Zionism From the Inside: Son of Israeli General Miko Peled Speaks Out

Jerusalem born author, activist, and former soldier of the Israeli army, Miko Peled’s life mission is one of equality. Even though he is the son of one of the highest ranking and decorated soldiers in Israeli Defense Forces history and lived a very free life in Israel, he’s become one of the loudest and most influential voices in ending the apartheid in Israel and Palestine through his writings and speeches on the myths of Zionism — a Jewish movement that believes the land surrounding Jerusalem belongs to the Jewish people on account of the Bible.

“As an Israeli that was raised on the Zionist ideal of a Jewish state, I know how hard it is for many Jews and Palestinians to let go of the dream of having a state that is exclusively ‘our own’… For the good of both nations, the Separation Wall must come down, the Israeli control over the lives of Palestinians must be defied so that a secular democracy where all Israelis and Palestinian live as equals be established in our shared homeland.” —MikoPeled.com.

The propaganda surrounding the history of the State of Israel is protected worldwide, and this is at the supreme misfortune of their neighbors the Palestinians — an Arab population almost completely decimated through the Israeli occupation which began in 1947. Because of this, people like Miko Peled come to our attention very rarely, and face brutal criticism and personal threat for speaking the truth on the matter.

When people do a lend an ear to Miko, they quickly see through the most heinous of all rumours surrounding Israel; the one that says to be an anti-Zionist is to be an anti-semite. This propaganda campaign has been hard at work since Zionism reared its ugly head on the world scene. As a Jewish-born Israeli anti-Zionist — and only one of many — Miko puts that scapegoated buzzline to rest once and for all with historical, moral, and scientific evidence.

Zionism is not, repeat, is not representative of the Jewish faith. It’s a geopolitical movement that uses Judaism to claim rights to a land that was already heavily populated by another people for hundreds and hundreds of years. In reality, and many devout Jewish people will agree, Zionism is as detrimental to the reputation of Judaism as it is to the welfare of Islam.

Even though he grew up surrounded by Palestinians, it took Miko three-decades to finally sit down and talk to some face-to-face. It finally happened — in America of all places — when he was in his thirties, and for the first time Miko heard the stories of occupation, starvation, attack, and displacement at the hands of his government directly from the survivors.

After pouring through military records and seemingly endless histories, Miko was able to break through the indoctrination he was raised with that stated Israel has always been a victim to the Arab nations surrounding it. Now in his book and in his presentations he shows definitive proof that Israel has been a constant aggressor to its neighbors and the instigator of every war its fought since it came into existence, and this has been achieved through horrible preemptive attacks, displacements, massive land grabs, ethnic cleansings, and occupation, all wrapped up inside powerful misinformation campaigns paid for through the tax dollars of a number of western superpowers.

Above is a two part video presentation of Miko speaking in Seattle back in 2012, and below is a link to pick up his book, The General’s Son: Journey of an Israeli in Palestine.

By Olan Thomas of Cut2TheTruth.com.

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