Paris Impossible: Shooter Amedy Coulibaly Makes ISIS Video After Being Killed?

amedy coulibaly dead man makes tape answers about jewish grocery store

The Mirror UK has just released the English transcript to a video — spoken in Arabic and French — that has also just surfaced on the internet within the last few hours.

The video is of Amedy Coulibaly, the alleged shooter from the kosher grocery store in France who reportedly killed 4 people, getting shot to death himself in the process.

The video consists of written questions appearing on the screen with Coulibaly answering them, although the versions available on Google all seem to have been edited to around six-minutes rather than the full 7 minutes and 17 seconds that were originally released.

The transcript released of the video in its entirety shows us why all the video copies online were most likely edited. Aside from an ISIS flag put up in the background and Coulibaly pledging his allegiance to Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, the video itself mentions the attack on the kosher grocery store.

The message on the screen asks: “Why did you attack France, Charlie Hebdo, and a Jewish grocery?”

Screenshot (463)

Screenshot from Mirror UK.

A kosher grocery store, in case you’re not familiar, is a grocery store for Jewish people who stick to a religious diet.

With that being said, ask yourself: How could the interviewer be asking Amedy Coulibaly about the attack on the Jewish grocery store if Coulibaly was killed there? Take into account that not only is Coulibaly watching reports on the attacks on his television during the video, but the question isn’t posed in future tense; it’s posed in past tense, as if the events already took place — “why did you attack…the Jewish grocery.”

With Coulibaly’s wife getting man hunted for being an accessory to murders she wasn’t even in the country to commit, Coulibaly meeting with President Sarkozy in 2009, Said Kouachi being recruited to al Qaeda by an FBI asset, Chérif Kouachi starring in a 2005 French documentary about Jihadis, no recoil or blood shown coming out of the head of the officer on the sidewalk when shot at point blank range, and now a dead man making ISIS videos to explain his actions, I think we can safely assume this whole scenario the global governments and corporate media are orchestrating is complete bullshit. Maybe that’s just me, though.

By Olan Thomas of

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