Propaganda, Misinformation, and Tyranny: Je doute Charlie

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Despite the fact he was a slave owning fat pig of a human being, Ben Franklin nailed it on the head when he told us that those who trade their liberties for securities get and deserve neither. Unfortunately, the days of those types of sentiments being hurled around are long behind us. Now our leaders speak a different game. Now they tell us the complete opposite of Franklin’s vision of a free society, blatantly conditioning us to welcome a police state where the government has absolute authority and the power to watch our every move, as if it’s in our best interests — Orwell’s nightmare turned to accurate prophecy.

Let’s take Boris Johnson, the elected mayor of London for an example. Just yesterday he told news sources that security services should be able to monitor the phone calls and emails of anyone they feel, because he’s “not particularly bothered with this civil liberties stuff.”

Think about that one. The mayor in charge of the most well known city in the democratic world says — without batting an eye — that he doesn’t care much for the people’s rights that elected him. Not only that, but he insists trading one’s liberties for the thought of security is the base of British values, and to those who disagree he advises they “go away.”

This is pure propaganda, an insult to freedom, and it’s a shame England tolerates such a tyrannical mindset to make the big decisions in their historical city. Simply put, Johnson told the world: Surrender your liberties and like it, or fuck off.

What’s worse is England’s prime minister, David Cameron, speaking a few months back about how in his opinion, people who think 9/11 — or the England attacks — was an inside job should be considered terrorists. There are millions of average people who feel 9/11 was an inside job inside England alone — all of them possible terrorists in the prime minister’s eyes. Now you see how loose the term “terrorist” can strech. They can call anyone a “suspected terrorist” in order to strip them of all their human rights.

You also get an idea of how these people feel about the people’s supposed liberties, such as the right to form your own opinion, research alternative narratives, and good old free speech. Cameron believes targeting, surveying, and convicting people simply for their thoughts — so long as they disagree with the state’s official standpoint — is a necessary and good thing. In Orwellian terms: thoughtcrime.

In the same rant, which was in response to the attacks in Paris on the offices of Charlie Hebdo — which have all the hallmarks of a false flag — Mayor Johnson ironically mentioned that the newspaper attack was an attack on free speech. What? Who is he to talk about free speech? What kind of person says they are angered by an attack on free speech a few seconds after saying he “doesn’t much care for…civil liberties?” Do you see the hypocrisy? This guy doesn’t care about free speech or any other privilege afforded to the serfs, he cares about sticking to the narrative the rest of the globalists are sticking to. That’s where his Hitler-like statements came from yesterday.

Meanwhile, David Cameron was in France with the rest of the cabal of world leaders acting for the cameras in a publicity stunt parade — as 10,000 armed forces were deployed throughout the country. All 50 international leaders who attended agree with the same sentiments of David Cameron and Boris Johnson of England. They agree that since 3 people in France, 1 person in Canada, and 1 more in Australia — 4 in total in the entire world — were reported on for going nuts and killing people, that’s enough reason to line the streets with heavily armed forces, track their citizens, profile with prejudice, search without warrant, arrest without crime, imprison without trial, torture without consequence, and kill without remorse. Check into it, these are exactly what the bills being passed through the parliamentary systems in all of the countries participating in the march in France have been implementing for the past few years, and whether they planned the Charlie Hebdo attacks or not, which no doubt a handful of them did, they couldn’t be happier they happened. The solution is justified.

It’s time for passionate speeches from our brave leaders with violence at the core. These people will pay, they’ll tell us. It’s us against them, and we’re gonna kill ’em all! Let’s all get together and march for this cause, unified in the effort to eradicate this plague that has killed on three separate occasions now. They’ll scream it into every microphone they can find. Nevermind the fact cancer kills thousands a month, or the fact children are stolen and sold into sexual slavery in nearly every country on earth, every single day. Don’t worry about making impassioned speeches about starvation killing off entire peoples, or working together to eradicate heart disease. Why rally about these issues? Why eradicate these problems? Don’t worry about them. Don’t fund them. Don’t think about them. We’ve got terrorists to worry about. We’ve got citizens to profile and brown people to kill.

Though Stephen Harper, Canada’s prime minister, wasn’t at the march with the rest of the global cabal, his contradictory rhetoric was heard. “They have declared war on anybody who does not think and act exactly as they wish they would think and act.”

Is Harper offended by this? If so, that’s a very different message than what his actions have spoken. He’s responsible for passing laws recently that state as long as the Canadian authorities feel a person could be a future terrorist — a very loose term, as we know — then the government can take away that person’s rights and lock them without a trial — kind of like how it was done in Nazi germany if someone was suspected of Jewery. All that’s changed is the enemy’s name.

Whether you believe the Charlie Hebdo shooting was an inside job or not,  look what’s happening as the solution to these episodes; or rather, what these episodes are being used to implement. Canada has passed laws making it legal for the government to secretly monitor anyone and everyone they want, as has Australia, as has the US, the UK, and so on, and what we see happening in France may be the most extreme of all, at least on an initial basis. 10,000 troops deployed on the streets? Imagine seeing armed forces outside your window in your home country. Would you feel safer? Would you feel safe at all? Would troops all over the place have prevented any of the attacks that have taken place? No, they wouldn’t have, and it’s ridiculous to think so.

Let’s pretend for a second the threat is as bad as they say, which it isn’t, and at some point down the road all the radical Islamists are gone. Will these unjust laws go away? No. They have been passed and now they’ll be around forever for anyone with the power to abuse them to do just that. But, of course, the terrorist problem will never stop being because anyone daring to step out of line in any way will be labeled as one.

Unfortunately for those of us who value our freedoms and the right to formulate our own opinions, the majority is easy to steer and we get left as a voiceless minority. Ben Franklin was right, and we’re paying for it.

By Olan Thomas of


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