The Fleeting Net: Saving Before We’re Postless

Editorial by Olan Thomas.

First of all, stone tablets are where it’s at. They last a lot longer than paper, papyrus, canvas, or, of course, internet posts. The ancients who carved in stone tablets knew what they were doing.

I’ve worked for quite a while now solely on this Cut2TheTruth project, and so far published over 100 articles on world events, global players, bankers, false flags and other conspiracies, people in history, myth vs. reality, and tons of subjects in between. It’s been a lot of work. As I don’t draft them on a word processor before publishing, lately I’ve had the sneaking suspicion that I should take some time to download my posts.

For more than a couple years now top politicians — the people responsible for the false flags I’ve researched and reported on — have been predicting what they call a “cyber attack.” Janet Napolitano, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, George Bush, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, and a slew of other elitist movers and shakers have been foreshadowing this event for us in the media, all of them calling it the upcoming “cyber 9/11.”

It’s no secret I don’t trust these criminals and know for a fact that all governments in the west have been holding conferences to figure out how to censor and police the internet. The Council of Europe has over 40 signatures from heads of state promising they will create and enforce laws in their homeland to control and surveil what their citizens do online.

This is where you get your political “cyber-bullying” campaigns from put on by people who bully the shit out of foreign countries and spread horribly racist propaganda about them online 24/7 for a career, and then attack those people and terrorize them with house raids at night and bombings in the day. 

This is also where you get your “anti-childporn” campaigns from, as well, from the same people who have been proven to watch citizens through their private webcams and beat off to what they’re seeing — NSA, I’m looking in your direction.

This is also where you get the Youtube and Google account deletions and video takedowns. We don’t upload much video to our own channel, but we’ve still had videos pulled by Youtube — which is owned by Google. We usually use videos from other people’s channels on our posts here, and often I’m getting messages from readers telling me the videos we’re using are “no longer available.”

All the Snowden papers are available for you to see for yourself that there is an extremely pertinent effort to control the information you receive online. As Obama put it, “the internet is like the wild wild west.” Not quite, cowboy. Slow your horses. If the internet was like the wild wild west, Stephen Harper would have his cowboy hat on while he tried to ride his computer in Parliament.

The internet is the only place we have to get our information from many different sources with many different outlooks, opinions, facts, additions, and points of view. The western governments want to change that, and soon. They want it like it was before the internet; when the corporate owned news stations on TV — which also owned the newspapers and magazines, and still do — were the only source of info we had. They want the only information you get to be from them.

Yes, there’s a lot of bullshit on the internet, but it’s up to the reader to decipher what’s true or false, weigh the options, search the sources, use rational faculties; it’s not for the government to decide what’s true and what’s false for you and expect you to believe it without question, depraving you of any alternative information out there. That’s a totalitarian system and goes against all meaning to the word freedom.

Now, this all being said, many channels of people I know reporting on the same subjects as us — which are contrary to the mainstream media’s narratives — are getting deleted. Years worth of hard work and undeniable evidence; gone in a second. It’s only getting worse. 

To add to this we have the recent Interview vs. North Korea horseshit. For a quick synopsis: Seth Rogen made a movie about killing Kim Jun Un called the Interview, Sony’s computer system was hacked, the government said North Korea did it, messages then started coming in from “the hackers” saying don’t release The Interview or else America will have hell to pay, America declared the whole thing a terrorist attack, the Interview’s release on Christmas day was cancelled, North Korea’s internet crashed and the country couldn’t get online, Sony released the Interview and made a killing with all the hype that was created, and American bureaucrats trumpeted strict internet laws.

Yup. Time to save all of our posts and carve them in stone.

By Olan Thomas of


3 thoughts on “The Fleeting Net: Saving Before We’re Postless

  1. Olan, this is quite the synchronistic posting of yours because just a few hours ago, I saved my forum to a PDF file, and it was the first time I’ve done it. Someone recommended that I figure out how to back up everything that’s not directly under my control (i.e. on my computer), and another person suggested printing every page. I decided to try the electronic route, because it takes a lot less time, doesn’t create a paper nightmare, and has more flexibility. So if the net goes down or they make it illegal to speak out on the net, I’ll at least have a copy of all my hard work to use as a reference, and maybe even hand out to others with working computers. Just typing out loud…. still pondering how to engrave in stone. 🙂

    Anyway, I already had the Acrobat software that allows you to create PDF files from web pages, so that made it extremely easy, for what it’s worth, and the resulting files can be read cross-platforms (windows, apple, linux, etc.). Regardless, I’m glad we’re on the same page at the same time, and I appreciate your work here and enjoy your postings very much. Cheers!

    • Hey Mangrove, That’s a great idea. I was saving to HTML, but PDF sounds like a much better idea as you can you open it back up on all systems. Thanks! That’s definitely the route I’m going now. Keep up the good work my friend!

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