Another Fake ISIS Tape: Japanese Prime Minister Won’t Accept Authenticity

Video from Free Radio Revolution.

Once again ISIS has released a carbon copy video in the series of beheadings they have been releasing since late August of 2014. The background is the same, the executioner is the same, the color editing is the same, the audio mixing is the same. Nothing but the hostages have changed.

Or should we call them actors? Cut2TheTruth believes so, as well as millions of others who have looked into the beheading videos. The background is a green screen, the executioner is an actor, the actual killings are always edited out, and they are professionally created in a studio with access to softwares and equipment that can do all of the above, plus people trained in how to do such things. This was all exposed by alternative media sources as soon as the James Foley tape — the first of the series — hit the internet.

But it’s not just alternative media calling the videos hoaxes. The mainstream media, due to the public’s knowledge and skepticism of the videos and their inconsistencies, has also had to make several statements about the videos “possibly” being faked, although they try to sell their viewers the ridiculous excuse that the terrorists spare their viewers of the actual executions. In other words, the videos are faked, they’re acted out, yes, but then the people are really killed off screen. This is nothing more, and nothing less, than damage control after the James Foley and Stephen Sotloff tapes were ripped apart by people all over the world — tapes the corporate media at first tried their best to push as authentic killings before the backlash.

Well, another tape has come out with the Muslim boogeyman threatening more people. Actually two have, one video and one just audio. They were released in that order.

Because the Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, probably isn’t on board in the west’s propaganda-war campaign against Israel’s neighbors in the Middle East, making the Muslims of our modern world the Jews of the days of Hitler, he had no qualms yesterday about calling the tapes complete fakes, or “outrageous and unacceptable” to use Abe’s words.

fox news isis videos faked hoax isis western created

In response, western news media has once again had to bend to the narrative of the ISIS tapes from being legitimate terror videos to being fake; though, of course, they are doing their best to keep the narrative alive that ISIS faked the videos, not western intelligence, in order to put more theatrical value into scaring the west into meeting their demands, which in this most recent video’s case was a $200 million ransom for the lives of Kenji Goto, a Japanese journalist, and Haruna Yukawa, who runs a security company.

The deadline given by the “ISIS” members passed with no payment made, and that sparked even more doubt from skeptics. In lieu of the passing deadline, the other tape — the audio tape — was released. This recording is claimed to be Kenji Goto, one of the men who appeared in the latest video, who says his fellow captive, Haruna Yukawa, has been beheaded, the Japanese government is to blame, and he’s next. Once again, the Japanese government is skeptical and needs to verify the authenticity of both tapes before they take any action, if they take any at all, but issued a statement saying they “‘will not give in to terrorism.”

Japanese Twitter Users Slam ISIS Video With Mocking Photos

Apparently the average Japanese citizen isn’t taking too serious the most recent ISIS propaganda video. Picture after picture have been edited and posted to Twitter featuring Jihadi John and the two Japanese “captives” as western agents. Some have Jihadi John in Mickey Mouse ears, while others have the captives taking part in the Ice Bucket Challenge. Here is from

“Search for the hashtag #ISISクソコラグランプリ right now, and you’ll find Japanese speaking Twitter users mocking the terror organization ISIS, which this week released a video showing two Japanese citizens held captive.”

ISIS Ongoing Series Starring John Cantlie

Huge red flags are being raised in reference to a new series — that’s right a series — by ISIS called Lend Me Your Ears which has already produced over eight episodes.

The host of the show is — like James Foley, the Japanese men, Stephen Sotloff, and David Cawthorne Haines, before him — supposed to be an ISIS hostage destined for execution. His name is John Cantlie — or as Jeff C. from Free Radio Revolution has coined him, John Can’t-Lie  — and he is allegedly a British photographer.

John Cantlie video

Unlike the other “captives” that “ISIS” has released videos of, Cantlie’s videos don’t all have him in an orange jumpsuit reading messages from a teleprompter, though most of them do. The last episode ISIS released featured him walking around giving tours of the Iraqi city of Mosul dressed in a number of different outfits, all of which are tailored and name brand.

“The eight-minute video, which sees 43-year-old Cantlie visit a market, a hospital and a police station, purports to paint life in the bomb-hit city as stable.” —The Guardian.

For someone claimed to be a photojournalist, Cantlie hosts the program like a professional television host, makeup and all, and for someone claimed to be a hostage, Cantlie sure hosts his program like someone pleased to have the job. The episode looks like a travel show you’d see on OLN, not a terrorist propaganda film, though a propaganda film is precisely what it is. The questions then become: who really made it for you to see, and why?

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