-lists.

Though Vilks wasn’t hit, it’s being reported that one 55-year-old man has died with an additional three officers wounded.

Hours later, the shooter apparently showed up outside a synagogue and shot two more officers.

“The officers were wounded. But 37-year-old Dan Uzan, who was providing security for a confirmation party behind the synagogue, died, the Jewish Society of Denmark said.”CNN.

Copenhagen police released this photo in connection with the attack.

Copenhagen police released this photo in connection with the attack.

Early this morning — Sunday the 15th of February — the shooter, who has been identified as Omar Abdel Hamid, was reportedly gunned down at his apartment after he opened fire on police who had come to question him about the events. He is said to be known to authorities.

This is where the information gets pretty questionable…

False Flag?

The whole situation stinks to high heaven of a false flag. This isn’t to say nobody died, but the narrative given by authorities and the mainstream news once again doesn’t completely add up, and with the lies they’re known for in these exact types of stories, they should be considered to be lying — with agenda — until proven otherwise.

This is nearly a parallel situation to the attacks — all but proven to be fake — in France in January. We have officers being shot, a cartoonist being targeted for drawing Mohammed, another Jewish facility being targeted, and to top it all off, once again the suspect is dead before the news even hit the stands. Again, it stinks already. Stinks like bullshit.

To begin with, the audio captured of the shooting is extremely questionable. Take a listen:

First of all, in analyzing this we have to take note that the woman speaking at a free speech rally in Denmark is speaking English, not Danish. That’s extremely strange. But even more suspect is the sound of the shots being fired. Where is the sound of shattering glass, as the pictures of the cafe show?

We have a woman talking and she’s abruptly stopped as the sound of gunfire begins, which doesn’t even sound like gunfire, it sounds like a construction site. In any case, it doesn’t match the volume of the woman speaking at all. Somehow her voice is louder than the sound of the gun, which, as an audio engineer I can tell you would not be the case in a generic capturing of the situation, even if she were standing directly in front of the recording device and the bullets were fired from a hundred yards away. If anything, they would have peaked the recording, which would create more of a cutting effect to the audio, making the sound almost impossible to hear clearly at all. In the audio we hear the bullets clearly. It doesn’t add up, at least to me.

But most questionable is the fact that nobody screams when the shooting begins, or when the bullets are flying. A packed cafe holding a free speech rally with bullets whizzing all over the place doesn’t have one person, including the woman speaking at the time the shots ring out, make a verbal noise? What do people do when you scare the shit out of them? They scream, every time. Do you really believe no one made a sound? They all just hit the deck silently?

While the photographs of the scene show clear bullet holes all over the place, meaning a shooting did occur, it’s extremely debatable that the audio released of the shooting is authentic.

To top it all off, the mainstream news is reporting the suspect left one of the shootings, stole a car, ditched it, and hailed a cab to go home. This is how we’re told the police located his apartment, by asking that cab driver where he dropped off the shooter. This is possible, of course, but very hard to believe.

Of course it’s too early to tell conclusively, but this is definitely shaping up to be the next episode in the monthly false flag series put on by the anti-Muslim globalist ruling elite. Like Canada, the US, Australia, and France before them, get ready to lose your rights through anti-terror acts Copenhagen. It’s now a guarantee.

Much more to come.

By Olan Thomas of


16 thoughts on “Another Questionable Terror Attack: Copenhagen Cafe and Synagogue Shootings

  1. Gee dude, so near and yet so far. The event was an international one, so naturally people would speak English (most Danes speak better English than many Americans, by the way). Oh, and your claim of a false flag? Take a look at the evidence coming out of Denmark tonight…

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