Australia Terror: Sydney Hostage Situation Comes to a Theatric End

australian false flag sheikh haron man hoax lindt chocolate cafe

According to Sydney’s New South Wales Police Force’s Twitter account: The “Sydney siege is over.”

Mainstream reports are saying Man Haron Monis, also known as Sheikh Haron, an Iranian refugee with several sexual assault charges, held more than 30 hostages inside the Lindt Chocolate Cafe in Martin Place, downtown Sydney — the complex which houses financial institutions such as Australia’s central bank, holding Australia’s economy within its perimeter. 

The propaganda, almost instantly, is dripping from corporate media reports, painting a picture of a deranged, sadistic, perverted Muslim terrorizing Australians. 

“He was also found guilty in 2012 of sending offensive and threatening letters to families of eight Australian soldiers killed in Afghanistan, as a protest against Australia’s involvement in the conflict, according to local media reports.”CBC.

Starting at around 10 a.m yesterday morning, after 5 hours into the melee three hostages escaped, followed by two others. Sources report they were not released, they escaped. After they were out, according to CNN, Haron “became agitated” and began shouting orders at the remaining hostages. How CNN would know what was going on inside is anybody’s guess.

Startlingly, Haron had no demands for his troubles except for a flag that looked nearly identical to an ISIS flag, which read, “there is no God but God and Mohammed is the prophet of God,” and a phone call — to whom it hasn’t been reported.

His demands — the flag and phone call — were given through a number of hostages who were told to call several media agencies by the man. Apparently videos were uploaded to the internet from inside, but for some reason, though they would show no violent material as there were no injuries until the end of the event, police are denying the media, and therefore anyone else, the right to see them.

“Some had also reportedly posted messages to social networking sites and the YouTube online video service. Police urged media early Tuesday not to show the videos.”CNN.

The scene ended in the hours of the night as the power was cut to the cafe, the lights went out, and flash grenades were thrown inside. After that, police rushed the entrance and began firing an extensive amount of rounds into the cafe. The shots were loud, but there were no screams caught on the audio.

“Two people died, along with an Islamist gunman, after commandos stormed a cafe in Sydney, Australia, to bring to an end a 16-hour siege.”BBC Australia.

Last night, oddly, there were reports while the situation was still unfolding that one man was sent to hospital. When asked by reporters what happened to the man, David Faktor, spokesman for St. Vincent’s Hospital, wouldn’t comment any further than “he’s fine.”

The whole scene was filmed — in a theatrical sense — and broadcast across the globe, although the viewer never sees anything but police and hears nothing but loud bangs, nearly exact to the video provided to Canadians of the Zehaf-Bibeau shooting in Canada’s parliament, which has been proven a false flag thoroughly. In fact, Australia’s Parliament is about the same distance from the Lindt Cafe as Canada’s Parliament is from the War Monument in downtown Ottawa.

Unlike Canada’s attack, which was somehow filmed in it’s entirety, minus the actual shootings, in Sydney’s case, just by chance, or maybe not so much, Haron couldn’t have picked a better spot for Australia’s first bout with lone wolf Islamic terrorism, as Channel Seven News is conveniently located across the walkway from the cafe. They were able to film the 16 hour event to syndicate their footage the world over from the comfort of their own building.

lindt cafe and channel 7 news australia

Also a very interesting twist, in 2013 an anti-terror drill was run by authorities in Martin Place, the exact location this scenario played out in “real life.” Yesterday we posted an article with a video from dutchsinse of an Aussie news report with footage of that drill, but within only hours it has already been taken down by Youtube.

martin place terror drill australia hostage situation lindt choclate cafe

Even more questionable than last years’ drills, and almost putting the nail in the coffin that this is in fact a false flag being reported as a real event, as reported on Channel Seven News — the network across from the cafe — terrorism drills and raids were being practiced at Martin Place right before the hostage situation was reported to the public. Police have stated the two situations aren’t connected.

Screenshot (445)

More questions than answers have been provided about this suspicious situation that suddenly sprung up to give Lindt Chocolate 24/7 advertising around the world, and since the situation mirrors Canada’s lone wolf false flag so much — shotty video, no motive, radical Muslim, broadcasted live — it’s reasonable to assume this was a drill reported as real life before assuming otherwise, at least until some solid evidence is presented by the press, as this situation will definitely steer public opinion against radical Islamists and boost support for the war in the Middle East, which the people of Australia have no business in, but are paying for nonetheless. To us skeptics, this just seems like their government’s way of saying, “this is why.”

More to come…

By Olan Thomas of

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10 thoughts on “Australia Terror: Sydney Hostage Situation Comes to a Theatric End

  1. Google – 138 Phillip st Sydney – go straight into street view on Google Maps.
    You’ll notice as you pan left on the street view dated September 2014 you are next to the Channel 7 building with “News” headlines scrolling in red LED text and it reads –


    Isn’t that just the oddest coincidence,151.211267&cbp=13,2.7,0,0,0&cbll=-33.867578,151.211266&sa=X&ei=GtKPVO77NdPIuASPjoK4AQ&ved=0CCEQxB0wAA&output=classic&dg=oo

  2. Gematria of Man Haron Monis = 924

    924 = 7 × 132 (33+33+33+33)

    This whole incident stinks of Illuminati and filthy lies and I knew this from the very beginning.

    ts all about setting the stage for the Global police state. It wont be long before they will have their mine resistant MRAP vehicles crawling the streets following in the footsteps of the USA.

    Australia is now taking on where America left off, you can also be damn sure that Australia will be sending their cops off to Tel Aviv for specialized combat training. The outcome of all this will be their version of Obama’s pistol swinging gestapo.

  3. I live in Australia and agree most of this article is correct except for parliament being in Sydney it’s not in Sydney it’s actually in Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory ACT for short I do think this may have been staged we are on the same wave length somewhat keep up the good work!

    • Thanks Jancita! It sure does look like a problem-reaction-solution situation for sure. But are you sure Parliament isn’t by the cafe? Because in the maps available it looks like the cafe is next to the reserve bank, which is next to the Sydney Hospital, which is next to New South Wales Parliament.

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