Paris Terror: Conflicting Reports On the Most Wanted Woman In France

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Yesterday as news stories were buzzing around the globe of the hostage situation with Cherif and Said Koucachi — the reported Islamists who killed 12 cartoonists in a france newspaper’s office Wednesday — another story of a hostage situation elsewhere in France was peddled along with them.

According to the CBC yesterday — who has since edited their story — and other mainstream media outlets, 26-year-old Hayat Boumeddiene, the woman suspected of killing a female police officer Thursday, and her partner Amedy Coulibaly, the other killer at the scene Thursday, took at 19 hostages, killing four, in a Kosher grocery store in eastern Paris near Porte de Vincennes metro station.

When the scene came to an end, Coulibaly was reported killed by the police task force who rushed the property with their guns drawn. Boumeddiene, on the other hand, was reported by corporate news sources to have escaped past police, blending in with her own hostages as they were released. This information was said to have come directly from Alliance Police Union spokesman Pascal Disand.

“Hayat Boumeddiene…was the accomplice of Amedy Coulibaly, 32, in a hostage-taking incident at a kosher grocery store in eastern Paris.” —CNN.

Today the story has changed. Aside from media claiming she is a member of al Qaeda in Yemen, now it is said Boumeddiene is already in Syria. Could it be that because of this new fact — obviously meant to add substance to the claim she is a full blooded terrorist — the news sources who spread the stories that she was in France yesterday had to change that fact to fit a timeline of travel? Instead, now they’re claiming Boumeddiene wasn’t at the hostage situation in the Kosher grocery store. In fact, they’re saying she wasn’t even in Paris when the original attacks on the newspaper Charlie Hebdo occurred. This would mean she didn’t shoot the officer Thursday, when the world was introduced to her in the first place.

“According to a number of French media outlets, Boumeddienne apparently fled Paris ahead of the attacks.” —CBC.

Why would they change this detail in the official narrative? It was, after all, a police spokesperson who confirmed Boumedienne was at the grocery store yesterday. Well, because if they didn’t they would have to account for how the most wanted woman in France — as the media is calling her — escaped not only a heavily surrounded hostage situation among the people she was terrorizing without being identified, but also the borders of her own country and Spain into a war-torn terrorist state in no time flat. That would be a hard sell, even for the snakes in corporate propagandist media.

Instead they are now reporting Boumeddiene had nothing to do with the shooting on Thursday or the hostage situation Friday. With this being the case, what crime is she guilty of?

According to Paris prosecutor Francois Molins, it has been discovered that Boumeddiene and the wife of one of the Kouachis had exchanged about 500 phone calls. Authorities think they are part of a larger French terror network and Boumeddiene could have vital information for counter terrorist agents.

To put this madness into perspective, if we can: The authorities began investigating Boumeddiene after she was reported to have killed a female officer, at which point they found her phone records linking her the Kouachi’s wives. But now they are saying she wasn’t in the country when the crimes she was originally under investigation for were committed. What?

Who are we to believe? Do we believe Alliance Police Union spokesman Pascal Disand who said Boumeddiene killed an officer Thursday, took hostages Friday, and then escaped with them as they were being released? Or do we believe Paris prosecutor Francois Molins who says Boumeddiene was already out of France before the Kouachis committed the first attacks on Wednesday, and is wanted for nothing more than making phone calls and having possible information on a French terror network? It’s hard to decipher when it’s not just our mainstream media that reports them both as fact, but the French authorities, as well, leaving skeptics to look on this situation as another poorly orchestrated inside job fed to the public as part of the west’s anti-Islam campaign. But then again, when you’re overthrowing governments and terrorizing foreign countries as America and its allies have done for so long in the Middle East, it’s only natural to have to scare the public into supporting your actions now and then.

As always with these sensationalized stories brought to you by the corporate-agenda-media, every claim must be weighed with skepticism until proven true beyond a reasonable doubt. That’s where these narratives start to come apart, and this Paris situation has all the hallmarks of a planned event.

By Olan Thomas of

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