Ongoing Mysteries: “Eyewitness” Claims Ukrainian Fighter Pilot Shot Down Malaysian Flight MH17


In July a commercial flight from Amsterdam to Malaysia was mysteriously shot out of the sky over the Ukrainian separatist controlled area of Donetsk, right next to the Russian border, by what was thought to be a surface-to-air Buk missile.

Right away America released audio they claimed were pro-Russian separatists admitting responsibility for the downing. As many alternative media sources were quick to point out, those recordings were not what they were claimed to be, and so those reports disappeared from the news pretty abruptly.

Nevertheless, America’s and Ukraine’s position over who shot down the plane hasn’t changed. They blame Russia. In fact, the US has just passed a bill that will enable the president to bypass congress and declare war on Russia whenever he feels like it.

On the flipside, after the crash Russia provided satellite imagery of several ground-to-air missile sites on Ukrainian military bases in the area of the crash, as well as radar video which showed a Ukrainian fighter jet following MH17 until it crashed, at which point the military jet stayed at the crash site for an additional 4 minutes.

While the verdict still isn’t in on who was responsible for the murderous attack — well, depending on which side you choose to believe or not — it’s been reported today that Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda — known as a tabloid — has revealed an anonymous witness who has come forward and testified he saw a Ukrainian fighter jet shoot MH17 out of the sky:

In an interview in Russian with his back to the camera, the man, whose head was blurred and his voice digitally altered, said that an Su-25 plane that had taken off armed with air-to-air missiles before MH17 had been shot down had returned without its weaponry.”BBC.

Unbelievably, the purported eyewitness even named the pilot as Capt Voloshyn, who he quoted as saying MH17 “was in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

While the Russian newspaper the man contacted is thought of as a tabloid, substance was added to the claim after Russia’s Investigations Committee announced that investigators had met the man, who agreed to and passed a polygraph test.

An ongoing investigation into the crash by The Dutch Safety Board is still underway. They’ve released no helpful information whatsoever thus far, and have stated they’ll be looking into the claims. 

As of now, the anonymous informant is in witness protection.

By Olan Thomas of

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