My Freakin’ Ears: Canada Flips Over Radio Question For Justin Trudeau

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Censorship in Vancouver has hit pathetic heights as morning radio show host Jeff O’Neil has been cancelled indefinitely. 

Regularly a Global TV news host, but recently standing in as a guest host on Vancouver’s main AM radio news station CKNW, Chris Gailus took part with O’Neil to broadcast Vancouver’s first simulcast, in which the segment was aired both on CKNW and O’Neil’s FM station CFOX at the same time. Apparently it wasn’t a success.

The drama came as a result of what was said. As the subject came around to Gailus’ upcoming interview with Liberal leader Justin Trudeau, O’Neil suggested he ask Trudeau who he would rather “f[uck], kill, or marry,” giving him the choices of Health Minister Rona Ambrose; Laureen Harper, the prime minister’s wife; and former governor general Michaëlle Jean. A little caught off guard, Gailus played along sarcastically as if he would ask when the time came. 

Clearly unaware they had the option of changing the station or simply turning the radio off, as the segment was still broadcasting the tweets started rolling in:

Screenshot (448) Screenshot (449) Screenshot (450) Screenshot (451)

While the joke wasn’t that funny — few of O’Neil’s jokes are — he didn’t invent it. It’s a common question that has been asked to men and women for years as a joke, though the choices always change of course, but by no means is it shocking, misogynistic, or that inappropriate at all, especially considering the question wasn’t even asked to Trudeau, but sarcastically mentioned as a suggestion. Even more pathetic, this is the kind of humour O’Neil is famous for, and because a bunch of stiff CKNW listeners were exposed to it for one second, CFOX ended up suspending their most listened to host and issuing a cheesy apology on his and the entire stations behalf.

Meanwhile, instead of defending his colleague, Chris Gailus, who is possibly one of the phoniest news people to hit British Columbia — and I know this because my family has watched Global News for the entire 30 years I’ve been alive so I’m accustomed to do the same, though I try to fight the urge — Gailus went running with his tail between his legs behind Global News and CKNW’s apology statements, which excused him as being “on the spot” and “unaware” O’Neil was going to say what he did. That’s how you bow down, in case you’re interested. If you ever want to see the most awkward situations on earth, watch Chris Gailus and his co-hosts on Global News when they are supposed to be having generic conversations between segments. It’s sickening.

Was it in bad taste? Yes, but the reaction is definitely an overreaction. If Jeff O’Neil has any balls he won’t go back to CFOX and pretend he’s sorry to his listeners when they allow him back in front of a mic. CFOX jockeys say a lot worse than what was said today on a daily basis, and to bend to the demand of CKNW listeners, who are by and large senior citizens without an FM dial on their “tuners”, is the most shameless part of this whole equation. This is the same station — and the same show — who have asked Surrey mayor Dianne Watts if she shaves her box, and regularly asks their guests when the last time they masterbated was. Was CFOX not receiving negative tweets from those questions? In my own opinion a suspension is either plain gutless on CFOX’s behalf or intentionally done for publicity. They should have stuck by their star, but they didn’t. Why?

This stunt — which may be all it is when you think about it — will surely drive herds of listeners to CFOX when O’Neil’s censorship period is over. As it happens, CFOX used to be a leader among Vancouver radio stations, but now sits way down in tenth place in terms of listeners in the whole province. Desperate times call for desperate measures, after all. Either way, it’s frustrating that after all this fuss, all these apologies, tweets, and hurt feelings, we’ll never know who Trudeau would have rather fucked, married, or killed, and in that respect, we all lose a little bit.

By Olan Thomas of

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